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Урок-гра "Saint Valentines Day"

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Розробка уроку-змагання в ігровій формі до Дня Святого Валентина для учнів старших класів

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St. Valentines Day

Boys & Girls


Practical: to form language competence in speaking; to develop listening comprehension; to organize pupil’s creative work in expanding their vocabulary;

Educational: to increase pupils’ knowledge about customs and traditions of celebrating St.Valentines Day in English-speaking countries and about the origin of this holiday; to broaden pupils’ outlook.

Developing: to develop student’s logical thinking, imagination, memory, creative abilities and talents.

Up-bringing: to stimulate students’ interest in the subject and motivate them in learning English, to teach to appreciate moral values;

Equipment: a decorated box, balloons, coloured paper, glue, scissors, markers and handouts.


T: Dear friends, we’ve gathered here today to celebrate St. Valentines Day! We have got two teams, and we shall see which team knows more about this holiday. The winner will get the prize that lies inside of this box.

But first of all let’s remember what the main symbols of this holiday are.

H:\Valentines\51691315_342890966559468_4053146867570049024_n.jpg  H:\Valentines\51727823_342890933226138_4279641864845393920_n.jpg

Here are some activities for you.

Task I: Matching and Solving a Crossword Puzzles


H:\Valentines\51480973_342890959892802_6821707328014778368_n.jpg      H:\Valentines\52040681_342890896559475_7661595346753028096_n.jpg


Task II: Balloon Hearts

(A team that will blow out all the balloons properly will get a point.)


Task III:Love is …”

T: Well, we are speaking about love, but what do you think love is like?

Now you are to answer this question! Please, continue the phrase “Love is …”


Task IV: Scrambled Story

Put all parts of the text into the logical order. And answer the question.



Task V: Well-known Pairs

T: Now I see you know what love is and you got acquainted with the story how our today’s holiday had appeared but what well known lovers’ pairs can you name?

(Teams get the hearts with the name of one of lovers and have to name a partner.)

Juliet and Romeo

Desdemona and Othello

Eva and Adam

Cinderella and Prince

Ophelia and Hamlet

Beauty and a Beast

Shrek and Fiona


Task VI: Pantomime Game

Sometimes it happens that we can’t just talk about love, we must show it! So, try to pantomime these words to another team so that they can name them.

(Teams get the heart with the words which they have to show to another team)

A heart                                 a flower

A kiss                                     love

A guitar                                a letter


Task VII:  A Valentine Card

You know that on St. Valentine’s Day people make Valentine cards and send them to each other. So, try your best and make a Valentine card now. You have only 7 minutes!

(Using coloured paper, scissors, markers and your ideas and imagination)


Task VIII:  Similes (as…as)

T: Well, don’t you think that it’s time to talk about your love? For this task we need a boy and a girl, but first I give you two hearts (a bigger and a smaller one) and your task is to fill in the gaps in bigger with the similes from smaller


my heart is                        a boiling kettle

your heart is               ...             a diamond

your lips are                          roses

your eyes are                           like stars

my love is                               the Universe

as hard as

as hot as

as bright as

as red as

as endless as


my heart is                         fire

your heart is                         ice

your lips are                         honey

your eyes are                       an ocean

my love is                           the sky

as cold as

as deep as

as hot as

as sweet as

as wide as


Task IX: A Portrait

T: Each team should draw a portrait of a dream girl/boy. But you should do it all together, one by one adding to the picture though you won’t see what you are drawing.

(Players in turn draw a picture of a boy/girl on the blackboard)


Task X: A Song

T: Now listen to the song and fill in the missing text.



So according to the quantity of the hearts …….. are the winners today and the owners of secret prize.








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  1. Войцеховская Наталья
    Super simple and creative. Great job. Might be used with students of different language levels and grades. Thanx so much!
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