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Урок " Travelling to London" - це урок узагальнення та систематизації знань з теми " Подорож. Лондон". Учням пропонується проглянути презентацію з визначними містами Лондону, та виконати різні види завдань. Учні повторюють та активізують використання вивченої лексики в усному мовленні, практикуються в читанні, працюють в парах, групах. Учні розширюють свої уявлення про Велику Британію та Лондон.

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  Відкритий урок у 6 класі за темою « Екскурсія по Лондону»


             “Travelling   To   London

Мета: повторити й активізувати лексику теми; продовжувати формувати     

           навички читання; розвивати вміння монологічного та діалогічного

           мовлення; вчити учнів працювати в парах, групах; розширити    

           уявлення учнів про визначні місця Лондону; виховувати інтерес

           до культури Англії.

Інноваційні технології: розвиток критичного мислення через бесіду, діалог,

           музичні хвилинки, «мозковий штурм».

Обладнання: підручник, зошит, словник, картки для самостійної роботи,      

           географічна карта Великої Британії, презентація « Подорож до



                                   Хід уроку:

І. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

1. Greeting. Привітання. Aim.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you!

Today I am going to invite you to one of the most famous and beautiful cities of Europe. It is London.  Look at the blackboard, please. Read the famous statement of Samuel Johnson. Translate this phrase.


                                     Записано на дошці:

             “ If you are tired of London you are tired of life”.

Samuel Johnson

T.:Давайте зараз спробуємо пояснити, чому Джонсон так сказав.

Pupils:  London is worth visiting. There are a lot of sights in London. People

cannot be tired of this city.

Teacher:  Yes, you are right. London is a city of strong customs and traditions. There are a lot of places to see and things to learn.

  • Have you been to London? Have you ever been to London? And you?
  • Would you like to visit London?


Діти відповідають на запитання пісні, та виконують пісню « Do you live in London?”

Do you live in London? Do you like it here?

Do you eat fish and chips? Do you watch TV?

Do you drive on the right side? Do you have a car?

Do you go to Oxford? Is it far?

Do you learn computers? Do you dance and sing?

Do you know Prince Charles? Do you know the Queen?

Do you like the Beatles? Do you play handball?

Please, tell us, tell us all!!!

T.: Thank you.


Teacher: But first of all we shall speak a little about the country.

And now answer the questions:

  1. What do you think about travelling?
  2. Why do people like to travel?
  3. How can people travel?
  4. How can we get to Great Britain?


Look at the map of this country and answer my questions:

  1. What is the official name of the country ?
  2. Where is it situated ?
  3. What parts does the UK consist of ?
  4. What are the capitals of these parts?
  5. What is the official language of Great Britain?
  6. Who is the head of Great Britain?
  7. What can you say about the population of the country ?
  8. What is the main river of Great Britain?
  9. You can see the Queen’s Guards in the photo. Where can we see the change of the Guards?


2. Warming up.

T.: Think and say which associations you have with the word “ London”.

      Your task is to name as many places to visit  in London as possible.

Pupils:       Trafalgar Square

                  The Tower of London

                  The Houses of Parliament

                  Big Ben

                  Westminster Abbey

                  Tower Bridge

                  Buckingham Palace

                  Baker Street


T.: You are right. And now let’s  start our trip around London. What kind of bus can we take? A famous double- decker. Londoners are very proud of their “big red buses”. People can sit upstairs and downstairs. Tourists like them very much.


ІІ. Main Part.

  1. Перегляд презентації “ Travelling to London”.

3,4 слайди – Now we are in London, the capital of Great Britain.

             Let’s begin our tour around London. It is situated on the river Thames.

             And here you can see the Tower Bridge.

5 cлайд – Now you can see the geographical centre of London – Trafalger Square.

             It is also a historical place.

6 слайд – In the middle of it there is the famous Nelson’s Column in memory of    

             Admiral Nelson’s victory at Trafalger.

7 слайд – We are in Westminster now. It is the most important part of London.

             Here you can see the Houses of Parliament.

8 слайд – It has two towers: the Clock Tower with Big Ben – the bell that strikes

             the hours inside the great clock of the Houses of Parliament.

9 слайд – And the second Tower is the Victoria Tower with the national flag

         over it.

10 слайд – Opposite the Houses of Parliament there is Westminster Abbey.

           It is a church.

11 слайд – Most of British Kings and Queens were crowned here,  and many

          famous people were buried [ berid] here, too.

12 слайд – Now let’s get off our bus and have a rest a little.  Another interesting

          sight is Hyde Park. It is the largest of London parks. And people like to

          have a rest here.  

13 слайд – Another famous place in London is the British Museum. It is the

           national museum of Britain. It has one of the world’s best collections

           of  decorative art.

14 слайд – Here there is also the National Gallery – an art gallery with its

           wonderfull collection of western paintings in Britain.

15 слайд – Now we go to the City,  which is a small area, but it is the business

           and the commercial heart of London.

16 слайд – Very few people live in the City. All the main banks and offices

           are situated in the City.

17 слайд – In the centre of the City there is the Tower of London. It was used as a

           fortress and a palace. Later, it was made a prison. At last, it was transformed

          into a museum. Now it contains no prisoners, it has the Crown treasures

          and legends.

