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"Where there is love there is life"

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Даний матеріал - сценарій позакласного заходу до Дня Святого Валентина. До сценарію пропонується презентація. Мета заходу: розширити знання учнів про звичаї та традиції святкування дня Святого Валентина в англомовних країнах; про походження свята; розвивати креативні здібності учнів та їх таланти; навички виразного мовлення; вчити учнів цінувати моральні якості
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A party devoted to St. Valentine’s Day

«Where there is love there is life»


Мета: розширити знання учнів про звичаї та традиції святкування дня Святого Валентина в англомовних країнах; про походження свята; розвивати креативні здібності учнів та їх таланти; навички виразного мовлення; вчити учнів цінувати моральні якості

Обладнання: мультимедійна дошка, ноутбук, проектор


Сцена прикрашена квітами, червоними кульками у вигляді сердець.

Ведучі – 7-8 учнів старших класів та 4 учні («Купідончики») 2-3 класів


Хід заходу



 Голос за сценою  There are so many things,

                               My heart wants to say.

                               I love you sweetheart,

                               There is no other waу. (слайд 1)



   Love! Happiness! Beauty! There are not so many days in a year when we pronounce these pleasant words. Today you have an excellent chance to plunge into the atmosphere of love.



Dear guests! You are welcome to our party, devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. It’s always held on the 14th of February and brings us happiness and good luck.

 (слайд 2)



It should be mentioned, that St. Valentine’s Day is one of the popular holidays in Europe and America. This day becomes more and more popular in many countries of the world.



  It is the day when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers, husbands and wives, friends and neighbours exchange greetings of affection, love and satirical comments.  



The origin of the holiday  (слайд 3)


     No one really knows the actual origin of Valentine’s Day.  Some historians connect it with the ancient Roman festival. ( слайд 4) Others connect it with two saints of the early Christian church. Both saints were good friends to people, especially young ones, and both were executed by the Romans. ( слайд 5)



 February 14 was also a Roman holiday. ( слайд 6) On this day young men randomly choose the name of the girl to escort to the festival. The custom of choosing a sweetheart on this day became very popular in the medieval Europe. Later this custom spread to American colonies.



Some people link the celebration of Valentine’s Day with the old English belief that birds choose their mates on this day. (слайд 7)  


Legends (слайд 8)




     There are several legends about this holiday. One of them says that Valentine was Christian priest who lived in the 3rd century A.D. (слайд 9)

He was put into prison by roman authorities for his teaching and was beheaded on the 14th of February.



According to another legend, Valentine was an Italian bishop who lived at about the same time. ( мультфільм про історію свята)






Traditions ( слайд 10)


You know this holiday is celebrated throughout the world. So many countries so many declarations of love.



 In Australia it has become customary to present your sweetheart a bunch of flowers for St. Valentine’s Day. Many different flowers are associated with this day given as taken of  love.



Ведучі   (презентація «Flowers»)


  • a red rose – a symbol of love
  • a snowdrop – a symbol of hope
  • a yellow rose – a symbol of falsehood
  • a forget-me-not – a symbol of true love
  • a tulip  - a symbol of powerful love



 In the USA people believe that a young girl is able to tell what type of a man she will marry by the first bird she sees on this day.



Each bird has association with a profession or type of character.



Ведучі (презентація «Birds»)


  • a goldfinch – a rich man
  • a sparrow – a  farmer
  • a dove – a good man
  • a redbreast – a sailor
  • a woodpecker – no husband
  •   a bluebird – a happy man


Голос за сценою ( слайд 11) 

             Your name is a bird on my palm.

                   Your name is an ice on my tongue.

                   Your name is a stone in a swamp.

                   It is a bullet, and a cramp.

                   Your name is an invisible moment of my lips,

                   A kiss in the eyes,

                   My breath in your hold.



Ведучий ( слайд 12)

There is a legend.

 Once upon a time there lived couples. They were strong and wise. They could do everything and they were happy. But suddenly there was a terrible storm and it divided couples into two halves – a man and a woman and mixed them on the Earth. Since that time people have become weak. Every half tries to find the lost one. Those who find each other, fall in love.

(відео «Думки про тебе»)


Ведучий(зі слайду 12 – презентація «Couples»)

Here are some couples. Who doesn’t know their names?


* Adam and Eve

* Napoleon and Josephine

* Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara

*Eurydice and Orpheus

* Caesar – Cleopatra

*Romeo and Juliet



 Romeo and Juliet. They fell in love with each other. Their love changed them.

These young people became wiser and more beautiful. The story of their tragic love is known from all over the world. (сценка)


Juliet             Oh! Romeo!


Romeo           She speaks.

                       Oh, speak again, bright angel!

                       My dear?


 Juliet            At what o’clock tomorrow

                       Shall I send to thee?        


Romeo          By the hour of nine      


 Juliet           I will not fail. Tis twenty years till then.

                      I have forget why I did call thee back.


Romeo          Let me stand here till thou remember it.


Juliet            Tis almost morning. I would have thee gone

                       My sweet!

                       Good night, good night!

                      Parting is such sweet sorrow,

                      That I shall say good night till it be tomorrow.



Romeo          Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in my breast!

                      Would I were sleep and peace, so sweet to rest!

                      Hence will I to my ghostly father’s cell,

                      His help to crave and my dear hap to tell.








Many people would agree that they want to love and to be loved. But sometimes our hearts are broken Слайд 13)

( виконання «Yesterday» на саксофоні)



Ведучі ( слайд14)

-Today we can’t but speak about friendship.

- Friendship is really a very important feeling in our life. Without friends what can we do? ( Ведучі по черзі читають рядки вірша)

When you are sad I will dry your tears,

When you are scared I will ease your  fears,

When you are worried I will give you hope

If you want to give up, I’ll help you to cope.

Why you may ask?

Because you are my friend.



(відео «Дует»)


Ведучий (слайд 15)

But love is the best feeling in the world. Love makes the world go round. It is the greatest mystery of all times. Love helps to live. Love is the best thing that can ever happen to a man. Anyone who has never really loved has never really lived.


Symbols (слайд 16)



One of the most famous valentine symbols is Cupid with his bow and arrow. Cupid was the son of a beautiful goddess, Venus. (слайд 17)



Once upon a time there were two little Cupids. All day long they frisked in the soft clouds and on the green flowering lawns of Paradise. They were very happy. But once their arrow hit a man’s heart.  And today they have broken so many hearts.



(Виступ Купідончиків – слайд 18)


*Let me call you sweetheart,

  I’m in love with you.

  Let me hear your whisper

  That you love me too.


*I know the love of mine will never die

 Oh! My love is like red, red rose


*I choose you from among the rest.

  The reason was I loved you best.



*I am like a cabbage

  Divided into two

  The leaves I give to others

  But the heart I give to you


Ведучий ( слайд 19)

 Hearts are the most common romantic symbol. Candies, cookies and even cakes are made in heart shapes for valentine parties.



On St. Valentine’s Day we wish true and faithful love to each other.  People send greetings and cards called “valentines” to their sweethearts and friends.( слайд 20)



 These card can be heart-shaped or can carry hearts on them.  Many valentines have romantic poems, others are humorous, funny or friendly. But almost all valentines ask “Be my Valentine” This may mean be my friend or be my love

                            ( з 20 слайду – презентація «Valentines»)



 Всі ведучі( слайд 21)

Let your love be a real miracle and inspiration which follow you wherever you are because



  • Love is an energy
  • Love is a mystery
  • Love is when we feel the deepest emotions
  • Love is a part of me
  • Love is the heart of me
  • Love is the best thing we do



(фінальна пісня – слайд 22)










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