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Урок "Days of the week. Favourite lessons."

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3 form                                         

TOPIC:  Welcome back to school! Days of the week. Favourite lessons.

Objectives: To recall students’ vocabulary on the topic: “Days of the week. Favourite lessons” and develop it by active using;

To practice reading for gist;

To develop speaking and writing skills of students.


By the end of the lesson, learners will be able to ask and answer about their favourite lesson and days of the week.

Materials : The textbook, the workbook, cards “ School subjects”, audio “ What day is it today?”, video “ 7 days”, “Baby shark”.



  1. Introduction

1. Greeting and aim

Good morning poem  - (Cl)

T: I’m glad to see you , too. How are you? (T→ 5 Ps)

What day is it today? – Today is….

Dear boys and girls! The topic of our lesson «Days of the week.   Favourite lessons. »

So, by the end of the lesson you’ll be able to tell us which lesson do you like most of all  and what’s your favourite day of the week.


  1. Warm up

We start our lesson with the revision of the words, we’ve learnt the previous lesson.

Revision “Days”

Let’ s sing the song. – “ 7 days of the week.” (preschool learning fun by the learning station)

                 Revision “Lessons”:

  • Name my pictures
  •  Guess my picture: Is it a Maths? – No, it isn’t.  Is it Music? – Yes, it is.


        3.  Check on homework

  • Ex.2 , p.42 – Wb

Your task is to look at the table and answer the questions: When are the lessons?

  • It’s on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 


    1. Reading  – Ex.1, p.52
  1. Presentation: Look and answer:
  • Whom can you see at the picture?
  • What is the girl’s name?

So, let’s read about Vicky.

  1. Reading P1→P2
  2. Checking understanding.
  • Is Vicky a schoolgirl?
  • What lessons does she like?
  • What are her favourite days?
  • What lessons has she got on these days?


  1. Speaking – Ex.3, p.52

Now, let’s speak about the lesson you like and your favourite day. We are going to play the game “REPORTER”.

[ W] – Echo

-Questions, T→Cl                                                         is→are

Dialogues, P1→p2, P2→P3….. (5 Ps)



  1. Physical activity -  Baby shark

And now, some exersices. Stand up, please.


  1. Writing

- finger exercise:

1- run, 2- jump, 3- go, 4- swim, 5- fly, 6- climb, 7 – swing, 8 – sing, 9- dance, 10 - shake

- Ex. 4, p.45 – Wb


  1. Reading  and  singing  Ex. 4, p.53

Now your task is read and then sing the song T→Cl→P1→Pn


  1. Check on homework

Do you remember, that at the end of the lesson you’ll  give me your copybooks. I’ll check up your homework.


  1. The end of the lesson
  1. Homework

Now, pupils, open your daybooks and write down your homework.

Now, open your copybooks at p.44, I’ll explain your home task. You have to…….

Ex. 1,2,  p. 44  WB

Ex. 4, p.53 – read and translate

  1. Summarizing :  T- Ps

So, now you can answer my questions: What lesson do you like?

What is your favourite day?

Well done, friends, you worked very well today. So, your marks are….


That’s all for today. The lesson is over. Good-bye.



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