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Урок за темою "Спорт"

Про матеріал
План-конспект уроку з англійської мови за темою "Спорт" для учнів 4 класу. Урок-повторення матеріалу, також можна використати як доповнення до теми про здоровий спосіб життя. Проведений мною після проходження курсу "Вчителі англійської мови-агенти змін"
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Open lessons



Lesson 1

Topic: Sport

Form: 4 B

Date: 16 November, 2016


by the end of the lesson students would be able to:

-revise and use the target vocabulary

-read, summarize and retell information

- discuss the text and construct its parts in logical order

-compare their answers to the original text

-listen to interviews for specific information

-explain their points of view

-mingle and gather information

-share the answers they have collected


Class Books Work Book –Family and Friends 4;

I Tools for Family and Friends 4;

Presentation with pictures;

Papers with questions for survey;

Carton cards for giving points to students;

List of words from the song to make PE.


Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity




Beginning of the lesson

a. Greetings

b. Warming-up

-Look at the board and unscramble the phrase. After setting the instructions and ICQ show the scrambled phrase.


Ask students to work individually and in 1 minute write as many answers to this question as they can.

Let students read their answers one by one. Don’t let them repeat the answers.

Praise the longest list with 4 points.



Say good morning and that they are glad to see the teacher.


b. They look at the board and try to guess the phrase.



Students write list of things they do to keep fit on a piece of paper.



Read their answers one by one, do not repeat the answer if they’ve heard it from the classmate.


Start the lesson.






Provide interest by usage of scrambling phrase.

Remember what students do to keep fit.




Share answers.


Whole class










Open class








Let students to guess the topic of the lesson. Praise any attempts with points.


Guessing the topic. Possible answers-Keeping fit. Being healthy.



Lead to the lesson’s topic.

Whole class




  1. Ask students to say what they see. Show them a presentation with target vocabulary on screen.
  2. The same phrases are printed on the board. Set the task to read them and make a sentence.


  1. They simply read the phrases, they’ve learnt at the previous lessons to revise them.
  2. Students read the phrases and produce their own sentences with them.


Revise the phrases students had learnt before and use them in sentences.


Open class







Jigsaw reading


Show a picture of tennis rockets and ask what sport I meant.


Arrange students in 2 teams of 4 by giving them cards of different colour. Tell that they will read the part of the text, remember it and retell to their groupmates. Ask them to order their parts of the text –what’s first, next, then and finally.

After setting the instructions and ICQ give each student a text.


Let students open their Class books and check their ideas about the order of the text parts.


Let students make exercise 4 on page 36 in Class books with sentence completion, using the information from the text.

Swap the books and check the answers.

Close their Class books.




Guess, it’s tennis.



Choose a card and split in two teams.

Listen to instructions and answer instruction checking questions.





Get their part of the text, read it, retell to groupmates and arrange these parts on a paper.

Open class books and check if they were right or wrong.



Complete the sentences in their class books.



Swap the books and check answers.


Close the books.



Use predictive skills.

Read the text and retell it. Develop knowledge about the history of tennis. Involve students in speaking and summarizing skills.

Whole class, groups of 4




Tell students they will listen to a song now.

Ask students to change their position if they hear the words from the list on the board.

After setting the instructions and ICQ play the audio.



Stand up and sit and stand again when they hear the words from the list on the board.

Give a rest and provide movements.

Improve listening skills.






Meet Sara, Kareem, Harry and Rosy.

They enjoy sport a lot. Guess, what sport do they like? Any ideas about Rosy?

(ask about all the children)


Ask to open on page 37

Class books and look at exercise 1. Give the task to circle the sport the children like. After setting the instructions and ICQ , play the audio.

Show the keys and let students correct their mistakes on their own. Circle and monitor the class. 


Set the task to listen again and choose true or false, exercise 2 on page 37. Play the audio again.

Nominate some students to read the sentences and say if there’s T or F. When they say, ask them to prove their idea.




Look at the pictures and predict sports the children from pictures like.








Listen to the audio and circle the correct word under the picture.


Look at the keys and check their answers.





Listen and write T or F near the sentences.

 Use predictive skills.











Provide listening practice and useful language in context.


Whole class












Class survey

Set the task to complete the survey by talking to as many students as they can. Tell they have to ask and answer questions and note answers on their survey papers. Set the time. After setting the instructions and ICQ                      give the papers with survey.

Let them share the answers in pairs, then in groups of 4 and then present to the whole class.



Walk in class and asks questions from their survey and answer to classmates surveys.




Share answers in pairs and in groups of 4. Share answers with whole class.

Provide moving, speaking and listening. Get students to interact, collect and analyze the information.

Practise target vocabulary.





Ask students to write information they had collected in class survey and work in their work books on page 33.


Note their homework


Set homework




End of the lesson

Saying good-bye.

Cards counting.


Say good-bye.

Count their cards and get their marks for the lesson.


Finish the lesson and give marks to students.