Урок на тему "Україна" для учнів 5 класу

Про матеріал
Урок для учнів 5 класу. Тема "Україна". Цілі уроку: розвивати вміння читання, говоріння, аудіювання; збільшити словниковий запас; виховувати повагу один до одного; виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови
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Objectives: to develop the skills of speaking, reading, listening; to enlarge students' knowledge and enrich their vocabulary; to bring up students' respect for each other's viewpoints; to teach students to enjoy the communication in English

Materials: textbook, portraits of famous Cossacks, a box with cards of words


I  Introduction

Greeting. Aim

T. Good morning, children! How are you? I hope everybody  is fine. Our today's lesson is devoted to our native country. Do we love our land? What does it mean to be a patriot?

T. You can see the epigraph written on the board. A great English writer G. Byron wrote these wise words. Let's read this epigraph all together

He who loves not his country, can love nothing

                                                 G. Byron

T. Can you translate it into Ukrainian? How do you understand these words?

T. The theme of our lesson is " Ukraine is Our Motherland"

II  Warming up

T. Let's remember the words which we often use to speak about different countries and their inhabitants. Read the definition and name the words:

1. Someone who lives in a particular town, country or state: who legally belongs to a country and has rights and responsibilities there (a citizen)

2. It is the country where you were born and to which you feel a strong emotional connection (Motherland)

3. Someone who loves his country and defends it (a patriot)

III Main part of  lesson

  T. Patriotism is love to one's country. What does it mean to love your  Motherland?

Real patriots know their country. Do you know Ukraine?

Answer the questions:

1. What is the capital of Ukraine?

2. Is Kyiv one of the oldest cities in Europe?

3. What is the longest river in Ukraine?

4. Who founded Kyiv?

5. How large is the territory of Ukraine?

6. Who was the author of "Testament"?

7.  What places of interest do you know in Ukraine?

8. What is the highest mountains of Ukraine?

9. Where are the mountains of Ukraine?

Read the text and answer the questions

Who were the Cossacks?

 The word "Cossack" means a free and independent man. First Cossacks appeared many centuries ago in Ukraine. But the biggest glory belongs to Zaporizhan Cossacks. They were very brave and courageous people who loved freedom very much. Cossacks didn't want to be neither under the  Turkish-Tatar yoke nor under the Polish one. And they didn't like Russian tsars. That's why they united in organization Zaporizhian Sich. The leader was called Koshovyi Otaman. The bravest one was Ivan Sirko who won many victories. The main idea of  Zaporizhian Sich was a good example of a democratic state. Due to many legends we remember the name of these national heroes: Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Petro Doroshenko, Ivan Mazepa and Petro Sahaidachny. Their names will live in memory of true Ukrainians.


Answer the questions:

1. What does the word "Cossack" mean?

2. When did the first Cossacks appear?

3. Who were Cossacks?

4. Why did they unite in Cossacks?

5. What was the main idea of Zaporizhian Sich?

6. What was the leader of Cossacks?

7. What famous Cossacks do you know?

Complete the sentences:

1. The word "Cossack" means....

2. First Cossacks appeared...

3. First Cossacks were.....

4. They united in......

5. The leader was called...

6. The bravest Cossack was....

7. The main idea of Zaporizhian Sich was.....

8. Zaporizhian Sich was a good example of.......




A free and independent                           people

Zaporizhian                                             man

brave and courageous                            Cossacks

Koshovyi                                                land

native                                                    state

a democratic                                         Otaman


(A teacher takes a box in his hands)

T. Look, what I have. Try to guess what it is.

(Children give all possible answers) 

T. You are right. It's a box. Can you guess what there is inside?

(The teacher opens it and takes out the cards "Ukraine",  "Is",  "Our", "Motherland". The teacher sticks all the cards to the board)


IV Summing up

Our lesson comes to an end. We discussed today interesting facts about our country and Cossacks. /the main thing we learned is that we love our dear Ukraine. Let's become real patriots of Ukraine.
















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