Ділова подорож. У ресторані.

Про матеріал
Розробка заняття допоможе розширити словниковий запас студентів новими словами і виразами, які можуть бути використані під час замовлення страв
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Тема: Ділова подорож. У ресторані.

Мета: Розширити словниковий запас студентів новими словами і виразами, які можуть бути використані під час замовлення страв.

Студент повинен:

  • знати слова і вирази, які можуть бути використані під час замовлення страв;
  • уміти оперувати лексичним мінімумом з теми, реалізувати свої комунікативні наміри та розуміти комунікативні наміри співрозмовника в типових ситуаціях під час замовлення страв у закладах харчування; вміти висловлювати скарги щодо неякісної їжі чи обслуговування.


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Забезпечення заняття: опорний конспект, картки із завданнями, посібник, планшетний комп’ютер.


Хід заняття

  1. Warm up

The topic of our lesson is “Eating out”.

 1 . Decide which products are healthy and which are junk? Why do you think so?

Orange juice, milk, sausage, burger, eggs, butter, porridge, chocolate, beer, melon, Coca- cola.

How often do you eat out?

Where can you go?


  1. Read the conversations with you partner and then make your own one: ordering a meal in the restaurant, ordering a pizza over the phone, ordering a dessert in a tea room and complaining about the quality of the meal.
  1. Ordering a meal in the restaurant

Waiter: Hello. Can I help you?

 Customer: Yes. I'd like to have lunch.

Waiter: Would you like to have a starter?

 Customer: Yes, I'd like to have a bowl of chicken soup, please.

Waiter: And what would you like to have for the main course?

Customer: I'd like to have a cheese burger.

Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?

 Customer: Yes, I'd like to have a glass of Coke.

 Waiter: Can I bring you anything else?

 Customer: No thank you. But I’d like to have the bill, please.

 Waiter: Certainly. (After a moment) Waiter: That's $34.

 Customer: Here you are. Thank you very much.

Waiter: You're welcome. Have a nice day.

Customer: Thank you, same to you.

  1. Ordering a dessert in the tea room

Waiter: Hello, welcome to The Coffee House. How are you today?

Customer: Hello, I’m pretty good, how are you?

Waiter: I’m great, thanks for asking. What can I get for you today? 

Customer: Can I get a large coffee, please? With cream and sugar.

Waiter: Yes, is that all for you today?

Customer: No, I would like to have a piece of chocolate mousse cake.

Waiter: OK. Would you like to try our new  scone?

Customer : No, thank you.

Waiter : Alright, one large coffee and a chocolate mousse cake. Your total is $7 . Would you like to buy by cash or card?

Customer: By card, please.

Waiter: Please sign…here’s your receipt.

Customer: Thank you.

Waiter: Please wait at the counter over there for your coffee and cake. Thank you, have a nice day!

Customer: Thank you, same to you.

  1. Ordering a pizza over the phone

Restaurant: Good afternoon, Jack’s pizza. How can I help you?

Customer: I’d like one big pizza with olives and pineapple, please.

Restaurant : Ok, and would you like a side dish?

Customer: Yes, I would like a small salad, please.

Restaurant: No problem. Anything else?

Customer: Yes, one large bottle of Coke, please.

Restaurant: Ok, great. That’s one big pizza with olives and pineapple, one small salad and a large bottle of Cola.

Customer : Yes , that’s right. How much is it?

Restaurant: That’s 20 dollars. Can you give me your name and address, please?

Customer: My name is…………. And my address is 24 , Brown street

Restaurant: And can you give me your phone number, please?

Customer: Yes, it’s 0985674321

Restaurant: Ok, thank you for your order. It will be in 40 minutes. Good bye.

Customer: Good bye.

  1. Complaining about the quality of the meal

Customer: Excuse me, I've been waiting for over 30 minutes and my meal still hasn't come.

Waiter: What did you order?

Customer: Steak and salad.

Waiter: Just one moment, I'll go and see what the delay is.

Customer: Thank you.

(After a few minutes)

Waiter: Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's your steak and salad.

Customer: Thank you. Sorry, but this knife is a little dirty. Could you bring me another one?

Waiter: I'm very sorry. Yes, of course.

(After a moment)

Waiter: Here you are, a new knife and fork.

Customer: Thanks. I'm afraid the music is a little too loud. Can you turn it down?

Waiter: I'll see what I can do. Is there anything else?

Customer: Actually, there is. I ordered my steak medium. This is well-done. I'd like another one, please.

Waiter: I do apologize. Here is your steak. Have a nice day!

Customer: Thank you.




  1. Developing reading

What is your favorite place to eat out? What is your favorite restaurant?

Ignore the gaps, read and answer:

What is this text about?

