Where is Buckingham Palace? Listening Comprehension Test (What a World-1)

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Listening Comprehension Test

Where is Buckingham Palace?

Level I (4-6 points)

Listen to the text and choose the correct variant:

  1. Buckingham Palace is in …., ……

A) Cardiff, Wales

B) London, England

C) Belfast, Northern Ireland

  1. It is famous because ……lives there.

A)  the President Clinton

B) The Prime Minister May

C) Queen Elizabeth of England

  1. Buckingham Palace is like a small….

A) Tower

B) town

C) down

  1. Queen Elizabeth’s day starts at….in the morning.

A) 6

B) 17

C) 7

  1. During  breakfast , a musician plays ….music outside.

A) English

B) British

C) Scottish

  1. People visit the rooms in Buckingham Palace in ….

A) August and September

B) August and October

C) August and November


Level II (7-8 points)

Listen to the text again and complete the sentences with the dates/ numbers:

  1. Buckingham Palace was built around …..
  2. She became queen in ….
  3. She invites …. People to each party!
  4. The palace has about ….rooms.
  5. About … people work there.
  6. There are … clocks in Buckingham Palace.

Level III (9 points)

Match the parts of the sentences according to the text:


A flag


meet with her


Presidents, kings, and politicians


to follow rules


Two people have very unusual jobs:


loves dogs


The queen


is one of the richest people in the worls


You have


flies at the palace


Queen Elizabeth


they take care of the clocks

Level IV (10-11  points)

Listen and answer the following questions shortly:

  1. Which floor do Queen Elizabeth and her family live on?
  2. How many garden parties does she have in the summer?
  3. How many people take care of the Queen?
  4. How many dogs does she have now?
  5. What is the name of her husband?
  6. When does she visit hospitals, schools, or new buildings?

Level V (12 points)

Write 10-12 sentences about Buckingham Palace and the Queen







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