We Learn English. Game " Seasons, Months, Days of the week "

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We Learn English. Вивчаємо англійську мову. Game " Seasons, Months, Days of the week ". Гра " Пори року, місяці, дні тижня". Гра доповнена цікавими фактами про виникнення назви місяців року.
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The first month of the year  was named after the Roman god Janus who is believed to be the god of beginning and changing. The name of this month belongs to the Italian god Februus. It is also said that this month is named after Februa, a Roman festival of purification. The last month of the year gets its name from the Latin word decem meaning ten and it was the tenth month in ancient Roman calendar. This month was the ninth month in the old roman calender and it retained it's name from the Latin word  novem that means nine.

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This month is named after the Roman goddess of marriage Juno. The name might also come from the Latin word iuniores , meaning younger ones. This month was named to honor Julius Caesar ,who was born in this month. Julius was a Roman statesman, general and a remarkable author of Latin prose. The tenth month of the year, which is also the month of falls month of falls got its name from the Latin word octo meaningeight. It was the eighth month of old Roman calendar. This name of month comes from the Latin word septem which means seven. September was the seventh month of old Roman calendar.

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The third month of the year  is named after Mars, the Roman god of war, who is believed to be the guardian of agriculture too. This month is supposed to be named for the Roman  goddess Maiesta, the goddess of honor and regard. This month  comes from the Latin word  aperire which means to open. Possibly because in this month the buds begin to open. This month was named after the first Roman emperor Augustus.

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