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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 7 класу на тему "Екстремальні види спорту"

Про матеріал
Конспект уроку на тему "Екстремальні види спорту" з використанням відеоматеріалів допоможе вдосконалити аудіювальні, граматичні та аналітичні вміння учнів .
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The subject : Unit 4. Sport and Health

The object : to revise the lexical material;  to improve the audio skills, the usage of the modal verbs ‘must’, ‘must’nt’, ‘should’, ‘shouldn’t ; to practice the (to) infinitive/ -ing form ; to broaden pupils outlook about extreme kinds of sport and develop analytical skills.

The materials : CB ‘On Screen 2’ ( Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley , 2015, Express Publishing) , flashcards  ‘Sport’, audiofiles.

The Procedure

I. Preliminaries of the lesson

1. Greetings

2. Communicational warm-up

-Complete the sentences about you:

  • I like…
  • I would like…
  • I want…
  • I must…
  • I don’t mind…
  • I can’t…

Suggested Answer key

  • I like watching TV.
  • I would like to win the lottery.
  • I want to travel abroad.
  • I must work hard to make my dreams come true.
  • I don’t mind babysitting for my little brother.
  • I can’t swim.

3 . Hometask checking

  • At home you had to Think of a similar TV sports event in your country. Collect information, then compare and contrast it with the Super Bowl. Talk about : place/date-events/ competitions –food-commercials-shows.

Suggested Answer key

Place/ date : held alternately in Europe or South America every 4 years in June

Event : The Champions League Cup

Food : pizza, crisps, nuts

Commercials: funny and clever adverts

The Champions League  Cup final takes place every four years in June in  either Europe or South America whereas the Super Bowl takes place every year in the USA in January or February. The World Cup is for football and the Super Bowl is for American football. The food is similar for both events. The adverts are similar, too. However, there is also a short  show for the Champions League Final with some great worldwide-known European singers.  

II. The Main part of the lesson

  1. The introduction of the lesson theme
  • Похожее изображениеКартинки по запросу extreme sportsLook at the pictures. How do you think, about what will we be talking about?
      Картинки по запросу extreme sports
  • Today you will improve your listening skills and learn some interesting material about extreme kinds of sport and why are they so popular.  
  1. . Words revision

-Complete the sentences using the previously learn words (run , wings, deliver, season, emergency, fans)

  1. The American football season ends with the Super Bowl.
  2. Chicken wings are my favourite food.
  3. Companies run commercials during the game.
  4. Emergency rooms in hospitals fill with people on this day.
  5. There were aa lot of fans in the stadium to watch their favourite team.
  6. This restaurant does not deliever to homes.
  1. Listening (CB ex. 1, p.72)
  • Today you’ll improve your listening skills and explore some new information about famous athletes.
  • Open your CB ex.1 p.72 . Read the questions and possible options before you listen to the dialogue. This will help you understand what the records will be about. (pupils listen to the audio) . Underline the key words. What do you think each record is about?
  • You are going to hear two records twice. Questions 1-3 refer to Recording 1, while questions 4-6 refer to Recording 2. Answer the questions according to what you hear by circling the appropriate letter (A/B/C).

Suggested Answer Key

Key words to be underlined:

  1. Steve, caving / dangerous / safe / boring
  2. Bob, going, again / two weeks / following weekend / end of June
  3. Bob and Steve / classmates / teammates / workmates
  4. Scott , injured / aport /stairs / ice
  5. Party / job / birthday/ graduation
  6. Scott , calling, Jim / opinion / advice / invitation
  1. Listening (CB ex. 2 p.72)
  • Listen to Recording 1 again and make notes under the headings.

  • Caving

In favour : lots of safety equipment, exciting

Against: can easily get hurt, scary, expensive equipment

  • Use your notes to present each person’s opinion to the class. What is your opinion?

Answer key

Steve thinks you can easily get hurt while doing caving. He thinks it’s scary and that the equipment is expensive.

Bob thinks that although there is some risk, that’s what  makes it exciting. He also says he wears a lot of safety equipment.

Suggested Answer key

I think caving is scary and quite dangerous even if you do have safety equipment something can always go wrong.

  1. Work in pairs  (CB ex.4 p.72)
  • Read the rubric and the statements A-E. Think of a question that can answer each.
  • You are going to hear 4 questions. Read the answers below. For every question 1-4 choose the right answer (A-E) according to what you hear, and write the appropriate letter . One answer doesn’t match any of the questions.

Suggested Answer key

  1. What’s wrong?
  2. Do you like apples?
  3. What do you think of jogging?
  4. What are your plans for the weekend?
  5. Did you make this?

III . Summary of the lesson

  1. Watching the video ‘Top-10 extreme sports’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDKc6z4LRgQ )
  • Which kinds of extreme sports have you remembered ? (Bull riding, volcano surfing, ice climbing, high-lining, steep creeking, ice cross downhill, motocross, free climbing, kite skiing, wingsuit flying)
  • Would you like to try one of these kinds one day?
  1. Work in pairs

-Now let’s join into 3 groups and think over the question: why do the people are so excited with extreme sports? Watch the video and be ready to discuss it.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qEbjw_I0-o )

Suggested Answers:

  • Challenge to their fears
  • Positive experience
  • Sensation-seeking behavior
  1. Hometask

-Ex. 5, p.74 (read, translate), revise the learnt words.


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