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Завдання до тексту домашнього читання "Good Morning, Miss Dove"

Про матеріал
Завдання до тексту домашнього читання "Good Morning, Miss Dove" допоможуть вчителю перевірити, як учні зрозуміли прочитаний вдома текст
Перегляд файлу

1.Do the matching.

1)to give                         a) man

2) the open                    b) a little longer

3) a strict                        c) kiss

4) to suffer                     d) teacher

5) to look                       e) ocean

6) written                       f) from smth

7) a brave                      g) of the world

8) to shout and             i) around

9) different part            j) scold the children

10)  to wait                    k) work

2.Find the opposites

1) to stay alive            a) to forget

2) silence                      b) to die  

3) useful                       c) to be calm

4) to remember          d) difficult  

5) easy                          e) noise

6) to shout                   f) useless 

3.True or False

1.Miss Dove was a teacher of Geography.

2. Miss Dove worked  as a teacher in Germany, New Guinea and Africa.

3. Children were afraid of Miss Dove because she scolded and hit them.

4. Miss Dove didn’t let children to leave classrooms and each pupil had to write “I must not talk during the lesson”. 

5. Miss Dove didn’t want Randy Backer read his brother’s letter because it was very long.

6.  Thomas Backer was thinking about Miss Dove all the time because he wanted to stay alive.

7. Thomas Backer wrote that Miss Dove had found him and saved his life.

8. Randy decided not to kiss Miss Dove because she was too old.

9. Children laughed and even joked at Randy because he had kissed Miss Dove.

10. Randy gave a medal to Miss Dove.

4.Ask  six questions 

A girl expressed her opinion  but nobody in the class laughed or even joked about it.

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