Діагностична робота Adventure Full Blast 6

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Діагностична робота 6 клас. Advanture. Full Blast 6

Всі види робіт: граматика, аудіювання, читання, письмо, говоріння.

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Test  Module 3 __________________________________________________________



Complete the sentences with the words in the box.


prize      surprised      pavement      probably      flat      neck        bush


1. Walk on the __________ please! It’s dangerous to walk in the street.

 2. Oh, look! There’s a cat behind that_____________ .

 3. The_____________ for the winner of this competition is a trip to Chile.

 4. Donald was on the bumper car ride when he crashed and hurt his_______________.

 5. I was ______________ to see Alison at the concert.

 6. Jimmy thinks he saw a monster, but it was____________ nothing.

7. My dad got a ___________ tyre so he was late for work.


 Circle the correct words.

1. I slipped / sprained on some water and fell down and hurt my knee.

2. Look at those shadows / footprints in the snow.

3. Tony was riding his bike when he chased / crashed into a tree.

4. That woman needs help! Someone call for an ambulance / adventure!

5. Get me the ladder / wheel. I want to climb up to that window.

 6. Tell Gary to stop that voice / noise. I can’t hear the TV.

7. The girl screamed when / while she saw the blood on the floor.

8. Diane, I broke your MP3 player. Please, don’t be angry / worried with me.




1. Why can’t you get into your flat?                                                a) I missed the bus

2. Maybe dinosaurs are still living on an island somewhere.    b) Never mind. I don’t want any.

3. There’s no ketchup. Sorry.                                                   c) I lost my keys.

4. Why did you walk to school?                               d) I think someone’s playing a joke on you.

5. I saw a ghost last night.                                               e) Believe it or not, I was stuck in a lift

6. What were you doing yesterday afternoon? I called you ten times!        f) I don’t think so.



Complete the sentences with the Past Progressive of the verbs in the box.

drink    watch    follow    try    eat    not sleep

1. A strange woman ________ me home from the gym last night.

 2.________- you_________ TV at nine o’clock yesterday evening?

3. I___________ candy floss while my cousins milkshakes____________ at the funfair.

4. Sheila _____________at 3:30 this morning because she heard a noise and woke up.

 5. The man___________ to scare the wolves away for quite a while, but in the end he climbed up a tree.



Choose a, b or c.

1. Shhhh! I think there’s____________ in the kitchen.

a. anyone          b. someone              c. everyone

2. Would you like__________ to eat?

a. nothing               b. anyone                     c. something

 3. The police don’t know what happened because_________ saw the accident.

 a. nobody              b. anybody                      c. nothing

 4. I can’t find my mobile phone ________________.

 a. anywhere               b. somewhere                   c. nowhere

 5. It rained all day and_____________ in the garden got wet.

 a. everywhere                b. everything                c. every

6._______________ left the party at about 11 o’clock.

 a. Everyone                    b. Anyone                  c. Everything

 7. I opened the box but there was________________ in there!

 a. anything                  b. nothing                      c. any

8. Sue has__________________ friends, so she’s sad.

 a. no                  b. nothing                     c. nobody



Listen to the dialogue and write T for True or F for False.

1. Wayne bought a car on Tuesday.    

 2. Wayne almost hit a wall.

3. While Wayne was on the bus, someone took his bag.


Read the story and answer the questions.


 My uncle Fred used to be a security guard at the Natural History Museum. He really liked his job but one night something very strange happened. It was late and nobody was in the museum. He was walking through the Dinosaur Room when he heard something in the Large Sea Animals Room. He ran there and saw something behind a whale, but it was dark and he couldn’t see well. Then, he heard a strange voice say “Fred, I’m here for you!” He ran out of the room and ran all the way to the police station. When they went back to the museum, they found nothing. Was it a monster? A ghost? Or was someone in the museum? It’s a mystery. Anyway, my uncle didn’t go back to the museum the following day or ever again.


  1. Where did Uncle Fred use to work?_________________________________________


  1. Where was he when he heard a noise?______________________________________


  1. What did he do when he got out of the room?_______________________________


  1. What did the police find in the museum?___________________________________



Write a true or an imaginary story about something strange that happened to you

 (4-6 sentences)


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