11 травня о 15:00Вебінар: Закінчення навчального року: документи, звіти, аналіз, планування та власний емоційний стан

Граматичні вправи "Теперішній доконаний час"

Про матеріал

Розробка містить граматичні тренувальні вправи, які виконуються за зразком. Виконання вправ розвиває граматичні навички учнів та закріплює вживання форм неправильних дієслів.

Перегляд файлу

The Present Perfect Tense


1) Examples: Where is Dan? – He’s just gone out.  What’s the time? – It has just struck eleven.


  1. Where is the button from your blouse? (to lose)
  2. Where is your cap? (to take of)
  3. Why doesn’t his pencil write? (to break)
  4. Why are the children so hot? (to play football)
  5. Why is the floor wet? (to wash)
  6. Why are you writing with a pencil? (to lose)


2) Example: Have you seen Mary lately? – No, I haven’t seen her since May.

No, I haven’t seen her for a whole month.

  1. Have you had rain here?
  2. Have you been to the theatre lately?
  3. Have you got any news from your friend (grandparents)


3) Example: Have you had your dinner yet? –No, I haven’t had my dinner yet.


  1. Has she told her mother about it yet?
  2. Have you already bought a new dictionary?


4) Example: Have you ever spoken to an Englishman? – No, I’ve never spoken to an Englishman.


  1. to see a sputnik
  2. to eat mango fruit
  3. to feed animals in the zoo
  4. to pick up wild berries
  5. to win on a lottery ticket


5) Compose sentences of your own and use adverbs of Present time:

Today, this week (month, year), so far, up to now, up to the present.


6) Review the 3-rd form of irregular verbs.

to be-

to hold

to see

to begin

to hear

to shut

to write

to lay

to sleep

to sit

to  tell

to draw

to stand

to bring

to make

to drink

to wake

to show

to feel

to sell

to throw

to fall

to keep

to spend

to think

to rise

to pay

to know

to ring

to mean

to forget

to wear

to lose

to fight

to swim

to leave

to lie

to meet

to grow

to die

to show

to freeze

to teach

to strike

to find

to buy

to win

to beat


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