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Урок "World Wonders" (9 Form)

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Конспект уроку-пари в 9 класі у супроводі мультимедійної презентації. НМК "Oxford Team" (III)
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ТЕМА: World Wonders. Speaking/Writing Control (Дива світу. Контроль говоріння / письма). 9F


МЕТА: Проконтролювати та оцінити рівень говоріння та письма. 



навчальні: повторити лексичний матеріал, проконтролювати та оцінити рівень навичок говоріння та письма;

розвиваючі: розвивати в учнів навички аудіювання з метою вилучення певної інформації, розвивати в учнів навички діалогічного мовлення, розвивати в учнів навички висловлювання власної думки;

виховні: виховувати в учнів правила представлення доповіді, поваги до культури інших країн та народів.


ОЧІКУВАНИЙ РЕЗУЛЬТАТ: після даного уроку учні зможуть

ЗНАТИ: лексичний матеріал за сферою спілкування, країнознавчий матеріал за сферою спілкування, правила представлення доповіді.

ВМІТИ: доречно застосовувати лексичний матеріал за темою, вилучати певну інформацію з прослуханого матеріалу, вести діалог, представляти доповідь у супроводі мультимедійної презентації.


ОБЛАДНАННЯ: НМК “Oxford Team - 3”, Class CD, роздатковий матеріал,  DVD-програвач, комп’ютер, мультимедійний екран.


ТИП УРОКУ: Урок контролю та оцінки рівня засвоєння змісту освіти. 





Slide 1

T: Good morning, dear pupils. As usual, at the end of each term we have a lesson devoted to the control of your speaking and writing skills. You know that we can evaluate your skills in any topic of the current term. And today, we’ll deal with World Wonders.

Is everybody present today? – Well. So, we start.



Постановка  мети уроку, мотивація 

Slide 2

T: The aim of the lesson is to check up and grade your speaking and writing skills. To reach the aim we will brush up you vocabulary knowledge, practise and train your listening skills, train and improve dialogue speaking. And then you’ll have to demonstrate your skills in reporting and writing.

Slide 3

T: Speaking about World Wonders people usually imagine themselves near these sites, they dream about visiting remarkable objects. And, as you understand, sightseeing is closely connected to travelling. On the Slide you can see a quotation. How can you explain or translate it?

 Well, thanks a lot. And to promote your activity at this lesson I have to tell you that the marks you’ll get during the lesson will influence directly your term and, hence, year marks in English.



  1. Vocabulary Brush-up

Slide 4

T: To prepare for checking and evaluating your skills, let’s brush up the vocabulary. When speaking or writing about sightseeing we need to know the words regarding sightseeing objects. So, look at the Slide and try to match pictures with the words.

Slide 5

T: And now, let’s activate vocabulary usage. On the Slide, there are several breaking news from mass media. Read them and fill in the gaps.

  1. The dreadful fire in Notre Dame Cathedral produced an enormous emotional reaction.
  2. Members of the Royal Family have gathered at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the investiture of the Prince of Wales.
  3. The bridge currently has 3 traffic lanes connecting Pechersk to the Left Bank.
  4. The soccer stadium will have a capacity of roughly 40,000 seats.
  5.  A 73-storey skyscraper will become the tallest building in London's financial district.
  6. The Khotyn fortress is a real masterpiece of the fortification architecture. It is also one of the biggest in Europe.

Well done! And now we’re ready to continue our work.

Slide 6

  1. Ancient Wonders

T: Do you know any ancient wonders? Look at the Slide and try to recollect where they are situated. Tell us if you have ever been there. Would you like to visit them? Use the prompts on the Slide:

Picture ___ presents ______. It is situated in _____. I’ve never been there. I think it would be interesting to see ___. I think it’s ___ (incredible, fantastic, great). 

Macchu Picchu, The Great Sphinx, The Taj Mahal, The Coliseum, The Great Wall

India, Egypt, China, Peru, Italy

Well, I think we're ready to listen to several reports prepared by your teacher and your classmates. Listen to attentively, make notes and be ready to discuss them.

Slide 7

  1. Teacher’s Report

T: As for me, to travel means to live. As Dalai Lama said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”. And I try to follow this advise. Another quotation on the Slide says, “Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you in a storyteller”. Try to explain or translate this opinion.  (Путешествие делает тебя безмолвным, а потом превращает в рассказчика). Well, and now I’m going to tell you about world wonders I’ve seen.

Slide 8

To begin with, I’d like to draw your attention to the ancient wonders. The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest one in the Giza pyramid complex. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a limestone statue of a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. The Museum of Cairo is home to a collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It has 120,000 items.  

Slide 9

Another Egyptian wonder is Luxor. Luxor is frequently characterized as the "world's greatest open-air museum", where tourists can see the ruins of the temple complexes. By the way, at the top picture you can see one of the twin obelisks of Luxor. The second one is now standing at the centre of the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

 Slide 10

Petra is a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan. It is believed that Petra was established in the 4th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom. The first European to describe it was Swiss traveller Johann Ludwig Burckhardt during his travels in 1812. You may have seen shots of Petra because the site appeared in films such as: Indiana Jones, Arabian Nights,  Mortal Kombat, Transformers.

