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9     Phonetics

Phonetics plays an important part in foreign language learning. It develops pronunciation, gives the perfect opportunity to acquire natural accent, traces different linguistic peculiarities.

Phonetic exercises may include: separate words, tongue-twisters, proverbs, word combinations, word formational chains, as well, extracts from native literature read with foreign accent, etc.


                               1 – 4 forms

Goal: well-practised alphabet.

ABC – let us go to the sea

DEF – children know the letter F

GHI – birds in the sky

JKL – a nice blue bell

MNO – a big black crow

PQR – a new green car

STU – letters look at you

VW – look at them too

XYZ – now we know the ALPHABET!



                                5 – 8 forms

Goal:                        The development of the standard accent

1/           o        pop, stop, body, soft, I’ve got

              f        fishing, photography, laugh, tough

              l/m         climbing, bombing, thumb, tomb

              s          cycling, Cinderella, answer, sword, swarthy, swallow, stomach


       w/f/s         windsurfing, Snow White, once a week, twice a week

              s         answer, sword

TTW 1                        The weather is terribly hot  



2/        r    Robert Rolly rolled a round roll round, a round roll Robert Rolly rolled            

                 around. Where rolled the round roll Robert Rolly rolled around?

          r/l  Red lorry, yellow lorry, lyrics

                Error, areas, more or less

3/         i    big, sick, pretty, swift, thrift, pin, bin, kid

            i:    wheel, deal, veal,  key, evening, stampede, speech, thief, people, sheath  

            z    Zoo, towers, size,  easy

            iz    boxes, horses, matches

4/          v   very, very well, five, Venice, Venus, we’ve never found, twelve


TTW2                           Whatever country you live in             

              t  take-took, train, tube

              p  pen, shopping, Sleeping Beauty, precipitation

              k  cat, car, record, school, Christmas, character, toothache, headache, monarch,                     


TTW3                            Can a cat catch a carrot on a carpet?


5/          n   next week, when

             d   donkey, good, land

             m   museum, me

             th   father, mother, there, the, this-these, that-those

             th   something, anything, nothing, theatre, thank

6/          nk, ng    think, drink, thank, link, English, England, trunk

TTW4                               His fifth birthday is on Thursday the thirty-first


              u    put, good, could, should, would, tomb

              u:    choose, lose, shoes, pool, rude, school, blue, blueberry, through, flew, truth, truce.

7/               joke, religion, manage, origin

                  shop, relation, depression, social, sure, especially

                  chalk, watch, child, speech

TTW5                                Some fish and chips on the child’s dish     

         si, su      revision, treasure, casualties, general


8/ s---th         south, smooth, toothache, sleuths, southern, something, thistle, swarthy,                                        z--th               thousand, thirsty, this-these, that-those, thesis, thankless, themselves,

                         therapist, thickness, thither, sixth, seventh, Maths, sympathetic, months,                                                                                         en                    enthusiasm, thrust, thus, thumb, Isthmus

9/     e:           ir, ur, ear, or, er

                  fir, murmur, learn, hurt, Thursday, world, prefer

        a:         ar, ast, aft, ear, ath, aph, al, au, ans, аncе

                   car, fast, craft, heart, father, shark, graph, calm, aunt, castle, vast, apartment, Frаncе

        o:         or, al, ar, ough, augh, our, ore, a, aw, at

                    horse, chalk, swarthy, taught, all, thought, store, world, four,

                   water, awful, yawn, vault, sword



  10/ ei        day, play, grey, brave, great, aim, training, eight, domain, steak,

         ai        my, mine, why, stripes, guy, bye, sign, cycling, style, wild, quietly,

                    fright, buy, by, variety

         oi        boy, coin, toy, choice, voice, noise, turquoise

         ou       rose, nose, no, soul, know, toe, foe, robot, although, owe, bow

 TTW6             Around and about, and about, and around;

         au           owl, bow, bowl, allow, doubt about



11/     f        foundation, French, forest, fifty, for all roads, frightened, favourite, soft

          v       victory, vegetarian, vegetables, vegetation, variety, equivalent, novels, obvious


TTW7               Five French fries Vivienne from France

          r       Robert, rock, Europe, racoon, rap, robot, country, rainforest

          th     Although, their age, themselves, Arithmetic

          th     Everything, thirsty, theatre, sympathetic, thanks

          p      Powerful, important, point, period, pretty, practical, poor, poverty, perfect

          t       Pantheon, tourists, pattern, difficult, different, travelling, football pitch,

          k      Capital, cultural, careful, Celtic, cartoon, kangaroo, ski, sky, clarification






TTW8               Please, eat this great big piece of meat, Pete!


TTW9           “ Do put your shoes in the pool” is a foolish rule.


TTW10             Paul’s son ‘s short and rough! Paul’s daughter’s tall and tough!


TTW11             It was too late to make a cake.


TTW12             Dry your eye and say goodbye.




12/  r>vowel

                   for at least, the weather is terrible, are a good idea, are often associated,

                in the Far East, for a long time, more or less, after all, as a matter of fact,                                             famous for its,  pleasure out of it, their aim, for all roads, the number of questions,

     are all right, Dry your eye


13/     @      apple, man, pants, racket, collapse, famine, establish, campaign, cash, cache

                   damage, challenge;


TTW13                  Black fat cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.

          ks        excursion, expand, excited, exhibition

          gz        exaggerate, execution, exams, exhausted, exhilarating, exotic

          aue      our, hour, power, flower, flour

14/                 but it may be the other way round, about half an hour, the younger

                      the better, for a change, about an hour and a half


TTW14                 I have one hour of Art and half an hour of History


TTW15                 Don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you!


18/    MPH       beauty-beautiful, gym-gymnastics, athlete-athletic, captain-captaincy,

                         political-politics-politician, religious-religion, pope-papacy, private-privacy


19/      l            literally, a little can, little ones, glamorous, controlled, lifestyle, island,

                        self-sufficient, couple, canal, channel, lively, isle, aisle, meals


20/  MPH        nation-national-nationality, culture-cultural, nature-natural,

                        economy-economic-economical, in the west-western, in the east-

                       eastern, in the north-northern, in the south-southern, the Crimea-

                       Crimean, diversity-diverse, history-historic-historical, architecture-

                       architectural-architect, industry-industrial-industrious, tourist,

                       tourism-tourist, education-educational;


TTW16                 The bank in Bond street is opposite the bookshop


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