Урок " The Most Urgent Environmental Problems."

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Розробка уроку з розділу " Екологічні проблеми" на тему: " Найактуальніші проблеми довкілля. Як впоратися з ними?". Планування базується на принципах таксономії Б. Блума
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The Most Urgent Environmental Problems. How to Cope with them?

    Level B1

    Duration - 1 hour 30 min.

     Learning outcomes for the lesson: by the end of the lesson student are supposed to learn about the ways to cope with the most urgent environmental problems and create ecological posters.  

Introduction : “ Good morning. I am glad to see you. Are you feeling good today? Do you think that our planet feels the same? Today we are going to turn into young scientists who will try to investigate the main environmental problems see into their causes and consequences and propose the ways to cope with such problems.     


         Learning outcomes                                              

                        Resources and exercises

1. Read the quotation from the newspaper. Do you agree with it? Do you think it’s important to be healthy? Why?


1.1. We are going to work in groups to investigate the main environmental problems and answer the problem question “ How to make our environment healthier.”

1.2. Draw the mind- map “ What is environment” ( air, water, people, flora, fauna…)


2. Define the main environmental problems using different sources of information.




3. Relate the problems with the reasons which may cause them.







4. Read the text and  distinguish three problems which are the most urgent

Group1 – for our city

Group2 – for our region

Group3 – for Ukraine

Group4 – for the world


5. Rate all the problems from the text and your own lists from the most serious to less serious ones. 5.1. Prove your choice.

5.2. Decide what consequences humanity are facing now and predict the future.

5.3. Propose five the most efficient ways to cope with environmental problems ( write them on the sheets of paper).


6. Organize  all your decisions  into the table

 a. the most urgent  environmental problems

 b. the reasons of these problems

 c. consequences

 d. ways to cope with the problems


7. Summing up. 

Comment on the words by Margaret Mead ‘’We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment

8. Home assignment:

Create a computer presentation about the most urgent  environmental problems (up to 10 slides) or draw an ecological poster.





1. “ Our planet is young but it is seriously ill”

                                            ( from  a newspaper)




1.1 Preparation for group work






1.2. Group work




2. Group1 – watches the cartoon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtqmsetsKdU

    Group2 -  looks at the pictures on the blackboard ( any pictures showing natural disasters)

    Group3 – watches the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqermIBhzAI

    Group4  - uses own experience 

3. – carelessness of everyone

    -  business

    -  human activity

    - researches

    - wish of higher standards of life

    - industry

    - poverty…

4. The text -  https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/15-current-environmental-problems.php







5. Group work




5.2. Brainstorming



5.3. Group work ( in five minutes each group pass their sheets clockwise and other groups add their decisions. In the end all groups have the same set of decisions)



6.  Group work
















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