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Урок "Sport and games "

Про матеріал
Конспект уроку для учнів 6 класу складений з урахуванням вікових можливостей , різних форм роботи ( індивідуальна , групова, робота в парах ) та видів ( письмо , читання, говоріння, аудіювання)
Перегляд файлу

Тема уроку: Sport  and games

Мета уроку:

Навчальна (освітня) мета:

  • збагатити  знання учнів про види спорту та спортивні ігри,
  • формувати навички правильної вимови,
  • розвивати у учнів вміння розуміти на слух мовлення,
  • розвивати фонетичний слух, мовну здогадку,
  • розвивати навички писемного мовлення,
  • формувати комунікативні навички.


Розвиваюча мета:


  • розвивати логічне мислення учнів,
  • розвивати мовну і слухову пам’ять,
  • розвивати зв’язне усне й писемне мовлення, творчу уяву,
  • зацікавити учнів у вивченні іноземної мови,
  • формувати мотивацію до комунікації.


 Виховна мета:


  • виховувати повагу до спорту, здорового способу життя.
  • виховувати в учнів самостійність, мислення, кмітливість.
  • розвивати особисту активність учнів,
  • розвивати вміння спілкуватися,
  • розвивати у учнів вміння ефективно працювати в парах, в групах,


Тип уроку:  урок  розвитку мовленнєвих умінь та навичок користування мовним матеріалом.




Хід  уроку


І. Beginning of the lesson


Teacher: Good morning, children! Glad to see you!

Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind in a sound body.”

This   saying  is the motto of our lesson.


2.Announcing the topic and aim

Teacher  The topic of the lesson is “Sport and games”.  At the lesson we will revise the lexical  material of our previous lessons ,  read  and  speak about sport. We will  practice your listening and grammar  skills


Open your copy books and write down the date and motto of the lesson.


Look, this is the pyramid . Today after doing  each  task  during the  lesson  you will open the stair  with quality of character the sportsman must have  to achieve good results in sport. At the end of the lesson you 'll find out the TOP 7 qualities of a real sportsman.

Is it interesting for you? Let’s go.


3.Warming up: 

Exercise «Brainstoming»


-         Do you like sport?

-         Do you like  playing football ?

-         What is your favourite  sport?

-         What kinds of sport do you  go in for ?

-         What sports are you good at?

-         What summer sports do you know?

-         What winter sports do you know?

-         Do you take part in sport competitions?

-         What sport competitions did you take part?


        That's great. You are very sporty. I see you have a great desire  to reach the top. Let's       

      open the first stair .

       Come  and open  the first stair.

     Pupil   It's ambitious.

       T. By the way , is it enough  to be a good sportsman? ( відповіді учнів)

      That's why let's do the next task

  II. Main part

1.Lexical warming up


 You have already known different kinds of sport. Let's group these activities into indoor, outdoor, water sports  and ballgames. Come , take the card , read and stick to the necessary column at the blackboard.

( виконання завдання)

















We have one column  left . It is  an extreme kinds of sport. You know , nowadays people are fond of dangerous sport more and more . Let's guess the names of such sport and complete the table.


 ( загадки)


Do you like extreme sports?

 ( відповіді) To  my mind, extreme kinds of sport are interesting but very dangerous .


Teacher: After doing this  exercise you can open the second stair.


It is  “confidence”. We have two qualities

Let’s do one more exercise to reach the next stair.


a) Pre -reading

Every country has its own customs and traditions . And , of course , it has  its own national sport. Let's read about basketball, ice-hockey and football and their native countries.

Today we have "Jigsaw reading " You are sitting in so called home groups. But change your sits according to proper numbers. Numbers 1, please,  sit at the tables № 1 . Numbers 2, please,  sit at the tables № 2 . Numbers 3  , please,  sit at the tables № 3.


I give you some minutes to read your parts of the texts and remember as much information as you can.

b) Reading

The national sport in Canada is ice hockey. Canada is a top    ice  hockey country with nine Olympic gold medals In Canada, the United States, Nordic countries, and some other European countries the sport is known simply as hockey. Ice hockey teams have got twenty-two players  with six players in the game. Ice hockey  matches are very fast and dangerous! The most famouse team of this sport is  " Torronto Maple Leaf"  and  " Monreal  Canadies" . The most popular player  Uvein  Gretski  from Canada , of course.

