Урок " The Most Important and Necessary Jobs"

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Розробка уроку з розділу " Професії" на тему: " Найбільш важливі і необхідні роботи". Планування базується на принципах таксономії Б. Блума.
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   The Most Important and Necessary Jobs. 

    Level A2

    Duration - 1 hour 30 min.

     Learning outcomes for the lesson: by the end of the lesson student are supposed to be able to write an essay about professions necessary for our city  on the basis of own experience and analyses of different sources of information.

Introduction : “ Good morning. I am glad to see you. Do you want to make good teachers in the future and say “ I am glad to see you to your pupils every day”? Then what job would you like to choose in the future?  And today we are going to speak about the most important and necessary professions”        



        Learning outcomes                        

                       Resources and exercises

1. Read the words and define which of them can be referred to the profession of a teacher/ a doctor/ a lawyer. Find mistakes ( which words have no denoted sounds?)


1.1 Match the parts of the proverbs










1.2. Explain the meaning of the proverbs.


1.3. Make a list of 5-7  jobs and professions which are most important and necessary ones. 


2. Watch the video and choose 1-3 jobs which could be necessary for our life in the future. 


3. Relate  the proverbs to the jobs you are going to take up in the future



4. Compare your future profession with that of your parents. Do you want to follow the steps of your parents? Why? / Why not?






5. Rate the given expressions from the most important to the least important for your future work ( from your point of view) then write them into two columns - advantages or disadvantages of a job.





6. On the basis of the given expressions and own experience create  short advertisement of the most important and exciting job. 


7. Summing up. 

Guess what profession meant Martin H. Fischer when he said “… must work 18 hours a day and 7 days a week” (a doctor).

Prove your point of view

8. Home assignment:

Write a letter to your friend (100-120 words) about the most important and exciting jobs. 






1.   -e-                            - i-i:-                         -o-

dangerous                 prestigious                responsible

 well-paid                  deal with                   honourable

dentist                       criminals                   qualified

helpful                       business                    boring


1.1 Proverbs 1. No gains                      

                     2. Dilligence                         

                     3. Practice                                        

                     4. No living man

                     5. Every man

a. is the mother of luck

b. makes perfect

c. all things can

d. without pains

e. to his trade

1.2. A contest for the best speaker. ( a student may choose any of the proverbs and speak for one minute)


1.3 Pair work




2. Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNejxqakYKc





3. Group work




4.   Press-method « Why I want/ don’t want to become a…»

     - I want                                             I don’t want

       I wish                                         I don’t see myself as

I would like                             I’ve never imagined myself as

     -It’s because

     - For example,

     -So/ in conclusion…                                                        


5.  A prestigious profession                                                              work long hours

 a well- paid job                                                              dangerous occupation

 an honourable occupation                                               deal with criminals/ sick people

boring and tiresome

responsible work



6. Group work. (united in groups according to common interests in jobs).