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Урок англійської мови для 3 класу “ My House”

Про матеріал

Вивчити нові слова по теміMy House”. Продовжувати читати тексти для отримання інформації. Виконувати завдання на основі прочитаного. Повторити прислівники місця. Продовжувати вчити слухати та виконувати завдання на основі прослуханого.

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 3 класу “ My House”


 1) to learn new words for the topic “My House”

2) to read the text for the main gist and for getting more information; do different exercises after text (true or false, speaking, complete some exercises).

3) to learn the prepositions such as: near,  in front of, next to, on, under, behind, between, above).

4) to understand short sentences after listening and do different actions.

5) to operate words and words-combinations for the topic in dialogues and in speech


 pictures for the topic, card 1 (match the pair), placard “Prepositions”, a doll, card 2 (true or false), a ball, cards “Yes, I do. No, I do not. Yes, I can. No, I can not. I want to have a ….), pictures “My Room”, pencils.


- Today our lesson  is not as usual. The guests come to see us and our lesson. Don`t be afraid. OK. Let`s start our lesson.

-Look at the window and tell me please:

  • What season is it now?
  • What month is it now?
  • What day is it today?
  • What is the weather like today?
  • Who has another variant?


  • -Look at the board. Today in this autumn day we are going to speak about … . The topic of our lesson is… .

 There are some pictures for the topic.

-OK But there are a lot of new words on the board. Let’s repeat after me:

  • Exercise with cards( TV, a picture, a book-shelf, a wall, a computer, a table, a sofa, a chair, a floor, a flower, a carpet, a wardrobe, a radio, a window, an arm-chair, a cupboard.)
  • Let’s repeat after me.
  • Is this a door? Yes, it is.
  • Is this a floor? No, it is not.
  • What’s this?  This is a door.
  • Match the pair.( card 1 )




Match the pair

A picture книжкова полиця

A wall стіл

A table килим

A chair шафа

A sofa крісло

A carpet диван

A wardrobe квітка

An arm-chair стілець

A flower стіна

A book-shelf картина

  • Exercise with prepositions

Oh, look. Who is this? This is a bear. He is very funny and he likes to play. Let’s play together. But first of all we have to repeat our preposition and our bear will listen to us very attentively. OK Bear. Sit down and listen to our pupils. They have known these words.

Look at this placard and translate please:

( near, in front of, next to, behind, between, on, under, in, above)

Our bear wants to play with us. He is very funny and naughty.

  • Exercise with a picture.

Where is the bear? (Tell me only prepositions)

-OK Enough Thank you bear. Be polite and listen to our children.

  • Exercise in the exercise book. P 20.

Take the exercise books. Open at page 20. Do this exercises. Write down the prepositions under all of these pictures. Write down the numbers near all of these words and translate them, please. Let’s begin to check our work .What is the word under picture 1. Read it please. What is the number of the picture… and translate.

  • Our pupils have known the poem about bears. Let’s show “Teddy-bear”.

I think bear liked it.


- I have a friend. Her name is Kate.(a doll) Kate has her room and she wants to tell us about her room.

-Take your books. Open your books at page 42, exercise 1.Read this text in silence.

- Cards. Kate has brought some exercises for you and she wants to know How do you understand this text. Put”+” or “-“ near all of these sentences.


Card 2


  1. This is a bedroom.
  2. The sofa is under the wall.
  3. The TV is near the wall on the right.
  4. You can eat on the sofa.
  5. The armchair is next to the sofa.
  6. The lamp is near the armchair.
  7. You can riding a bike there.
  8. The table is in front of the window.
  9. Seven chairs are near the table.
  10. Children like sitting and playing table games there.



  • Complete my sentences( text )

I’ll tell you only one word but you read me the whole sentence.

  •  Card 2

Let’s work together. Read the first sentence and tell me please “Yes” or “No”. Find in the text and read.

  • Dialogues

Look at this picture and ask each other questions. Exercise 2 page 42(a).Work in pairs.

  • Speaking (with a ball)

Do you have a room? Yes, I do. No, I do not.

  • Imagine you have a chance to furnish your room as you like. Look at the pictures and choose four things you need in your room. Put in the card(+).

What do you want to have? I want to have … . (with a ball).


Our girls have prepared some stories and some pictures of their rooms.

Text 1

This is my room. There is a carpet on the floor. The bed is near the wall. The wardrobe is near the wall too. The armchair  is in front of the TV. I like to sit in it and watch TV. The table is in the corner of the room. The lamp is on the table. I can sit on the chair at the table and do my homework.

Text 2

This is my room. It is not big but it is clean. There is a carpet on the floor. The bed is in the corner of the room. The lamp is above the table. The clock is on the wall. The table is at the window. The flowers are on the table. I like my room.

Text 3

This is my room. The walls are red. The table is in the corner of my room. The picture is on the wall. The lamp is above the table. The carpet is on the floor. The wardrobe is at the wall. The chair is next to the wardrobe. The flowers are on the table. I like reading and painting in my room. 


  • Kate has brought us the picture of the house. But it is empty. Look this house is on the board. It is magic. Listen to me and try to fill this house in.

  Jim   six  big    sit
































  1. You can see a house. It is not little. It is __________.
  2. I live in this house. My name is ___________.
  3. I am a little boy. I am ____________.
  4. I do not like to __________ still.

Come to the board and write down these words.

  • I have my room too. I’ll read you about  my room. You listen to me attentively and do my tasks.
  •  But first of all let’s repeat our poem about colours.”Щоб навчитись малювати
  • Cards
  1. Take the chair. Colour it brown. Put the chair near the table.
  2. Take the carpet. Colour it blue. Put  the carpet on the floor.
  3. Take the book-shelf. Colour it yellow. Put the book-shelf next to the picture.
  4. Take the car. Colour it red. Put the car under the table.
  5. Take the cat. Colour it black. Put the cat on the sofa.
  6. Take the armchair. Colour it green. Put the armchair in  front of TV.


From the book page 42.

From the exercise-book pages 28,29


-I want to know…

  • What can you do in your room?
  • Can you play?
  • Can you swim?
  • Can you fly?
  • Can you watch TV ?
  • Can you sleep?
  • Can you eat?
  • Can you read?
  • Can you listen to music?
  • Can you ride a bike?
  • Can you painting?
  • Can you sing?
  • Can you watch cartoons?
  • Can you play chess?
  • Can you dance?



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Англійська мова для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів 3 клас (Карпюк О. Д.)
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