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Урок з теми "Їжа" 5 клас

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Урок- закріплення„ Traditional dishes of different countries ” для 5 класу з використанням методу проектів
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Відкритий урок                                                                      28.11.18

Тема:  „ Їжа” 

Підтема : „  Traditional dishes of different countries   

Тип уроку: Урок контролю та оцінювання знань учнів.


Задачі  уроку:



--  Провести контроль оволодіння учнями мовною і мовленнєвою

    компетенцією в межах вивченої теми.




  • підвищувати загальну культуру спілкування;
  • формувати в учнів розуміння мови як засобу спілкування;
  • навчити учнів писати




  • розвивати творчий потенціал учнів на основі використання аналізу синтезу узагальнення систематизації;
  • розвивати фонетичний слух, мовну здогадку, творчі здібності та здатність самостійно планувати мовленнєві дії.




  • виховувати самостійність, активність, працьовитість, толерантність;
  • виховувати   культуру  спілкування  та  повагу до  думки співрозмовника.





Підручник  А.Несвіт  Our  English  5 form, Київ, „Генеза”, 2013р, магнітофон, дошка, малюнки, роздаткові картки, смарт-дошка, паперова корзинка, індюшка, кольорові долоньки

Plan of the lesson


І. Організаційний момент . Beginning  of  the  lesson

Greeting. Introduction.


  • T. Good afternoon, dear children!  Nice to see you again. Take your seats. Today we are going to sum up the results of  learning the topic “Food” ( speaking, listening, writing, reading) .You should prepare projects about food in different countries such as: Ukraine, Great Britain, USA and  know about food of  Native Americans. Today if  your answer is correct you’ll get a smile-sticker. At the end of the lesson we’ll count smiles.


ІІ. Введення в іншомовну атмосферу.Warm-up (5 minutes)


  1. Teacher and kids sing “Hello song”—greeting  song

Вчитель та діти співають та виконують рухи під музику.


  1. Guess the riddles  - I have a basket.  You have to put some food into the basket but what food you have to guess.  Take the envelope and guess the riddles about food. Students take the riddles by turn— one participant from the team.


  1.    It’s a vegetable. It’s round and yellow.

       It makes you cry when you try.  (An onion)


  1.   It's a long, orange vegetable. Rabbits like it.

      (A carrot)


  1.   It’s white. You like to drink it.

       We get it from the cow.  ( milk)


  1.   It’s not a vegetable, not a fruit.

        It is cold and sweet. It is made of milk. (An ice-cream)


  1.   It’s oval and green.

         It’s a vegetable. (A cucumber).


6) It is long and yellow fruit. It is sweet and tasty. It grows in the tree.

         Monkeys like to eat it. (A banana).


7) It is a vegetable. It is red.

       (A tomato).

8)  You can drink it hot or cold. It can be green, black, white and red. (tea)




  1. Watching and Listening!

Last Thursday Americans celebrated Thanks giving Day—holiday of friendship, harvest, support and kindness.  Today we will do some tasks  about this holiday.

Watch the video about history of  Thanksgiving Day and answer  some questions on turn by teams.

1) Where were pilgrims from? (UK or GB or England)

2) What was the name of the rock? (Plymouth rock)

3) What did pilgrim do in spring? ( They planted corn, vegetables, fished and hunted on turkey.)

4) Who helped pilgrims to survive-taught  them to fish and hunt? (Indians—Native Americans)


4.Writing  “Turkey Advertisements” (Individual work) 10 minutes


First will be about main Thanksgiving dish—turkey. It’s a symbol of this holiday.


Imagine you are a turkey and Thanksgiving is coming soon.

Now, you really don’t want to be chosen for the dinner table. Write a speech explaining why your partner is better choice for the dinner table. Teacher  listens 1-2 students from the team.


Why I am a bad choice


Why my partner is a good choice






5.Фізкультхвилинка. Let’s have a rest.  5 minutes


Well, I see you are a little tired. Let’s have a rest and  sing a song




Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you

Let's all say thank-you

We will all say thank-you

On this special day

 Thank-you, thank –you, thank-you

 Let's all say thank-you

 On Thanksgiving Day!


 Many, many years ago

 When pilgrims first arrived

 Crops were small, this made it all

 A challenge to survive

 In honor of their hard work

 They all gathered 'round and dined

 And gave their thanks

at harvest time

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you

Let's all say thank-you

We will all say thank-you

On this special day

 Thank-you, thank –you, thank-you

 Let's all say thank-you

 On Thanksgiving Day!


