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Презентація містить інтерактивні вправи до теми "Youth subcultures" для розвитку комунікативних умінь учнів.
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Monday, the first of October Class work

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How was your weekend?

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Are you interested in youth subcultures? Do you think it is a positive or a negative phenomenon? Would you like to learn more about them?

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PLAN Reasons for joining Ways of expressing Groups’ description Your opinion

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What does the term SUBCULTURE mean? Subculture is a particular group of people within a society, which is often opposed the traditional world and the members of this group express their disapproval with the help of their behaviour, beliefs and activities. (It is not a fan club. A subculture is a way of life.)

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Brain storm What youth subcultures do you know? How do they differ from each other? Why do young people join different subcultures?

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Why do young people join different subcultures? 1. Young people tend to unite in groups or organizations because a) to expess themselves 2. Wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music and sharing the same ideas b) they enjoy being together 3. Youth cultures enable young people c) give young people a sense of belonging and help young people become independent of their families. 1. b 2. c 3. a

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Why do teens choose a subculture? 1. to identify a) against the parents to rebel b) with a particular subculture to express c) against the society to protest d) all sort of options 5. to try out e) their identity 6. not to conform to f) society standards to reject g) their own values and beliefs 8. to have h) everything

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Quiz: What subculture is this? 1 They are fun of motorcycles and the motorcycle is a part of their lifestyle (bikers) 2 The name of this subculture is translated into English as “leather heads”. As a rule they are very aggressive, they cut their hair shorter than others do. (skinheads) 3 These people spend too much time and money on playing computer games. As a rule these are role or war games. (gamers)

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Speaking What youth subcultures do you like and what youth subcultures you don’t like? Why? The expressions can help you: Shocking looks Strange image Unusual clothes Dangerous behaviour Amazing style of music Aggressiveness Very intelligent Very cool clothes Nice motto Peaceful beliefs

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Group work Youth subculture Appearance Philosophy Punks Goths Rockers Hackers Hippies

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Ex. 6, p. 47 Ex. 11, p. 52

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