18 слайд – Now you  can see the main cathedral in London – it is the St. Paul’s

Cathedral. It was designed in the 17th century by Christopher Wren.

19 слайд – St. Paul’s Cathedral is the main church of London. It is so big!

           Londoners treasure it because many famous people are buried here,

           Admiral Nelson, for example.

20 слайд – Now we are on Piccadilly Circus, it’s the busiest square in central

          London. It’s known for the Figure of Eros in the middle and for its nightlife.

21 слайд – And at the end of our tour around London you can see the most

          popular and attractive place for the tourists – the Buckingham Palace.

22 слайд – The Buckingham Palace is the London residence of the British Queen –

          Elizabeth. But the Queen likes to stay at her castles outside London.

23 слайд – Also here you can see the Queen’s Guards outside the Buckingham

           Palace. The Guards are changed every morning.


2.Vocabulary Revision.

T.:  I see you know quite a lot about London’s places to visit.

      Help me, please, name the odd word in each line:

  1. Museum, gallery, theatre, monument
  2. Beautiful, fantastic, famous, square
  3. London, Europe, Moscow, Oxford
  4. Park, stadium, street, capital
  5. The British Museum, Big Ben, the Dnieper
  6. King, queen, wax, guard


3.Take your cards. Read the sentences and complete them:

  1. …..  is the capital of Great Britain.
  2. …..  is the meeting point of six streets.
  3. …..  is the London home of the Queen.
  4. …..  is the seat of the British government.
  5. …..  is really a big bell.
  6. …..  is a museum now.
  7. …..  is a very democratic park.
  8. More than 7 million people….
  9. London stands on…..
  10.  Londoners call the underground…..


4.Listen and say if the statement is true or false:

  1. London is the capital of the UK. (T)
  2. The UK consists of three parts: England, Scotland and Wales. (F)
  3. The British Isles are washed by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean (T)
  4. Edinburgh is the capital of England. (F)
  5. Westminster is the historical part of London. (T)
  6. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen. (T)
  7. Madam Tussauds Museum is famous for its collection of pictures. (T)
  8. Parks and gardens in London are full of wax figures. (F)
  9. The City is the business centre of London. (T)
  10.  Daniel Defoe is famous for his detective stories. (F)
  11.  Conan Doyle wrote about Sherlock  Holmes. (T)

5.Making up the words. (The work with the cards in groups.)

   T.: You will make up the English words using the parts of the words. There must be 8 words.

squ           mus          to

build         sta           mo

eum          pal           wn

tou            um           nu

ment         ace           rist

ing            are           di

Keys ( town, square, museum, building, stadium, tourist, palace, monument)


6.Auding. Guess what place I will describe:

1. It is the London home of the Queen. Here we can see the change of the Guards at 11.30 every morning. (Buckingham Palace)

2.It is a royal church. The coronation of all British kings and queens takes place  there. (Westminster Abbey)

3.It is a very big castle. It is the oldest place. It was a castle, a palace, a zoo and a prison, but now it is a museum. (The Tower of London)

4.This famous place is situated in the centre of London. On the column in the

centre there is a statue of Admiral Nelson. (Trafalgar Square)

5.A lot of animals live there. (London Zoo)

6.It is the famous waxworks museum. You can see here popular actors and actresses, presidents and ministers, singers and sportsmen, and even the Queen and the Royal family. (Madame Tussauds Museum)

7.One of the famous clocks in the world. It’s a symbol of London and the UK. (Big Ben)


7.Extra. Doing the test. Самостійна робота, виконання теста.

   Контроль засвоєння лексичних навичок за темою, практикувати учнів в читанні. Робота з картками.

T.: Now we’ll have a test. It is about London’s sights. Read the sentences and fill in the gaps. There are 2 variants.

1 variant

As you know, London stands on the … Thames. London, the … of Great Britain, is a very old city. It … 2 thousand years old. Now London is a big port and a …city with large squares and … . About … million people live there.

Big Ben is really a bell. You can hear the sound of Big Ben every … . The clock and the bell got their … after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was a … man, whose nickname was Big … . So people know the clock as Big Ben.

We are at Buckingham Palace now. It is the London … of the Queen. If you see the Queen’s flag above the …, you will know she is staying at the palace. The tourists can see the ceremony of the Changing of the … at Buckingham Palace.


2 variant

Westminster Abbey is more than 9 hundred years old and is a very famous London … . The coronation of all British … and … takes place there.

The Houses of Parliament are … Westminster Abbey. This is the seat of the … Government. The large clock in one of the towers is … Ben.

This is Tower Bridge. It is one of the most famous … across the Thames. It opens and the …  go up and down the river Thames.

The Queen of Great Britain is … . Her husband is Duke of Edinburgh. They have 4 … : Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

You can’t see London’s places of interest in one visit. But you can … back again and again. London is always ready to … ,” Hello! Nice to see you!”

ІІІ. The end of the lesson. Giving the hometask.

T.: You have worked very well today. Good job! I see that you are good at English and you know well the sightseeing of London. Your marks are…….

Your hometask is to read the sentences from the cards and complete them.


T.: Our trip is over. And say , do you like London?

Do you want to visit London?

What place do you like to visit in London?

P.: I would like to visit…











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