Урок англійської мови в 7 класі "Help around the house"

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Розробка уроку англійської мови у 7 класі по темі: "Я, моя сім'я, мої друзі" "Help around the house" за підручником “Access 2” Virginia Evans-Jenny Dooley Express Publishing

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Англійська мова

7 клас

Автор: Підобід Наталія Іванівна,

вчитель англійської мови Білоцерківської загальноосвітньої школи І-ІІІ ступенів №20 Білоцерківської міської ради, спеціаліст вищої категорії

Topic: Help around the house


  • to train using the lexical material on the topic;
  • to practice lexical and grammar skills
  •  to train and practice using of the Present Simple, adverbs of frequency
  •  to teach students to express their opinion household chores.

Equipment: Access 2”, tape-recorder, multimedia equipment.


  1. Greeting.

T: Stand up, please! Good afternoon, children!

Ps: Good afternoon.

T: Sit down! Get ready for the lesson. Let’s start our lesson.

  1. Warming up  (Slide 1)

T: At today’s lesson we are going to speak about household chores

T: How do you help your parents about the house?

  1. Review (Slides 2, 3)

T: Look at the screen and remind the names of household chores. Listen and repeat.


T: Match the column A to column B. Write the words combinations (Slide 4)

Answer key

1c water the plants

2d tidy your room

3e go shopping

4b mop the floor

5 g take out the rubbish

6 h wash the dishes

7 f dust the furniture

8 a cut the grass

  1. Grammar Adverbs of frequency (Slides 5,6)

T: We put adverbs of frequency

  • Before main verb
  • After the verb “to be”


T: Read the examples (Slides 7-11)

  1. Speaking (Slide 12)

T: Make up sentences

  1. Writing (Slide 13)

PB Ex. 5 p.15

T: Write the words in the correct order

Answer key

  1. Tony never eats out.
  2. She usually late for school.
  3. The sometimes play computer games.
  4. Ann often goes to the library.
  5. Bob and Steve are always happy.

WB Ex. 3 p.10 (Slide 14)

T: Look at the Ben’s daily routine. Answer the questions as in the example.

Answer key

  1. Ben never wakes up late
  2. Ben sometimes makes his bed
  3. Ben often has breakfast
  4. Ben usually walks to school
  5. Ben always does his homework in the evenings
  1.               Listening (Slide 15)

PB Ex. 6 p.15

T: Read the questions and possible answers. Listen the recording twice and choose the answer A,B or C

Answer key

1 A 2A 3C

  1. Summing up

T: Your work at the lesson was very good. You were very active. Your marks are…

Now you know your marks. Tell me please, did you like our lesson? (Yes, of course.)


  • Open your daybooks, write down your homework Ex. 4 p. 10 WB to learn the words.
  • Thank you very much and good-bye!


4 листопада 2018
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