Complex Testing: Reading Comprehension( "Youth Cultures") and Grammar (System of Tenses)

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Дана розробка може бути використана як комплексна тематична контрольна робота: читання та граматика "Youth Cultures"/"System of Tenses".

Рекомендація щодо оцінювання: кожен рівень оцінювати окремо і за контрольну виставляти середню оцінку. Читання (оцінка) і граматика (оцінка). Контрольна робота-середня з двох оцінок за читання і граматику.

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Topic 1

I Reading Comprehension Test

A: Read the text “Youth Cultures” and define True/False (3 points):

1 The term “culture” is about a language, dress, beliefs, manners and tastes of all the people.

2 The concept of youth culture appeared in Britain and spread to America.

3 Mods dressed in Italian-style and leather clothes.

4 All the young people protested wearing unusual clothes and hair dress in other ways.

5 Hippies supported the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 1970s.

6 Punks were peace loving, but full of hate.

B: Read the statements and match with the correct group of youth culture (4 points):









1 They preferred an Italian style of clothing

2 They liked to wear huge gold necklaces and drive expensive cars

3 They often had brightly coloured hair

4 They showed their feelings in their rock songs

5 Their clothes was made of leather

6 Their clothes could shock people

7 They said, “Make love, not war”

8 They have their own language (rather a slang)

C: Translate into English (5 points):

1 Молодежная культура была результатом  улучшения в экономиках  запада.

2 В то время была большая безработица (особенно среди молодежи).

3 Молодежные культуры помогают молодым людям становиться независимыми от своих семей.

4 Молодежные культуры позволяют молодым людям выразить себя, выбирая тот стиль, который подходит им.

5 Они могут изменить общество и помочь молодежи в их поиске путей самовыражения.

II Grammar Test

A: Open the brackets putting the verbs into the correct tense(4points):

1 I (to read) many interesting books every evening.

2 I (to read) many interesting books at the moment.

3 I (to read) many interesting books today.

4 I (to read) many interesting books yesterday.

5 I (to read) many interesting books from May to June last year.

6 I (to read) many interesting books by 5 o’clock yesterday.

7 I (to read) many interesting books tomorrow.

8 I (to read) many interesting books at this time the day after tomorrow.

B: Choose the correct variant (3 points):

1 My mother (cook/cooks) well

2 My friends (is/are) watching TV now

3 His father (have/has) returned home today

4 The students (write/wrote) a test yesterday

5 Our relatives (was/were) walking in the park

6 Her best friend (has/had) finished her project by yesterday

C: Translate into English (5 points):

1 Я пишу каждый день

2 Я пишу сейчас

3 Я уже написал это письмо

4 Я написал 2 письма вчера

5 Я писал  это письмо в 2 часа вчера










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