Put each of the following words in the correct place in the text ( whiteboard exercise)

  1. a)Restaurant            b) café                                   c)tea room
  2. a)Walk                      b) go                                      c)cycle
  3. a) Magnificent          b)nice                                    c)favorite
  4. a) And                       b) but                                     c)moreover
  5. a)Few                        b) little                                   c) lot
  6. a)Towel                     b) tablecloth                          c)shirt
  7. a)Blue                        b)dry                                     c)lovely
  8. a)Corners                  b) table                                 c) kitchen
  9. a)Eat                          b)order                                 c)ask
  10.  a)Tasteless               b)delicious                            c)undercooked
  11.  a)Slow                      b)quick                                  c) awful
  12.  a)Pleasant                b)terrible                               c)favourite

My favourite restaurant

I like eating out and I go to a 1)……………… for dinner twice a week. I 2)………………there with my husband , Bill.

Our 3)…………………restaurant is an Indian restaurant in Cleveland Street in  London. It is not very big 4)……………… it is always  busy. There are only a 5)……………tables in the restaurant and there is a white 6)……………… on each table. There is also a vase with7)………………… flowers on each table. There are plants in the 8)………………. We usually 9)…………….hot curries and eat them with rice. The food is 10)………………. so we enjoy it very much. The service is 11)……………… and friendly.

Bill and I always have a 12)…………………..evening at our favourite restaurant.

Answer the questions:

  1. What is the author’s favourite dish?
  2. Why do these people like eating out there?


  1. Developing listening ,watching video

Word booster ( Whiteboard activity)

Match the words and definitions.



A extremely important

2) consistency

B the form of energy that makes it possible to see things 


C the quality or fact of staying the same at different times


D the act of helping or serving customers at a restaurant, hotel etc


E a quality or characteristic that makes something possible


F  the mood or feeling of a particular place        

            What elements are necessary for a successful restaurant?

  • Service
  • Location
  • Food
  • Atmosphere


Listen to Charles Masson , director of Chevalier Restaurant about the top secrets of a successful restaurant. Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones.

  1. The first element of success is great food.
  2. Great food should be served in a proper way.
  3. Ambience is a synonym of location.
  4. Flowers on the tables are crucial for ambience.
  5. Flowers represent love.
  6. Good service is when you don’t even know you’ve been served.
  7. Consistency is not important.
  8. The most important ingredient of success is location of the restaurant.
  9. The top 5 secrets of successful restaurant are: great food, atmosphere, service, location and guests.

           Would you like to visit this restaurant? Why?


  1. Developing critical thinking- six thinking hats

Imagine that you have a possibility to open a new restaurant. Let’s discuss this oppotrunity . We have 6 different points of view. I remind you that we have white hat( facts), black hat ( disadvantages), blue hat ( process), green hat(creativity), yellow hat( benefits) and red hat( feelings). Guess the colour of the hats.

Blue hat- Ok, what do you think about a new restaurant in Brovary. What would it be? I even don’t know. Do you have any ideas?

White hat- we have a lot of restaurants in different parts of the town. Some of them are very expensive and some are cheap. In my opinion, inhabitants of our town can find any restaurant they need. If they want to have confectionary they can go to “ Kamelia “ or “ Triple 7”. If they want to celebrate birthday or any important event ,there is a wide range of cafes , kid’s club and restaurants too. We also have fast food like “Kulinichi” and “Star’s dogs”

Black hat- I don’t think that it is a good idea to start a new business nowadays. There are a lot of restaurants in Brovary. People don’t have money to buy even necessary things not only spend it in the restaurant. In addition, we live near Kyiv, the capital of our country and that’s why we don’t need to open a new restaurant .

Blue hat- do you agree?

Yellow hat-I don’t agree completely. If you have money and find a qualified staff- a good chef, reliable cooks and waiters and write a good business plan with SWOT analyses, it will give you profit and success. All you need is good strategy!

Red hat- and it is so cool to have own restaurant. What a fantastic feeling! You can choose your menu, the interior and cuisine that you like and so on. I would like to invite my friends and relatives there.  It would be amazing!

Green hat- In my view, you should think about distinctive feature of your restaurant. It can be unusual interior, special offers and actions or something else. But it should be very creative. As for me, I am fond of different theme party. You can arrange wild west party, cinema party etc once a month.

Blue hat – ok, let’s summarize. Starting a new business is always hard. It has a lot of difficulties but it’s up to you to overcome them.


  1. Use of English

Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions:

Out, of, up, for, to, in

  1. I am very fond…… Chinese food.
  2. I like eating ……
  3. Let’s invite the Smiths……….. dinner.
  4. I prefer a simple café ………a big restaurant.
  5. Put the used cutlery ………the sink.
  6. I’ll wash them……….. later.


  1. Home task. Make and dramatize the dialog “Ordering meal” with your partner