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Завдання для інтерактивного навчання до уроку на тему "Погода" у 10 класі

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Завдання для 3-х груп до прийому інтерактивного навчання jigsaw puzzle на тему " Погода" для 10 класу. До завдання входить : три версії тексту "Міф про Персифону" для 3-х груп та план для переказу повної версії історії як заключений утап прийому.
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Group 1

I. Read the text.

Zeus and Hades

The world of ancient Greeks was ruled by three great brothers: Zeus, the supreme god and the master of thunder and lightning, Poseidon, the god of the sea and Hades, the god of the Underworld of death.

Zeus was the king of the Olympic gods, held dominion over the sky, had a wife- his queen and he enjoyed the loving attention of many women. Zeus was responsible to keep a balance of all things.

The gloomy Hades watched the progress of his brother with envy. He was a hard, middle-aged man, living in the dark among the shadows of the dead and not many of his friends-gods enjoyed his company. Hades had no wife, but he fell in love with Persephone, a girl who was unlike him in every way. And his heart softened when he saw Persephone, who was the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.

Zeus decided it’s a good idea to give Persephone as a bride to his brother who needed some “brightening up” but he didn’t bother to tell the girl or her mother of his decision.

One day, Persephone was picking flowers with some nymph friends of hers when Hades kidnaped her and took her to the lower world.

Demeter heard daughter’s scream but she was too far away to do anything about it. She began to wander around the world for her child but couldn’t find. The goddess was so upset; she was not able to care of crops. All plants were dying and green meadows were turning into barrens with dry wind blowing dust and grey leafs over it.

Zeus was worried about crops. The people wouldn’t weather such a storm, they would die without harvest and who would worship him? Finally Zeus ruled that Persephone would spend one part of each year in the Underworld as the wife of Hades and the other part with her mother.






II. Ask the members of two other groups some questions to get additional information about:

  • Persephone’s short name, features of character and her appearance;
  • Persephone’s feelings while being in Tartar;
  • the girl’s mother, her responsibilities as a goddess;
  • what wasn’t allowed to do in Tartar;
  • why Persephone had to come back on earth.

*weather the storm = to survive difficult times


Group 3


I. Read the text.

Hades and Persephone

According to Greek Mythology the world was ruled by powerful gods. This story is about Persephone, the young goddess of spring, daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning.

Persephone, she also was called Kora, was a lovely girl, always a cheerful and kind child. Like one of her mother’s plants Persephone loved the sun and fresh air.

Persephone had grown into a beautiful young woman with a sunny smile for everyone.

One bright day while Persephone was picking flowers, Hades, the god of Lower World of the dead noticed her and Dark Lord fell in love instantly. So he asked the girl’s mother to marry her daughter but Demeter refused with the words Hades was chasing a rainbow. Dark Lord was heart-broken and decided to get Kora no matter what.

One day while young girl was picking flowers, the earth beneath Kora’s feet opened and Hades wrapped into a dark mist appeared in front of her. He took the young goddess down to his kingdom Tartar.

Deep down in the underworld, Hades hoped to explain his actions to the sweet Persephone. He told about his love, showed proudly all his wealth and begged her to stay and be his wife, his queen.

Part of Persephone missed her mother horribly, but another part had grown rather fond of the god Hades.

It wasn’t allowed to eat anything while in the underworld because one could not return on earth. Persephone went ahead and ate 6 seeds of pomegranate. Her choice prevented her from ever being fully restored to Demeter, but did open up the possibility of a compromise.

Zeus resolved the crisis. He desided that for six months of each year, Persephone would live with her mother and for six months, she’d live with her husband Hades, bringing a touch of springtime to that sad dark world below.




II. Ask the members of other groups some questions to get addition information about:

  • Hades (features of character, his feelings);
  • what Hades used as a trap;
  • what Demeter was doing to find the daughter and who helped her;
  • the reason the girl was gathering flowers far away for her mother;
  • why Persephone had to come back on earth.

*chasing the rainbow = try to do smth that will never happen.


Group 2


I. Read the text.

Demeter and Persephone

Demeter was Greek goddess of crops and harvest. She was responsible for providing food and that’s why her job was very important. If she was upset all the plants could die and wind would blow dust and dry leafs over the empty earth. And the only thing that made Demeter happy was enjoying the company of her daughter Persephone.

In the beginning of spring when Persephone was about to celebrate her coming of age, Demeter decided to have a birthday party for her daughter. The mother didn’t want to get a wind of it. So, she sent the daughter with her nymph-friends to pick beautiful flowers on a meadow in Sicily. Very soon all the girls, except Persephone, felt tired and fell asleep. Suddenly, a narcissus caught young goddess eye, so she came closer to get a better look, but as she pulled it from the ground the earth beneath Persephone’s feet opened and Hades wrapped into dark mist appeared in front of her. He took the girl down to his kingdom.

Demeter heard only daughter’s scream but she was far away and the nymphs were careless, lightsome and just fair-weather friends. They couldn’t help because didn’t know where the young goddess had gone.

After Demeter had wandered for 9 days and nights looking for her daughter as well as taking out her sorrow by killing plants and destroying crops, she asked Helios, the Sun, if he had seen what had happened in his daily course across the sky. Helios told Demeter who kidnaped her child and she having a face like thunder went to complain to Zeus.

Eventually Zeus, the supreme god, ruled that Persephone would spend a part of the year on earth with the mother and a part with Hades. Demeter agreed with this, but said that when Persephone is in the underworld, nothing on earth would grow till her return. And that is where the seasons come from.




II. Ask the members of other groups for some additional information about:

  •  Persephone’s father (his responsibilities and power as a god, opinion about the daughter’s marriage);
  • why the girl wasn’t fully restored to her mother after kidnapping;
  • how much time Persephone was allowed to stay with her mother on earth.

*to get a wind of smth = to find out information/ secret

*a fair-weather friend = a friend who doesn’t help in times of difficulty.

*have a face like thunder = to be very angry



Retell the myth. Try to give as much information as you can


Short plan of the myth retelling


  • The ancient world was ruled by three brothers: Zeus, _________________, Poseidon, the god of ____________________________________________, and Hades ____________________________________________________.


  • Once Zeus decided _____________________________________________ but he did bother to tell _________________________________________.


  • Hades was lonely because _______________________________________.


  • Dark Lord fell in love with and asked_______________________________ but Demeter __________________________________________________.


  • Hades decided to _______________________________________________


  • One bright day Persephone was __________________ with her __________ when the earth beneath her feet opened and _________________________


  • Dark Lord explained his action to Persephone and begged her ___________


  • One part of the young goddess missed her mother but she also __________.


  • It was not allowed to ________________________________ in the lower world because ________________________________________________.


  • But Persephone decided to have a treat because ______________________.


  • Meanwhile Demeter was wandering around the world _________________, she was very upset and couldn’t ___________________________________ so crops were dying.


  • Helios, the Sun ________________________________________________


  • Finally Zeus ruled that Persephone would spend ______________________.


  • Demeter agreed but with this but said ______________________________.


  • And that is where the seasons come from.
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