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Урок з англійської мови для учнів 5-х класів з теми "My Family"

Про матеріал
Урок з англійської мови для учнів 5-х класів з теми "My Family" містить завдання з чотирьох видів мовленнєвої діяльності а також цікаві види завдань для роботи в парах та групах.
Перегляд файлу

Form 5.Family

Objectives: -to practice vocabulary;

-to develop listening, reading and speaking                       skills;

-to revise grammar (Comparatives and        Superlatives)

-to develop critical thinking;

-to encourage pupils to study English

Equipment: worksheets, cards, a laptop and presentation.

The Procedure of the Lesson

1. Greeting

-Good –morning, pupils!

-Good-morning teacher!

-Nice to meet you!

-Nice to meet you too!

 Teacher: Take your seats and be ready for the lesson.

Be active



2. Warming up. Well, the topic of our lesson is “Family”

-What is family?

Look at the screen and make up sentences.

Family is- love       force                support

                 help        respect              kindness

                 care        understanding   treasure

Nice. Thank you

3. Phonetic Drills. Now, let’s revise family words. Watch the video attentively, listen and repeat the words.

4. Guess the words. Pre –listening task

e.g. The father of your mother is your…

5. Listening Comprehension

Listen about Luisa’s family, try to remember the names of her relatives

6. Matching. Match the names with her family members. Post-listening task

Now let’s check

7. Team Work. Circle the adjectives describing personality.

Let’s check. Pre -reading task

8. Reading Comprehension. Read the text about the Smiths family and do the task

9. True or False (post-reading task)

10. Speaking. Now it’s time to describe your relatives. It was your hometask

11. Grammar Point. Comparatives and Superlatives. Revision.

12. Team Work. Word Search.

Your task is to find15 family words hiding in this word search. Do it in teams.

-Well how many words have you found?

13. Hometask

-Your hometask for tomorrow is to fill in the gaps in the text.

Our lesson is going to the end. Remember “Family is where life begins and love never ends”

14. Let’s finish our lesson with a family song.

15. Summarizing.

Well, all of you were active, smart and curious. You tried to do your best. Your marks are….

-Good-buy! Have a nice day!


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