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Авторська розробка уроку

за темою: «My Leisure Time»

в 4 класі

Учебник  Fly High

By Jeanne Perret and Charlotte Corill

(Pearson )










Theme:  Free Time


1) to develop communicative approach in speaking.

2) to exercise all kinds of language skills.

3) to practice  the construction  you can…

4) to expand students outlook & enrich their knowledge through collaborative work.

5) to encourage students’ creative skills.

6) to develop memory, imagination, logical thinking.


Equipment: a CD player, Class CD, multimedia-projector, student`s projects, Fly High SB, flashcards.


 slide 1

1) Greeting

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\1 Welcome_0001.jpg

T:  Good morning, children!

Ps: Good morning, good Morning,

      Good morning to you!

      Good morning, good morning

      I am glad to see you!


T:  How Are You Today?

Ps: We Are Fine, Thank You.


T:  So, let`s work hard & remember our motto:

Ps: Good, bettеr, best,

      Never rest

      Till good be better

      And better best.


2) Aim: Look at the pictures. What is the theme of our lesson?

( Free time)



3) Warm up:

Right you are. And what do you like to do in your free time? Let`s recite the poem.


What do you like?

I like many things.

Which do you like best?

Try to guess!

You like birthdays, celebrations, holidays & rest.

Right! And what about you?

Just the same I guess.


4) Vocabulary.

a) Words connected with free time.

T:There is an English proverb «All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy». It means that people  should have fun after hard work or they become both bored & boring. There are a lot of places to go & have fun.                                                              

Look at the blackboard & match the words with the pictures.



 Library                                      Ice rink                                            Zoo

 Cinema Skateboard park

 Shopping mall Sports centre

 Swimming pool Restaurant

 Amusement park Mountains

 Museum Snack bar


b) Quick filler. Riddle. Now you can see there`s one more picture here. Try to guess what it is

                                                                     slide 2



I can`t sing but you can listen to music on me. Slide 3

I can`t take photos but you can look at photos on me.

      I can`t watch films but you can watch DVDs on me. I can`t write but you can write e-mails on me.What Am I?  (A Computer) T: Right.  It`s a computer. Do you like playing computer games?





C) The odd words out.

 What Are The Odd Words Out?

A) Ice Rink         B) Sports Centre        C) Computer                  D) Skateboard Park

A) Museum         B) Cinema                 C) Amusement Park      D) Shopping Mall

A) Café               B) Restaurant             C) Mountains                D) Snack Bar

A) Swim              B) Do Homework     C) Play Football            D) Rollerblade

A) Read Books    B) Watch TV            C) Ski                            D) Play Computer Games

A) a book             B)a bike                    C)skis                            D) A skateboard




5. Listening.

 Listen To Three Dialogues. Where Are The People?



A: It's beautiful.

B: Yes, it's got fantastic eyes.

A: And really strong legs.

B: Yes, I wouldn't like to meet that in the jungle.

A: No way.

B: Hey, it's nearly five o'clock. The dolphin show starts at half past.

A: Okay, let's go.


A: So what do you want to see?

B: I don't know.

A: What about Screen 3?

B: No .. . I don't like Orlando Bloom.

A: Oh, I think he's lovely. What about Screen 6?

B: Dracula? No, I don't like horror films ... Maybe a comedy?

A: Screen 4 ... Eddie Murphy. He's funny.

B: No, I hate Eddie Murphy ... maybe we ...


A: Come on.

B: No, I can 't do this.

A: Yes, you can. Here, hold my hand.

B: It's okay for you, you go to classes.

A: Come on. Okay?

B: Well, yeah, yeah, it's quite easy really…. ah!

A: Are you okay?

B: Yeah, I'm okay. Wow, this ice is cold. Can we stop for a moment?

Answers: 1 zoo 2 cinema 3 ice rink.

6. Speaking.  Pair work.

T: You see there are a lot of places to go and things to do in your free time.

Listen to your friends, choose places for the situations & give each other advice.

Example. T: I like shopping! Where should I go? Ps: Go to the supermarket.


P1: I love reading.    -                       P2: Go to the library.

