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Тестові завдання "Teen Generation"

Про матеріал

Тестові завдання були розроблені для перевірки знань учнів з теми "Teen Generation" за підручником Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання), 9 клас, Карпюк О.Д. (Видавництво: Астон). Можна використовувати на підсумковій контрольній роботі за темою.

Перегляд файлу

Name ______________________________________________________


1.Use the gerund or the infinitive of the verb in brackets to fill in the gaps.

  1. Are you thinking of _________ (visit) London.
  2. He started _________(work) here eight years ago.
  3. Do you prefer __________( travel) by plane or by ship?
  4. Would you mind ________(post) this letter for me?
  5. Vicky stopped _________(say) hello to her friends.
  6. This film is worth __________(see). Let’s watch it once more.

2.Put in the correct preposition.

  1.  The girls insisted ________ going out with Kerry.
  2.  My sister is afraid _______ travelling by plane.
  3.  You should give ________smoking.
  4.  She looks forward ______ seeing him again next week.
  5. I always can rely ________ my best friend. He helps me a lot and keeps all my secrets.
  6. My father insisted ________ explaining why I behaved in such a bad way.

3. Choose the correct preposition.

Bernardo is interested in\on travelling. He began travelling when he was a young child. He is fond of\at visiting new places every Christmas and summer holidays. He heard a lot of\on Ukraine from his friend. So when his Ukrainian friend invited him to come to Lviv, he agreed to\on visiting this ancient city. On the day he was going to depart, there was a big snowstorm. He was afraid of\on driving to the airport because the roads were icy. When he finally got inside the airport, Bernardo realized that he didn’t have his clothes. He was sure of\in packing them into his backpack. He remembered to bring his passport at least. So after arriving in Lviv, he had to buy some clothes there. However, in the end he was pleased with\about this great trip. Now he looks forward on\to visiting other beautiful cities in Ukraine.

4. Write the message in Weblish.

“Hey, How are you today? What are your plans for the holidays? Do you want to go to the cinema with my friends? They all send their love to you. Write, please. See you soon. Your Kate.”

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Write some information about youth cultures you know.


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Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
26 жовтня 2018
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