Урок англійської мови для 8 класу на тему "Книги в нашому житті"

Про матеріал
Урок-узагальнення . Під час уроку учні повторюють лексику теми, удосконалюють навички говоріння, читання, письма, аудіювання, визначають роль книг в житті людини , удосконалюють навички роботи в групах та парах, прищеплюють любов до читання книжок.
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Тема: The importance of  books in our life.

Мета: - to form language competence in speaking, reading, listening and writing;

 - to develop pupils’ group work skills;

 - to revise pupils’ knowledge on the topic;

 - to develop pupils’ attention and reaction, memory, logical thinking,   

   creative abilities and talents;

 - to bring love and necessity for reading.

Обладнання: pictures, cards for group work, different kinds of  books, handouts, PPt presentation.

Хід уроку:

I. Greeting. (бесіда з учнями щодо настрою та погоди ). Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

- They say there is no bad weather, there is bad clothes. The weather is nice in any season. Today we are going to deal with no less wonderful topic – books, people who wrote them, places where we can find books for reading. The aim of our lesson is to find out the importance of books in our life.

Motto: (записані на дошці )

1) Tell me what you read and I tell you what you are.

2) Reading is the best learning,

3) Books and friends should be few but good.

- Explain, please, how do you understand these words. (відповіді учнів)


II. Vocabulary practice. Опрацювання словника за темою.

- Do you have books at home? (відповіді учнів)

- Are they different? (відповіді учнів)

- So, you are divided into three groups. You have books on your tables. Be attentive! I’ll read you sentences, your task is to complete them choosing the books on your tables.

1) If I want to read about unreal people and unreal stories,  I need ……. ( a fairy tale).

2) If I want to read about some interesting situations in life of someone,  I need ….. ( an adventure story ).

3) If I want to read about the most beautiful feeling between two people, I need ……… (a love story).

4) If I want to read about some robots, unreal people, unreal planets, I need …….(a fiction story).

5) If I want to learn more about the history of our country , I need …… (a historical book).

6) If I want to read short stories in rhymes, I need ……..(a poetry book).

7) If I want to find a good recipe, I need ………..(a cookery book).

8) If I want to translate some words, I need ……….( a dictionary).

9) If I want to relax, to have fun, to laugh, I need ………(a comic book).

10) If I want to get adrenaline, I need …….. ( a detective story).

11) If I want to get information about the world in general, I need ……(an encyclopedia).

12) If I want to read about different gods and famous ancient heroes, I need …..(myths and legends).

III. Game “Microphone”

  • Imagine that I am a journalist and I have some questions for you.


  • What is your favourite book?
  • What is the last book you have read?
  • Can you  remember your first book?
  • Do you read newspapers?
  • Who read you your bedtime story?
  • How do you choose books for reading?
  • Have you got a dictionary at home?
  • When did you visit the library?
  • What kind of books do you prefer?
  • Have you got a library at home?
  • What book do you advise to read?

               (відповіді учнів)

IV. Game “Guess the book”

- Look at the portraits of these famous writers and say what works brought them the universal acclaim.  (презентація з портретами відомих письменників)

- Dont forget to use the phrases:

  • If I’m not mistaken….
  • As far as I know….
  • As far as I can remember….
  • I think….
  • In my opinion… (записані на дошці)

R. Stevenson – “Treasure  Island ”

L. Carrol – “Allice in The Wonderland”

M. Twain – “The Adventures of Tom Soyer”

Ch. Dickens – “Oliver Twist”

R. Kipling – “Jungle Book”

J. London – “Hearts of Three”

J. Swift – “Gulliver’s Travels”

W. Shakespeare – “Romeo and Juliette”

J. Rowling – “Harry Potter”

J. Tolkien – “Lord of The Rings”

A. C. Doyle – “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

V. Speaking. (group work)

1) - I hope you have favourite books. Your next task is to describe them using the table.

The book is written by


The title of the book is


It is a (genre)


The book is about


The main heroes are


The plot of the book is


There are some


episodes in it

On the whole, the book is very _________ and if you like _________stories I advise you to read it.


2) - Where can you take books for reading?

- Do you have a library at school?

- Where is it situated?

- Let’s describe it. I have a hidden picture on the blackboard. It is covered with many pieces of paper. You say a sentence about our library and I take away a piece of paper. As a result you will see what picture is hidden on the blackboard. (комп’ютер)

- How do you think why a computer? (відповіді учнів)

Statement (на дошці ) : Nowadays paper books have become old-fashioned. The Internet has replaced them. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your opinion. (робота в групах)

Group A  - Write about the advantages of  books.

Group B  - Write the advantages of the Internet.

Group C -  How do you think what is more important books or the Internet?

Conclusion: Use The Internet but don’t  forget about books.

VI. Summing up.

  • What is an ode?
  • Let’s create an ode to book.  (за схемою)

Scheme of Ode to an Object (на дошці)

1. Name of an object.

2. Two adjectives.

3. Where is it?

4. Repeat line1.

5. What is it doing?

6. How is it doing?

7. Repeat  line 3.

8. Repeat line 2.

- Thank you for your creative work. I hope you will remember that books are important in our life and you will read more.



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