P3: I`m into films.       -                    P4: Go to the cinema.

P5: I like paintings & statues   -       P6: Go to the museum.

P7: I love swimming   -                    P8: Go to the swimming pool.

P9: I`m bored.    -                             P10: Go to the amusement park.

P11: I like skating    -                       P12: Go to the ice rink.

P13: I`m into skateboarding   -         P1: Go to the skateboard park.

P2: I like rock climbing   -                P3: Go to the mountains.

P4:  It`s my mother`s birthday. -       P5: Go to the restaurant.

P6: I`m into sport & exercise  -         P7: Go to the sports centre.

P8: I need some food for a picnic. -  P9: Go to the shopping mall.

P10: I`m hungry   -                            P11: Go to the snack bar. 

P12: I like animals    -                        P13: Go to the zoo.






7. Relaxing pause

slide 4

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\4 song where are you going to _0001.jpg
8. Reading « A Weekend in Britain». People spend their free time in different ways. Now let`s learn what people in Britain do at weekends. Text p98                                                  Slide 5


Pre-reading  activity:

Look at the pictures & say what you can see in each one.

While-reading activity:

Listen and read the text.

After-reading activity:

Answer the questions.

What are people doing on Saturday?

Where can you watch films?

What can you see in the museum?

What are beautiful?

Name three things you can buy at the market.

Where is it quiet?

What is in the library?

9. Writing.

What  can you do in these places? Write.

1 shopping mall: You can go shopping

2 library:

3 museum:

4 market:

5 cinema:




10. Presentation of the students` projects.

Pupil 1 : My name is Dasha.

I love winter sports. I like tobogganing.

I`m very good at it.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\11 Даша Орлюк_0001.jpgslide 6

Pupil 2: My name is Masha. I like  travelling and visiting museums.

I learn lots of new things. I can see many interesting toys, animals, paintings and statues. It`s great.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\12 Маша_0001.jpgslide 7





Pupil 3: My name is Valeria.

I love ice skating and skiing.

I sometimes go to the ice rink on Saturday.

In winter I go to the village and ski with my friends.

I`m very good at skating and skiing. It`s good fun.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\13 Лера_0001.jpgslide 8


Pupil 4: My name is Vlad. I like riding a bike, skateboarding and rollerblading. It`s fun. Summer is the time to play.

I`m fond of playing computer games. It`s cool.


g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\14 Влад_0001.jpgslide 9

Pupil 5:  My name is Angelina. I`m fond of swimming. In summer I go to the cinema  with my mum. We go to the beach and to the mountains. It`s good to get lots of fresh air.

             slide 10

                               g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\15 Ангелина_0001.jpg


Pupil 6: My name is Dasha. I`m into skiing. I`m  happy then I`m doing it. In summer my family likes having a picnic. We go to the park, take lots of food and then play games.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\16 Даша Борисова_0001.jpgslide 11
Pupil 7: My name is Maksym. I like cycling and fishing. At the weekend my dad and I go to the river & fish.

In summer we go to the mountains. I like climbing too.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\17 Максим_0001.jpgslide 12


11. Group work. Reading and Writing

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\6 Картинка зебра.jpgslide 13

T:Who is this?

Where is Ziggy now?

Ziggy wanted to ring us but he dropped  his mobile phone into the Black Sea. So he  sent us a message in the bottle.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\7 message in a bottle.JPGslide 14

Some words are not clear because sea water spoilt them. Try to read the message and fill in the missing information.

Work in groups, then read the message.

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\8 Letter from Ziggy.jpgslide 15

T: Is Ziggy lucky?

12. Song «Lucky Ziggy».

g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\9 Lucky Ziggy_0001.jpgslide 16


13.Homework: Ex. 2 p 98.

14. Summing-up:

I`m pleased with your work. You are active, hard-working and bright. Your marks are…

Our  friend  Ziggy is lucky , because he is on holiday , and you are lucky too, because you weekend starts today.  Goodbye, children. Have a nice weekend!

 Slide 17

                       g:\Секреты Работы\Открытый урок 2012\10 Goodbye_0001.jpg





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