Конспект уроку на тему "Enjoy your meal" для учнів 6 класу

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Конспект уроку з англійської мови на тему "Enjoy your meal". Конспект уроку містить матеріали для тренування учнів в різних мовленнєвих видах діяльності, що також сприятиме індивідуальній, парній та груповій роботі .

Перегляд файлу

                                                   Form 6              

                                           Enjoy your Meal                                                             

Мета: Практикувати учнів в читанні, аудіюванні, усному та   

            писемному мовленні.

            Сприяти розвитку самостійного мислення,розвивати 

            комунікативні навички учнів.

            Виховувати усвідомлення важливості правильного


Обладнання:тематичні картки, мультимедійна дошка,

                         магнітофон( аудіозапис фонетичної зарядки

                         та тексту для аудіювання).

                  Хід уроку

1.Greeting.T:How are you today? Why? I think you are not well because you didn’t have a good lunch today. Let’s have lunch. But first pay attention to these sounds [^],[ei],[ai]

2. Phonetic exercises.”Let’s have lunch today…”

3 Theme. T:Have you guessed what we shall speak today about?

Our today’s topic is “Enjoy your meal”. How do you understand these words? What does it mean for you? How can we enjoy our meal?

Where can we do it?

Today at our lesson we’ll make dialogues, work in groups, read the text and we’ll see what do these words mean.

4.T:Today our fridge is full of food. Look into it and try to refresh some words or word-combinations which will be useful in our further work.

(Pupils make up sentences, using speech patterns.)

1)--------------------put me in the right mood.

2) I prefer----------.

3) Thinking about---------makes my mouth water.

4) It is so tasty to eat-------------------------------------.

5) I adore-----------------------------------------------------.

6) I would like to eat---------------------------------------.

5. Writing. T:As far as you know there are some groups of food:

The 1st one is fruit and vegetables, the 2nd:meat group, but it also contains fish, seafood and eggs;

The next group is milk group; the last one is dessert and drinks.

Put this food into these groups.

6.Listening comprehension

T:By the way ,Do you know anything about tea. Where did it come from? Well, listen to the text and be ready to answer the following questions:1) Where did the young sailor come from?

                   2)What present did he bring?

                   3) Did the women like tea?

                   4) What did the guests eat?

                   5) What was wrong with tea?

(Tекст для аудіювання: Бібліотека журналу « Англійська мова та

література», випуск 1 (61))


7. Group work. T: It’s high time to have a cup of tea Let’s go somewhere. Well, but where to? OK. Open your own café, pizzeria, restaurant.

Give the name, menu, prices.

8. Dialogues. T:Would you like to visit your friends’ café or restaurant. Make up dialogues.

9. Speaking. T:Now I’d like to invite you into my café. Pay attention to the menu and prices. I must say, you have only 20 hryvnas.

(Ps I’d like to order…)

                            My Café

                             Menu                                                     Price

Vanilla ice-cream                                                                7

Chocolate ice-cream                                                           7

Milk shake                                                                            10

Lemonade                                                                             5

Chicken pizza                                                                       10

10. Grammar. T: Well, my café has got a dish, prepared especially for you. You have to complete it.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

  1. Ann never----------------(drink) coke.
  2. -------------you already------------(cook) a Chinese meal?
  3. Yesterday we-------------(be) at a fast food restaurant and

---------(serve) fried chickens, bacon and cheese sandwiches.

  1. At this café the food-----------(be) usually rather cheap.
  2. My friend-----------(eat) a big breakfast: sausage, eggs,

sandwich, a piece of cake and a cup of green tea.

11. Reading. T: As I’ve just heard you prefer different drinks. One of them is coke. It’s popular among you. I’ve got an interesting information about this drink. This text is divided into some parts. Your task is to choose the name to each of them

After reading: 1) What have you got to know from this text.

                          2) What about you? What drinks do you enjoy?

                          3) Is coke useful for you or not?

12. Results. T: As far as I can see you enjoyed a lot of different food and drinks today. Let’s return to our topic. Did you enjoy your meal today?

What way did we do it? Where did we enjoy our meal? Do you enjoy your meal at home? I think you have a lot of interesting recipes of your favourite dishes.

13. Homework. T: So your hometask is to make your own book or  a poster of your favourite recipes or recipes of dishes, which give you enjoyment.


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Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
31 серпня 2018
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