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Урок англійської мови в 2 класі "Шкільне приладдя. Конструкція " What is this?It is a pen."

Про матеріал

Урок ангійської мови із зазначенням очікуваних результатів від учнів на кінець уроку. На уроці використані цікаві ігри, провдится робота з флешкартками та робота з відеоматеріалами.

Перегляд файлу

Teacher: Koshelniuk Yuliia Mykolaivna

Subject: English

Topic: School things. Grammar structure “What is this?-It is a desk”

Class outline: 2-A


Teaching Objectives:

1. Re-cap on what the children learnt last week and some of the last year such as a pen,a pencil etc ,when looking at picture. Show the children examples of all the features we looked at last week(Classroom, pupil, pupils) and show some new ones (board ,computer, bookcase, eraser, ruler, chair, sharpener)

2. Show the children a picture of a school thing on the WB on flashcard and ask What is this?-It is a … What questions could we ask to know What is this?

3. Encourage children to ask questions about the school things. 


Teaching Aids and Materials: Pupils book English 2 (O. Karpiuk) WB, Flashcards, objects of school things,

video “Hello, how are u” ( https://youtu.be/tVlcKp3bWH8),

video “School supplies” (https://youtu.be/41cJ0mqWses)


Learning outcomes:

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to

1.give an examples of the words they have learnt on the lesson;

2. identify and accurately pronounce the new words of a song;

3. identify and accurately pronounce the question “what is this” and answer “It is a…” ;

4. sing the song aloud, accurately pronouncing the sounds to appropriately affect the rhythm of the song.

5. match a picture and a word




I. Preparation for apprehension foreign speech

1. Greeting

-Hello boys and girls! How are u today?

- I am fine….

2. Warm up

- Lets sing a song “Hello! How are u?”

II. The basic part of the lesson


1.1 Video about school things

- Listen and repeat the song

-1.2-Lets play a game “What is this”.Look at this magic bag!Do u know what is this?It is a pen.Look  and repeat after me

- What is this?-It is a pen.(real school objects)




              2.1 Pair work.

      -Work in pairs. Ask and answer (p. 40, ex.2 English 2 pupils book by    O. Karpuik)

  1.   Phisical activity. Game “Simon says”

 - Simon says take a pen, touch the desk, bag, take a ruler etc

             2.3 Team game. There are 2 teams (Smile and frends). Smile will ask “What this?” And Friends       will answer “It is a …”(With cards or name the letter p.41 ex. 3 )





    3.1 Time for Reading

        Follow and read. Repeat after me.  (p. 41, ex. 4)

  1.  Pupils read the words silently to themselves for a minute or two, or they read aloud in turn, word by word, sentence by sentence, round the class.

              3.3 Writing.

-Read the sentence after me. Who knows what does it mean? OK, write down the sentence into your copybook.

III. The final part of the lesson

1. Homework

Draw a magic  bag and say What is in your bag

2. Summarizing

Game “What’s missing”(cards on WB)

Praising the pupils. Evaluation.

3. Saying “good bye”

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