Basketball  is popular in about twenty countries.  Nowadays basketball become one of the world's most popular and widely viewed sports .The only essential equipment in a basketball game is the ball and the court. The famous clubs and players are in the USA. Basketball is the national sport in the USA . America has got many Olympic medals and great basketball players. Basketball teams have got ten players with five players in the game. Basketball players are very tall. The most famouse players are James Le Brone and Michael   Jordan.

Football is popular in two hundred countries. It is the national sport in many European and South American countries. Brazil is the world's top football country with five World Cups. Brazilians are crazy about football.  Football is an old game from Europe or China.  Modern  football, with eleven players, is from the United Kingdom. The UK has got four national teams: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! The most  popular  teams are  Manchester United  from England and Real from Spain. The most famouse player is Pelle from football club "Santos" Brazil.

c) After reading 

Please, return to your home groups . You can see  the tables at your desks . Your task is to complete them with necessary information.


National country

Numbers of players

Famous  teams

Famous players














Now, answer the  questions

1.What is the national sport of Canada?

2.How many players are in the basketball  team?

3.What is the famouse hockey team?


1. What is the national sport of the USA?

2What is the most famouse basketball team?

3.Who is the most popular basketball player?


1.What  do you   know   about football?

2.What is the most famouse  football team ?


Teacher:  Children , you have done the task  very well . It's time to open the third stair. It's  ''hardworking". Today you are very hard-working .



It's time to have a rest . Let's sing and dance "Hockey- pockey" song. Because dancing is an active sport too.


Let's open the 4  stair.

It's "energetic". I am sure you are very energetic.



So, as we understood , the national sport of the USA is  basketball.

What is the national sport of Ukraine?


 Maybe, it is...

I think , it is..

To my mind, it is...


 It's a Combat Hopack.

Let's see a  short video about it. It 's  great


In order  to get known about our national sport  we should do an exercise. You should  put  the words in the sentences in a right order.


1.The  combat Hopack is a cossack fighting art

2. It was created in 1985  by Volodymyr Pylat

3. Hopack   has got elements of Ukrainian dance and wrestling

4.Cossacs wear traditional Ukrainian shirts and sharovary.


It's time to open the next stair. It's “disciplined”.


5. Listening - Speaking

a)Pre - listening

It's time to watch  an interesting  video and listen the dialogue. Be very attentive  and be ready to answer  my questions.


b) Listening

c)After listening

What sport does elephant go in for?/////

And what about giraffe?///////




You are very attentive. And now work in pairs and make your own dialogues about sport.


Let's listen your dialogues



Thank you very much. You can open the next stair . It 's "active"

Look at our pyramid. It’s so high but we didn’t reach the top. We need only one exercise. It's your home  task .


6. Home task

Your  home task was  a group project "Sport  we are fond of"

I see you have prepared wonderful presentations. Who wants introduce the project?


You have done  the   h/t very well  and your marks are...

Besides , you can open the last stair.///

It 's "srong"


III.  The  end  of the lesson


1. Summarizing  Boys and girls you opened all the stairs and reached the TOP. My congratulation! A real sportsman should be ambitious, confident , hardworking, disciplined, energetic, active and strong.


What can you do after today's lesson?


1.I can name different sports in English.

2.I can name  an extreme kinds of sport.

3.I can talk about  sport.

4.I can read and understand text about sport.

5.I can name TOP 7 qualities  of a real sportsman



Today you were active and have done great job. I'm pleased with you. So, your marks are ...

3. Home task

Your home task is   Ex. 6 p. 88 ( put the verbs  in brackets into  the correct tense form)



At the end of every competition sportsmen get golden medals as  winners. Today we had  unusual competition .You are my winners.

And of course you will get golden medals.


So you are real SPORTSMEN! You get only excellent and good marks


Our lesson is over. Good-bye, children! Have a rest! See you!


















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