Ecotourism in Ukraine

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Ecotourism in Ukraine

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Ecotourism is a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people

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Ecotourism has an aim to recover physical and moral strength of the body.

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This form of tourism has some advantages, because it doesn’t need a lot of money and has good influence on people’s health.

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Ecotourism has become the most popular among young and active part of the population, among students, looking for the new places and chip resting. Last years an older people like to recover physical strength with natural way.

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Few years ago humanity hasn’t known about the global ecological problems, as do now. We can’t find in the world map environmentally sounded countries and cities. Quantity of such cities and places is going down.

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There are few reasons for ecotourism such, as an excessive pollution of the environment, radioactive contamination as result of using an atomic energy and atomic weapons.

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Ecotourism is included resting in the environmentally sounded regions. Here are a lot of them in Ukraine. It makes Ukraine to be attractive to nature-lovers and ecological travelers.

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Ecotourism may be called a young form of the tourism. It is developed in our country and getting popular, because population of Ukraine feels a negative health effect and makes all for avoidance and minimization of such effects.

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Year in year out an importance of ecotourism has increased. This fact made us happy and makes us sure in perspectives of tourism’s development.