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план-конспект з курсу " Література Англії" з теми "Даніель Дефо - засновник реалістичного роману. Робінзон Крузо". Можна використовувати як на уроках з Літератури Англії ,так і як позакласний захід про літературу

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Lesson 10

Topic: Daniel Defoe is the founder of a realistic novel.Robinson Crusoe

Objectives  :  

  • develop language  skills through reading, making dialogues, group work
  • deepen knowledge of English literature of the Enlightenment
  • to identify main ideas and details from the text for reading/ listening;
  • to inform the pupils about Daniel Defoe’s life and work
  • to improve the culture of communication
  • to enrich pupils’ knowledge about “Robinson Crusoe”

Materials and equipment: printed copies, the set of handouts , audio( chapter 1 “ Robinson Crusoe”), PPT presentation

Procedure of the lesson

I   Introduction

T .  The history of England in the second half of the 17th century and during all the 18th century was marked by the British colonial expansion and the struggle for leading role in commerce. The writers of this age protested against the survivals of feudalism in which they saw the main evils of the time.


 The characteristic features of the Enlightenment were much the same all over Europe.
• A deep hatred of feudalism
• A love of freedom and systematic education for all
• A concern about common people and the peasants in particular.

This period saw the remarkable rise in literature. People wrote on many subjects and made great contribution in the fields of philosophy, history, natural sciences and a new science of the political economy.

A new literary form, such as literary prose, appeared. The period of the Enlightenment in the English literature is presented by Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Robert Burns.


1.So today we are going to talk about one of the greatest representatives of the English Enlightment literarture - Daniel Defoe

pupils present the lifestory of Daniel Defoe



Presbyterian dissenters - пресвитерианские раскольники

Hosiery  амер.  |ˈhoʊʒəri|  брит.  |ˈhəʊzɪəri| - Трикотаж

Dowry - приданое

ill-fated - злополучный

be incarcerated - быть заключенным

sequel – продолжение, сиквел


after – presentation – quiz



  2. Economic  journalism
  3. 72
  4. worked as a tallow chandler (candle maker)
  5. to make it sound aristocratic
  6. The Great Plague of London In 1666, The Great Fire of London
  7. SALESMAN - entered the world of business
  8. TRUE
  10. True
  11. False
  12. False
  13. True
  14. minimum of 198 pseudonyms
  15. Robinsonade
  16. 5
  17. Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

2.So, you see that D.D. was a bright and outstanding person, and I am sure you know a lot about his most remarkle work – Robinson Crusoe



Have you read it? What do you know about this book?

Do you enjoy being alone or do you prefer being around other people? Why?

How would you feel if you were left on a desert island?

Is R.C. a true story or is it a fiction? What makes you think so?


Group  work

Make 2 groups .

Read the text, on the blackboard write out the key words in order the opponent group could guess what your text is about and could choose the best heading for your text , and after that using the words – retell your text.

Variants of the headings:

  1. the storm and the shipwreck
  2. a new life on an island
  3. Prehistory of the story
  4. Learning to live alone
  5. Man Friday
  6. The original title
  7. Escape from the island

Text 1

Text 2



1)unscramble the sentences and answer the questions:

1. time/have/ever/alone/you/been/a/for/long ?

2. years/could/on/you/many/live/for/island/an/alone?

3.animal skins/ could/ from/build/clothes/yourself/own/a house/you/your/ to make/learn to grow/make bread/corn /and / learn to/?


  1. Have you ever been alone for a long time?
  2. Could you live alone on an island for many years?
  3. Could you build yourself a house, learn to grow corn and make bread, learn to make clothes from animal skins?

Let’s listen to a tape about the man who could do it

While- listening

Who said it:

  1. “ I want to be a sailor and go to sea”
  2. “The wind wasn’t so bad”
  3. “Please, don’t go”
  4. “Oh, I don’t want to die’
  5. “Sailors have a difficult and a dangerous life


  1. Robinson
  2. Robinson’s friend
  3. R’s father
  4. R
  5. R’s father






After – listening

Make a small dialogue between a Turkish captain , who became Robinson’s master and Robinson Crusoe, his slave.

Use the information

“… for two long years I lived the life of a slave. I worked in the house and the garden , and every day  planned to escape , but it was never possible…..”



summing up
T. It was a very interesting journey together with Robinson Crusoe. And I am sure you’ve learnt a lot about the writer and the work that made him famous.


Home assignment
T. Your homework will be to write a short composition.
“IF I WERE on a desert island …(10–15 sentences).




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