We celebrate this holiday

 With friends and family

 And thank the Lord for all our gifts

 This joyful jubilee

There's turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie

 Enough for everyone

Let's eat and drink and have some fun


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you

Let's all say thank-you

We will all say thank-you

On this special day

 Thank-you, thank –you, thank-you

 Let's all say thank-you

 On Thanksgiving Day!


6. Defending projects  “Traditional dishes of different countries” ( Метод проектів) Team work  15 minutes

Students were divided into 4 teams by teacher earlier and prepared projects together. First team—find and learn material about Ukrainian food, second one—about—American food, third one—about British food and last one—about food which Native American eat.

Pupils tell about different meals in Ukraine, UK, USA and food which Native American eat.

Examples of  students’ texts.

Traditional American Food

Americans eat a lot. They have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most of Americans don't eat home but prefer to go to restaurants. They can choose from many kind of restaurants. There is a great number of ethnic restaurants in the United States. Italian, Chinese and Mexican food is very popular. An American institution is the fast food restaurant, which is very convenient but not very healthy.

However there are some principles of American cuisine (if we may call it so). Americans drink a lot of juices and soda, eat a lot of meat, fruits and vegetables, not much bread. In the morning Americans have cereal or scrambled eggs, milk or orange juice.

Chicken or fish, fried potatoes, vegetable salads, and desert: this is the most common menu for lunch. Dinner is probably the most important meal of the day, some people have family dinner, when all members of family have to be there.

For dinner Americans usually have meat, fried or baked potatoes with ketchup or sour cream, corn, peas, sometimes macaroni and cheese or spaghetti; ice-cream, fruit or cake may be for dessert.

Turkey, ham and apple pie are traditional for Christmas and Thanksgiving Day dinners.


Various seafood, especially fish, played an important dietary role in the Northeast and Pacific regions Of USA. Meat was the central dietary ingredient for the Indians of the Midwestern plains, where large herds of buffalo roamed. Deer and rabbits were also hunted. Native tribes of the Northeast hunted elk, moose, and bears.

Corn has always been a sacred food for Native Americans. Different tribes have different names for corn, but all of them mean "life." Corn was the most important dietary staple. It was served at almost every meal. Ears of corn were boiled or roasted over a fire. Corn was also pounded into flour and then cooked as cereal (mush) or baked in bread. Native Americans were also the first people to cook popcorn.

Meals and Cooking in Ukraine
The Ukrainians have meals four times a day and their cuisine is quite varied.1) breakfast.... .. is the first meal of the day. It is usually light - bread with  butter or kasha (cereal) with milk. Some people may have pancakes with coffee or tea. Some people even eat soup but, of course, sandwiches and coffee are very popular. (2 )Lunch ... is usually in the middle of the day. It is (3 ). the biggest meal..... of the day. It includes ( 4 ) . three courses •...... People have a starter (salad, cheese, etc.), soup, steaks, chops or ( 5 ) .. • fish fillets with a side dish •......a lot of bread and something to drink like (6) .... compote •.... A t four or five the Ukrainians may have something for (7) ... a snack.. :cakes with juice, tea or something of the kind. (8) . dinner... ,. in Ukraine means one more big meal at seven.
English Meals
English people usually have four (1) .. meals... during the day: breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper. At about 8 o’clock in the morning people have (2) . breakfast..... . They eat porridge or cornflakes with (3) milk..... or sugar, fried or boiled (4) .. eggs... with bacon, bread and butter or toast with (5) . marmalade...., or jam and a (6) . cup.... of tea. At 12 o’clock the English have (7) ... lunch... . They like to eat fish and (8) . chips.........., potatoes, beans, carrots, cabbage or peas. People usually drink tea, coffee, juice or lemonade (9). Schoolchildren have their lunch in the school canteen. Some children bring their (10) packed lunch..... with sandwiches and fruit.
At about 5 o’clock the English have (11) ... tea .. with milk, a cake or a (12) ... roll.. with jam.The English have the evening meal, (13) dinner ..... or supper, at 7 o’clock. People usually have a (14) . plate.... of soup, meat or (15) . chicken.... with vegetables, cheese, tinned fruit, ice cream or an apple pie.

III. Summing --up


1.Reflexion. Making “a Thankful turkey” 10 minutes


At the end of our lesson I want that we say thanks for everything we have today: family, food, friends, home, clothes, school and others. Children write their thanks on colored paper in the shape of their hands. Then they come to board, read and hang their paper-hands. As a result they will make a turkey’s tail. I am thankful for ….. Teacher says : I am thankful for such children I have.


T. Well, today you have worked very well. I am thankful for your great job. Let’s count our smiles. You were great and I’ll put  you only excellent marks. You are free now, see you tomorrow!!!





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