Конспект уроку англійської мови у 6 класі. Тема "Shops and shopping". Підтема - "At the shop"( Підручник Несвіт)

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Конспект уроку англійської мови у 6 класі. Тема "Shops and shopping". Підтема - "At the shop".Використання даного конспекту допоможе вчителю зробитиурок яскравим, цікавим та емоційним, що сприятиме більш ефективному засвоєнню програмового матеріалу

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Lesson 5

At the shop


  •                  to activate the information and vocabulary on  the topic
  •                  to develop pupils’ listening   and  reading skills
  •                  to practice pupils’ communicative skills

Equipment: textbook “English 6” A. Nesvit, workbook, audio materials, video “At the shop”


  1.   Itroduction
  1.              Aim

 Today you’ll practice in listening, reading and speaking about shops and           shopping  

  1.              Warming up

T: Who owns the shoe shop?

There are five shops in River Street with different owners: Mrs  Black,  Mr Apple, Mr Church, Mr Book and Mrs Ball.  Who owns the shops? Write the names of the owners under the shops.   

C:\Users\Галина Андрiiвна\Desktop\pakhomova\IMG_20170215_125956 - копия.jpg     C:\Users\Галина Андрiiвна\Desktop\pakhomova\IMG_20170215_125956.jpg     C:\Users\Галина Андрiiвна\Desktop\pakhomova\IMG_20170215_130002 (2).jpg      C:\Users\Галина Андрiiвна\Desktop\pakhomova\IMG_20170215_130002.jpg     C:\Users\Галина Андрiiвна\Desktop\pakhomova\IMG_20170215_130010.jpg       ___________       __________      ___________          __________       _________

Mrs Black isn`t the owner of the burger bar.

Mr Apple doesn`t own the computer shop.

Mr Church doesn’t work in the shoe shop.

Mr Book doesn’t  own the newsagent.

Mrs Ball isn`t the owner of the sports  shops.  

Mrs Ball and Mr Church own a shop at the end.

Mr Church has got his shop next to Mr Apple’s.

Mr Church is a good friend with the owner of computer shop. He wants to buy her shop.

Key: burger bar – Mrs Ball, computer shop – Mrs Black, shoe shop –Mr Book, newsagent – Mr Apple, sports shop – Mr Church

II. Main part

  1.              Look at the map, listen the dialogues where shops are and complete them  using the prepositions of place (Slide 2)
  2.              Let’ play. You can’t buy that in a sports shop!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       C:\Users\Галина Андрiiвна\Desktop\IMG_20170216_123106.jpg                         

Find six things in the picture that you can’t buy in a sports shop.

Where can you buy them?

  1. apples – supermarket                       4.____________________
  2. __________________                      5.____________________
  3. __________________                      6.____________________

3. At the shop

T: Gemma goes to the shop. Watch the video “At the shop” and do the tasks below.

4. Speaking

T: Let’s remember the next phrases (Slide3)

  1.               What else can I do for you?
  2.              How many loaves do we want?
  3.               Let’s get some bread rolls?
  4.              That’s a   good idea!
  5.               What else do we need to buy?
  6.                The dairy section is over there.


T: Listen the dialogue “At Grocer’s” and complete it (Slide4, 5)

5.   Relaxation minute. Sing the song “Come shopping with me”

6. Pair work

Listen the dialogue “At your local family baker’s” ( Slide 6) and act it with  your partner

    7. Writing

Complete the sentences with the correct words from the chart given below.

  1.               Have you got __________________________________hamburgers?
  2.               There______________________________________cheese left today.
  3.               We’ve got_______________________________sausage in the fridge.
  4.               My mum has bought a _________________________ of white bread.
  5.               My friend has paid for a _______________________ of orange juice.
  6.               Have you got a bag of _____________________________________?
  7.               Is there ___________________________________meat on the table?
  8.               Would you like a ___________________________________of cake?



A.  some

B. any

C. isn’t any


A. isn’t any

B. aren’t any

C. aren’t any


A. any

B. not

C. some


A. box

B. loaf

C. package


A. bottle

B. cone

C. slice


A. water

B. cake

C. flour


A. many

B. any

C. much


A. loaf

B. slice

C. bag


III. Summing up

T: Dear children, you have listened some dialogues and made them by yourselves, practiced grammar, read the text and have done difficult task to it. I suppose you can realize some shopping knowledge in your life.


  1.              You are on holiday in   another city or country. Write an email to your parents. Tell them at things you have already bought, ask them if they want you to buy anything else. Give the details. Use the questions below to help you.
  •                  What did you buy?
  •                  Where did you buy it?
  •                  Why did you buy it?
  •                  Do you like it? Why?
  1.              To find an information about money in Britain, the USA and Ukraine.


Reference list

  1.              Несвіт А.М.  Англійська мова: підручник для 6-го кл. загальноосвіт. навч. закл. – К.: Генеза, 2012.
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  5.              http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/speaking-skills-practice/shop


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Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
28 вересня 2018
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