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Multimedia. Its Role in our Life.

    Level A2+

    Duration - 1 hour 30 min.

     Learning outcomes for the lesson: by the end of the lesson student are supposed to be able to write an essay about means of multimedia, its advantages and disadvantages.

Introduction : “ Good morning. I am glad to see you. What is your favourite pastime? Do you know what is multimedia? Today we are going to get some information about it and see all its merits and demerits.     


            Learning outcomes                             

                Resources and exercises

1. Read the definition of the notion     ’’ multimedia” and name means of multimedia. Can we refer TV and books to multimedia? Why not?

2. Give examples of multimedia application in everyday life.


2.1. Choose the best headings to the parts of the text.


































3.Relate the information from the text with the people.





4. Compare the information from the text with that from the video. What is the difference?


4.1. Distinguish five main hazards of multimedia.


5. Decide if the following slide show is for or against computers and other means of multimedia. Prove your point of view.

5.1. Rate all advantages and disadvantages of multimedia from the most useful/ hazardous to the least ones.

5.2. Support one of the statements.


6. Generate some new ideas to support your choice.



7. Summing up. Try to predict the future of multimedia. Will it progress or decline? Prove your point of view.


8. Home assignment. Write a Letter to the Editor about the role of multimedia in the modern world or compose a computer presentation.

1.   Brainstorming.

Multimedia is any computer application that integrates text, graphics, animation, video, audio or other methods of communication.

2. Pair work



2.1. a. The history of multimedia

     b. Education and entertainment

     c. What is multimedia?

     d. Business and industry.

1. Multimedia is any computer application that integrates text, graphics, animation, video, audio or other methods of communication. Multimedia is different from television, books or CDs because it lets you interact with the application. You may click on a word to make picture appear or click on a picture to start a video.

2. Multimedia became more popular after the mid-1990-s when people started using it in industry, business, education, entertainment and for other purposes. Today we can find multimedia at home, in school, at work, in public places, such as libraries and on the Internet.

3. In business advertisers use virtual reality in multimedia applications to advertise their products in   3-D. Using multimedia for graphics and tables is now the best way for managers to present company results. In industry pilots learn to fly using multimedia simulations of real situations and scientists simulate experiments with dangerous chemicals in safety. Publishers are also producing interactive magazines called e- zines and e-books online

4. In education students study interactive CD-ROMs at their own speed and explore topics creatively by clicking on related links. Teenagers have played computer games for years. But many multimedia applications combine education and entertainment and they let people visit virtual words or change the ending of films.

( taken from Information Technology by Dinos Demetriades. Oxford University Press, 2010, p.21)

3. – advertisers

    - managers

    - pilots

    - scientists

    - teenagers

    - publishers






4.1. Pair work


5.  Slide show. https://www.slideshare.net/AbhishekPanda22/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-computer-70567894


5. 1.  Group work.




5.2. In the one part of the class room there is a sign  ’Multimedia is a bless’’ in the other- ’Multimedia is a curse’’.  Students move to this or that sign. (The brightest students stay somewhere in between).


6. Group work (according to their places near the signs).






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