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​Дидактичний матеріал "negative features of character"

Про матеріал

negative features of character

To reinforce vocabulary on the topic;to practise the use of adjectives and nouns related to character and personality.

Перегляд файлу

Match negative features of character with their definitions and answer the questions.


selfishness- noun


 arrogant - adjective

arrogance- noun

boastful- adjective

boast- noun


bossy adjective bossiness- noun

resentful - adjective

resentfulness- noun



greedy - adjective

greediness - noun

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talkative - adjective

 cunning - adjective /noun

sly - adjective



deceitful - adjective

deceit - noun


gossip- noun


jealous - adjective

 jealousy noun/

envious- adjective                       envy-noun



stubborn- adjective stubbornness - noun


absent-minded- adjective absent-mindedness- noun

careless - adjective

carelessness  noun



dull adjective

 dullness - noun


laziness - noun

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rude – adjective

 rudeness -noun

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bad- tempered - adjective

aggressive- adjective


 cruel - adjective

cruelty -noun


coward - noun

1. Someone who is unhappy and angry because s/he wants something that someone else has.

2. Someone who talks about himself /herself with too much pride.

3. Someone who always tells other people what to do.

4. Someone who doesn‘t want to work.


5. Someone who often forgets things.

6. Someone who is not brave and tries to avoid dangerous or difficult situations.

7. Someone who gets angry easily shouts at people and insults them.

8. Someone who never says ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ and upsets other people.


9. Someone who tricks people to get what s/he wants.


10. Someone who  isn’t interesting to other people. Nobody wants to make friends with him/her.


11. Someone who doesn’t listen to anybody and never takes any advice.


12. Someone who believes that s/he is better or more important than other people.


13. Someone who always thinks about herself/ himself and never cares about others.


14. Someone who never stops talking.


15. Someone who does not tell the truth or breaks promises.


16. Someone who is angry and upset about a situation that s/he thinks is unfair.


17. Someone who hurts people or animals.

18. Someone who likes to talk about other people's private lives.

19. Someone who does not give enough attention to what s/he is doing.


20. Someone who does not share things with other people.


1. What are your negative features? Explain your opinion.

– In my opinion, I am …, because I sometimes ...;….


2. What negative features should you get rid of?

– To my mind, I should get rid of (noun) …, … and …. .


3. What negative features of other people can you tolerate?

- I can tolerate …, …, … people.



4. What people can’t you bare?

- I can’t bare …, …, … people.





        1.  jealous/ envious

        2.  boastful

        3. bossy

        4. lazy

        5.  absent-minded

        6. coward

        7. bad- tempered/ aggressive

        8. rude

        9. cunning/ sly

       10. dull

       11. stubborn

       12. arrogant

       13. selfish

       14. talkative

       15. deceitful

       16. resentful

       17. cruel

       18. gossip

       19. careless

       20. greedy

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