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Урок в 3 класі за темою "Шкільне життя"

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Урок з активним використанням проектних технологій та мультимедійних засобів навчання. На уроці активізується раніше вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал по темі «Школа».

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Theme: “Welcome To School”

До НМК О.Карп’юк, Н.Когут “English 3”



  • to revise the vocabulary and use it in coherent speech;
  • to teach pupils to work in groups and individually;
  • to develop pupils’  reading, listening, speaking and writing skills;
  • to practice have got/has got  in affirmative and  interrogative forms;
  • to practice prepositions of time;
  • to encourage pupils to speak.


Equipment: a video, a multimedia presentation, a tape recorder with a cassette, cards, pictures.

The type of the lesson: the lesson of systematization and revision of knowledge




T: Good morning, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you!

Ps: Good morning! We are glad to see you too!

T: The theme of our lesson is “Welcome to School”. Today we’ll speak about a school and our school life. So let’s begin the lesson with the a nice poem about you, the brightest pupils in the world.

I like to read,

I like to play,

I like to study every day.

I’m good at English, Math and Sport,

The brightest pupil in the world.


To choose the motto of our lesson let’s revise the proverbs about studying. (Jigsaw sentences)

  •   never, too, to learn, it’s, late.
  •   power, knowledge, is.
  •   pain, gain, no, no.


P1: It’s never too late to learn.

P2: Knowledge is power..

P3: No pain, no gain.


  1.                      WARMING-UP



T: Children, most of your daytime you spend here, at school.What is school for you? What ideas, words and pictures come to your mind when you hear the word ‘SCHOOL’?




Sample Word List:

  • lesson,
  • break,
  • teacher,
  • subjects: Ukrainian, English, Music, Math, History, Sport, Reading, Russian, Nature Studies,Handicraft;
  • school things: a sharpener, a rubber, a notebook, a globe,  scissors, a board, a daybook, a ruler;
  • school  facilities: classroom, Assembly Hall , canteen,
  • interesting, comfortable, big, light, cosy, noisy, long, short



  1.     MAIN PART



T:  Good of you! I see you’ve got lots of ideas about school.Now we’ll see if you are ready for school and how well you know all school things you need at school. Your task is to match the picture and the word and unscramble this word on the blackboard.



















pencil case

cilnep seca



T:  And what have you got in your schoolbags? (Pupils name all school things they’ve got  in their bags)

Sample answer:

In my schoolbag I’ve got some books, many exercise-books, a daybook, a pencil case with  many pens, crayons, a ruler, a rubber and a sharpener.



T: Childen! When do you usually pack your school bag?  Does anybody help you do it? (Pupils’ answers)



Now you’ll see an English girl telling about the things in her schoolbag. Watch and listen to her attentively and try to remember everything she’s got in her schoolbag.


P: The girl has got ….


T: Well, I see you are ready to go to school. These are your school bus passes, because today we are going to school by bus. Write down your name and surname on the pass and let’s start our journey with a song!

Ps: The wheels on the bus go round and round,

round and round, round and round,

The wheels on the bus go round and round

all day long.

The people on the bus go up and down,

 up and down, up and down,

The people on the bus go up and down

all day long.



T: At last we are at school. How many days do you go to school?  (Pupils’ answer)

To revise the weekdays let’s hold a small competition between two teams.

(Pupils get cards with weekdays)

  •               The task for the 1st  team is to make up a Ukrainian week.
  •               The task for the 2nd team is to make up an  English week.

Wednesday - Saturday - Monday - Friday - Tuesday - Sunday – Thursday

  •                  The task for the captains of the teams is to complete the words:
    1. M_n_a_
    2. T_e_d_y
    3. W_d_e_d_y
    4. T_u_s_a_
    5. F_i_a_
    6. S_t_r_a_
    7. S_n_a_


T: Now  let’s sing a song “Days of the Week”! (Pupils sing a song)


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Sunday comes again!



T: Look at the screen and  name all school subjects pupils study a t school.

Ps: English, Math, Reading, Music, Sport, Handicraft……


T: Now open your daybooks and  look at your time-table.

  • How many lessons have you got on Monday?(, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • What lessons have you got on Tuesday? (Friday, Thursday)
  • What days have you got English? (Math, Music, Reading)
  •   What’s your favourite day of the week?
  •   What’s your favourite lesson? Why?



T: Ask each other about your favourite lesson and why you like it.

Sample dialogue:

P1:  What’s your favourite lesson?

P2:  My  favourite lesson is Music.

P1: Why do you like it?

P2: I like it because I’m good at singing and plying the piano.



T: So, everybody has his favourite subject. And now you’ll watch a video. It’s a little interview with famous sportsmen about their favourite subjects at school.



T: While watching try to remember all their favourite subjects and be ready to name the most favourite one.


Video Song “Clap Your Hands”


Role Play

T:  Now you’ll  be journalists and take an interview. Who wants to be our school star and answer the questions about your school life?


Sample questions:

  • What’s your favourite day of the week?
  • What’s your favourite subject?
  • What do you usually do at your favourite lesson?
  • What time do you usually go to school?
  • What time do you usually  go home after school?
  • What time do you usually  do your lessons?
  • How many lessons have you got a day?



“My Ideal Time-Table”,     “My School Week”

The Time-table Of My Dream”



Doing on-the-spot group projects.


Walking around the classroom pupils collect paper strips with school rules and stick them to a big sheet of paper.

Group 1 “MUST School Rules”

Group 2 “MUSTN’T School Rules”

Presentation of group projects.


  1.      HOME TASK

T: On the back side of your bus passes you can see a story with missing words. Fill in gaps and retell this story or make up your own story about school day.


Wash, starts, breakfast, bed, have, football, watch, wake, teeth, Tuesday, go, homework


I usually ……. up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

I ………my face and clean my ……

Then I dress and   have my ……

My school …. at 9 o’clock in the morning.

I usually … 5 lessons every day.

When lessons are over, I  … home and have dinner.

I do  my    at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

On …. I go to ………club.

In the evening I …  TV and go to … at 9 o’clock.



  1.         SUMMING-UP

T: At the end of our lesson let’s sing a merry song to make spirits for the rest of the day.

I’ve got the joy,joy, joy, joy

Down in my heart/3

I’ve got the joy,joy, joy, joy

Down in my heart

Down in my heart to stay.

And I’m so happy, so very happy

I’ve got the love of Jesus in my heart 








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