Slide 11

Next, I’ll draw your attention to the wonders of medieval architecture. And castles represent it greatly. One of them is the Wawel Royal Castle which is located in central Kraków, Poland. It consists of a number of structures situated around the main courtyard. The castle is the largest in Poland. Another example of castle architecture is Český Krumlov. It’s a castle town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

Slide 12

It shouldn’t go without mention different historical and religious objects. On the Slide there are some of the most well-known. Three of them are located in Jerusalem which is believed to be the heart of three world religions. They’re the Church of Resurrection (Christianity), Al-Aqsa Mosque (Islam) and Wailing Wall (Judaism). And at the bottom of the Slide famous Notre-Dam de Paris is presented.

Slide 13

And to finish my report I’d like to mention some wonders of modern architecture. First, the Pompidou Centre is a complex building in Paris which was designed in the style of high-tech architecture. It is famous for its communications which are located outside the building. And, finally, Azrieli Center. It’s a complex of three skyscrapers. They’re well-known for the unusual form. One of  them is triangular, the second is rectangular, and the third is round in the section.

  1.          Students’ Reports

Slide 14

  1.          Discussion

Chose any object which impressed you most of all. Report the information about it. Use the prompts on the Slide.

Information about ____________ impressed me most of all. _________ is a ______. It is located in _________. It’s famous for _______. I’d like to visit it. It’s my great ambition.

  1.          Writing Control

T: The next part of our lesson is devoted to Writing Control. You have to demonstrate your skills in writing leaflets with the information for tourists. Everybody will get the individual writing test. The task is to fill in the gaps with the missing information.



The Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge was (1) ____________ in the 1930s. It (2) ____________ over San Francisco Bay in the (3) ____________. Its total (4) ____________ is about 2,737 metres. It is painted (5) ____________ and has soft lightening.

The Maracana Statium. The Maracana Stadium is in Rio de Janeiro in (6) ____________. It opened in 1950 for the (7) ____________. There are underground  (8) _____________ rooms in the stadium. Today the Maracana is still the (9) ____________ stadium in the world. Officially, it can hold 125,000 (10) ___________.

The Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House in (11) ____________ was completed in the 1970s. Today it is the busiest performing (12) _______________ centre in the world. There are different (13) ____________ and halls in the building. The Sydney Opera House is famous for its dramatic roof, which is made of (14) ____________. The entire building (15) ____________ 161,000 tonnes!

The London Eye. The London Eye is the world’s largest (16) _____________. It is also (17) __________ beautiful new landmark. People ride on the wheel in (18) __________ “capsules”. The wheel can take 1,500 (19) __________ every hour. On a clear day you can see as far as 40 (20) __________.

World Cup, theatres, Australia, biggest, crosses, kilometers, wheel, orange, USA, arts, Brazil, concrete, glass, length, weighs, Britain’s, passengers, built, fans, dressing.

Slide 15


  1.          Feedback.

T: As a famous American singer Louis Armstrong sang, “… what a wonderful world”. Look at the Slide and chose any quotation you like most of all. Read them. Explain or translate.

  1. Marks Comment


The next lesson will be devoted to the summer holidays. So, the task is to prepare not less than 5 questions for the classmates about their plans for summer.

Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

WORLD WONDERS Speaking / Writing Control

Номер слайду 2

AIM: to check up and grade students’ speaking and writing skills TASKS: to demonstrate skills of report making4to brush up vocabulary skills 1to practise and train listening skills 2to induce and improve dialogue speaking3to demonstrate writing skills 5

Номер слайду 3

St. Augustine

Номер слайду 4

SIGHTSEEING OBJECTS: Fortress. Cathedral. Palace. Bridge. Castle. Skyscraper. Stadium 1234567

Номер слайду 5

stadium, fortress, palace, bridge, cathedral, skyscraper. The dreadful fire in Notre Dame ____ produced an enormous emotional reaction. The Royal Family have gathered at Buckingham ___ to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the investiture of the Prince of Wales. The ____ currently has 3 traffic lanes connecting Pechersk to the Left Bank. The soccer _____ will have a capacity of roughly 40,000 seats. A 73-storey _____ will become the tallest building in London's financial district. The Khotyn ____ is a real masterpiece of the fortification architecture. It is also one of the biggest in Europe.

Номер слайду 6

ANCIENT WONDERS13245 Picture ___ presents ______. It is situated in _____. I’ve never been there. I think it would be interesting to see ___. I think it’s ___ (incredible, fantastic, great). Macchu Picchu. The Great Sphinx. The Taj Mahal. The Coliseum. The Great Wall India, Egypt, China, Peru, Italy

Номер слайду 7


Номер слайду 8

ANCIENT WONDERS: Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)The Pyramid of Cheops. The Great Sphinx. Inside the pyramid. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Номер слайду 9

ANCIENT WONDERS: Luxor (Egypt)Ruins of the temple complex. Colossi of Memnon. Ruins of the Temple of. Hatshepsut. Placede la. Concorde,Paris

Номер слайду 10

ANCIENT WONDERS: Petra (Jordan) Al Khazneh (The Treasury)

Номер слайду 11

CASTLESWawel Castlein Krakow,Poland Český Krumlov

Номер слайду 12

RELIGIOUS OBJECTS the Church of the Resurrection. Al-Aqsa Mosque. Wailing Wall. Notre-Dame. Cathedral

Номер слайду 13

MODERN STRUCTURES Pompidou Centre,Paris. Azrieli. Center,Tel-Aviv. The view fromthe height

Номер слайду 14

REPORT DISCUSSION Information about ____________ impressed me most of all. _________ is a ______. It is located in _________. ______ is famous for _______. I’d like to visit _______. It’s my great ambition.

Номер слайду 15

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow. They'll learn much more than I'll never know. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

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