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Комбінована семестрова контрольна робота за І семестр 7 клас (за підручником А.М.Несвіт)

Про матеріал

Комбінована семестрова контрольна робота за І семестр 7 клас (за підручником А.М.Несвіт) для учнів, котрі навчаються за індивідуальною формою навчання.

Перегляд файлу

Комбінована контрольна робота за І семестр 7 клас

I. Listening activity.

Say if the sentences are true or false (+/-).

Many years ago an elephant and a monkey had a quarrel.

The elephant was angry.

The monkey was quick

They could run and swim.

They decided to speak to the Old Bird.

The Old Bird promised to help them.

II. Reading activity.

The Boy who Saved the Netherlands.

   Many years ago in Harlem, Holland, there lived a young boy. His name was Hans and he was eight years old. One autumn day, Hans went across the channel  to visit an old blind man. He took the man some biscuits and stayed there for a while. Then,       Hans decided to return home.

    “Be careful, Hans” said the old man. “The water in the canal usually gets higher in autumn.” On his way home, Hans sang a song, watched the rabbits run around and picked some flowers for his mother. Suddenly, the sky got dark and heavy rain began to fall. Hans felt scared and started to run. Just then, he heard the sound of water flowing away .He looked around carefully, and then noticed a very small hole in the dike.

     Hans felt frightened because he knew what could happen. The small hole could get bigger and bigger. Then the dike could burst and flood Holland. Hans knew what to do. He put his finger into the hole, so no more water cold come through it. “Please, someone help me!” Hans shouted. But there was no one to help him. After a while, he began to feel very cold and tired, but he could not leave the dike. All night long, Hans waited and waited…

     The next morning, a priest walked by and heard Hans’ cries. “I am trying to stop the water,” the boy said. “Can you help me?” the priest called some other people and they quickly mended the hole. Finally, they took Hans home. Everyone was very proud of that brave boy.

 Write true or false:

1. Hans was eighteen years old. ______

2. Hans lived in Paris, France. ______

3. Hans visited a young woman. ______

4. It started raining that evening. _______

5. Hans saw a big hole in the dike._______

6. He put his shoes in the hole in the dike.______

III. Writing activity.

Choose the correct  grammar form.

1) My friend ( to ride ) a bike now.

a) ride; b) is ride; c) is riding; d) riding

2) This man ( to be) here yesterday.

a) was; b) will be; c) were; d) is

3) My son already  (to make ) his bed.

a) made; b) has made; c) makes; d) is making

4) This task is  (difficult ) than that one.

a) many difficult; b) difficulter; c) more difficult; d) the most difficult.


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Англійська мова (7-й рік навчання) 7 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
18 серпня 2018
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