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Objectives: to practice speech patterns; to develop pupils' speaking skills maintaining free discussion; to reinforce pupils' grammar habits of usingd the Passive Voice.

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Bullying.                       Put the verbs in brackets into the Passive Voice.

Present Simple of the Passive: (sometimes/always/often)


I am V-ed/V3                                     She/ He is V-ed/V3

We/You/They are V-ed/V3


(I am always teased.                          - Мене завжди дражнять) 

Present Continuous of the Passive:                                              (now/at the moment)


I am  being V-ed/ V3                                                         She/ He  is  being V-ed/ V3                                                        

We/You/They are  being                 V-ed / V3 

(He is being beaten now. -   Його б’ють зараз)

 Past Simple of the Passive: (yesterday/ last week/ three days ago)


I /She /He was V-ed / V3;                    We/You/They were V-ed /V3 


(They were threatened yesterday.-                                                               Їм вчора погрожували)              

Present Perfect of the Passive: recently/Нещодавно/                       lately /останнім часом/) already(вже)

/just (щойно) 

I/We/You/They have been V-ed / V3;

She /He has been V-ed/V3 


(We have just been shouted.-                                              На нас щойно накричали)

He (call) names by his classmates at the moment.


  Recently I (gossip) about by those girls.


Last week you (spread) rumors about behind your back.

I (tease) by the senior pupil now.  

  That boy always (taunt) because he is different.


Картинки по запросу bullying clipart My friend (laugh) at lately.


That junior pupil often (threaten) by the bully.

  A child with disability (bully) at the moment.

 Sometimes we (shout) at by aggressive people.


A little child (pick) on by a bully now.

   This girl (humiliate) by the older girls lately.              

                             You (exclude) from their group last week.

  The junior pupils often (take) money by the senior pupils.

Our things (steal) by someone yesterday.

 Look! That little girl (push) by a bully.


                       Weak children often (pull) by bullies. 


 Картинки по запросу bullying clipart My friends (send) hateful messages on their phones recently.

Картинки по запросу bullying clipart

His sister (write) rude comments in social nets lately.                                              

That boy (beat) by the bully yesterday.

You (make) fun of at the moment.

She (send) hurtful texts emails by someone every day.



Some children often (bully) by their parents.


These bullies already (pull) away.

The crying girl (comfort) by her friend at the moment.



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