Урок "Animals.Comparatives"

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Урок поєднує лексичний та граматичний матеріали, включені вірші та різні дидактичні матеріали
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Урок в 3 класі на тему: Удосконалення вживання ступенів порівняння прикметників в усному та писемному мовленні в підтемі «Тварини».


І. Підготовча частина уроку.


1. Мовленнєва зарядка.

Do you like animals?

What’s your favourite animal?

Have you got a pet?

Do you like going to the zoo?


2. Фонетична зарядка.


S-s-s It’s a snake.

Z-z-z It’s a bee,

Sh! Be quiet!

Boo! It’s me!


ІІ. Основна частина уроку


3. Повідомлення теми, мети уроку.

Today we’ll remember animals, compare them and even do the animal election!


4. Закріплення лексичних одиниць з теми “Тварини»


4.1 Game. Guess. What animals are they?



1/ I’m big and I’m grey. I live in Africa. I’ve got a big horn on my nose.


2/ I’m white and yellow bear. I like bamboo leaves. I’m a symbol of China.


3/ I’m a king of jungle.


4/ I can jump really high. I live in Australia.


5/ I’m pink and rather fat. I love eating.


6/ I live in trees, I eat bananas. I’ve got a long tail.










4.2 Unscramble the words and divide them into 2 groups

















(На екрані слова: kudc, eclriodco, cnheikc, okoarng, gip, apnda, ohsre, fgeifar, owc, norhi. Учні пишуть диктант. Картки вішають в 2 групи.


4.3 Перегляд відео. Закріплення ЛО «Тварини»

“Guess what animal it is.”


5. Повторення вивчених прикметників.


Animals are different. How can we describe them? Which are they?

  • Читання карток
  • Протилежні прикметники







 heavy- light,




6. Song “Lions and tigers”








7. Відпрацювання ступенів порівняння прикметників. Вищий ступінь.


We have got guests – they’re animals. We can compare them.


I’m big

And I am strong,

And my trunk is very long.



Cows says “mow”

And gives you milk.

It’s so cute

And also big.



I am a lion

My name is Crown

My legs are big and brown

I am a king

I like to sing.



The camel walks

Through the day.

It lives in deserts

And for him, it’s very pleasant.


Little monkey in the tree

This is what she says to me

Thee, thee, thee

And tha, tha, tha

This is what she says to me.



The fox is yellow

The fox is wise.

It is my fellow

And it is nice.


Look at the pig

It is very big.

It can walk

But it’s a pity- can’t talk.



I’ve got a dog

His name is Bobby.

He always runs

And has lots of fun.


I love my cat,

It’s warm and fat.

My cat is grey

It likes to play.



I have a hamster

She is really small

She is the best hamster of all

She runs through the hall

And she climbs on the wall.



Parrots can be many coloured

Red and blue, and even violet.

they can fly and they can walk

and talk, talk, talk.



I live in Australia

But now I’m in the zoo.

I am a mother kangaroo

I have some fuzzy toes

And a big great nose.








8. Розвиток лексико-граматичних одиниць.


Now children can you compare another animals. Let’s do the task on the cards.




Read and choose the right word.


  1. The monkey is bigger/smaller than the elephant.
  2. The cheetah is slower/faster than the tiger.
  3. The tiger is angrier/better than the cat.
  4. The panda is shorter/fatter than the dog.
  5. The kangaroo has got a longer/shorter tail than the bear.
  6. The hippo is taller/smaller than the cheetah.
  7. The monkey is faster/slower than the tortoise.
  8. The bear is fatter/thinner than the monkey.
  9. The zebra is faster/slower than the giraffe.
  10.                    The elephant is heavier/lighter than the melon.


9. Пісня «Walking through the jungle”

The animals are really different – some are bigger, some are slower. Let’s see what animals are there in jungle!


10. Розвиток навичок читання. Reading skills.


  1.    We continue to compare the animals and things. Open your Fun Grammar book at p.43, ex.2. Put (v) or (X) near the sentences.


10.2 Now we’re going to visit one place where the animals live.

 Guess what is this place? (Zoo)

Pre-reading task. Somebody is in the zoo. What animals does he like the most?

(read, open the brackets, using the comparative)


I’m at the zoo. Look at the lions – they’re running. I love lions. Lions are ……..(fast) bears. I can see the elephants and the hippos too. Elephants are ……… (heavy) hippos. Here are the kangaroos. They’re …….(big) the monkeys. I love monkeys. They’re …….. (funny) the penguins. Look at the snakes. They’re playing with frogs. Snakes are ……… (long) frogs. The zoo is great!


After-reading task. You get two cards with YES and NO. Read the sentence on the screen and show the right card - YES or NO.

  1. The lions are sleeping. (No)
  2. The lions are faster than the bears. (Yes)
  3. The hippos are heavier than the elephants. (No)
  4. There are rhinos in the zoo. (No)
  5. The kangaroos are bigger than the monkeys. (Yes)
  6. The monkeys are funny. (Yes)
  7. The monkeys are funnier than the frogs. (No)
  8. The snakes are longer than the frogs. (Yes)
  9. The zoo is boring. (No)




The next song is about animals which we can see at the zoo.

 Song “We’re going to the zoo”


12. Закріплення найвищого ступеня порівняння.


In our zoo animals are the best. Open your books and say

Which animal is the biggest? The strongest? The fatter? The thinnest?






  1. The rhino is ____________________ (funny)
  2. The mouse is ___________________ (small)
  3. The mouse is ___________________ (young)
  4. The fox is _______________________ (thin)
  5. The snake is ___________________ (long)
  6. The hippo is ____________________ (fat)
  7. The giraffe is ___________________ (tall)


12.2 Look and complete


1/ Dumbo has got _________________ (big) ears.

2/ Tasmanian Devil has got __________________ (big) legs.

3/ Mumble has got _____________________ (short).

4/ Scrat has got _____________________ (long) tail.

5/ Tweety is ________________________ (small) of all.


13. Розвиток навичок драматизації, закріплення ступенів порівняння прикметників.

Ляльковий театр.


All animals are good and they decide to choose the president! I want to represent – “ The Animal Election!”


14. It’s a marvelous drama. All animals are useful, everyone is special in their own way. About this our next song. “ The best zoo in the world”.


III. Заключна частина уроку.


15. Повідомлення дом. завд.


Everybody of you has got a letter from the English girl Megan. She writes about her favourite animals. Your homework will read the letter and write the answer – your own letter. (project)


16. Підведення підсумків уроку.


What do we visit today?

What do you see?

What do we do with animals?

Do you like our trip to the zoo?

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Англійська мова для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови 3 клас (Ростоцька М. Є., Карпюк О. Д.)
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