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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 6 класу

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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 6 класу "The world of shopping" за підручником О.Д. Карпюк.(Level: A2 –pre-intermediate)

- to revise topical vocabulary
- to develop pupils' speaking, reading, writing and listening skills
- to extend pupils' knowledge about shops and shopping
Equipment: cards, a screen, a computer, video.

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(Level: A2 –pre-intermediate)
-    to revise topical vocabulary
-    to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, writing and listening skills
-    to extend pupils’ knowledge about shops and shopping
Equipment: cards, a screen, a computer, video.

T: Good morning, children! How are you? Are you ready to start our meeting? I know that you like music and songs very much. Today a piece of music will help you to guess the topic of our meeting. So, listen to the song and say what it is about. (Pupils listen to the song “Money” by ABBA.) E. g.:
P1: This song is about money.
T: You are right. Now tell me why do people need money?
P2: They need money to buy things (to go travelling, to study, to start business, etc.)
T: Well, the main thing people need money for is buying things. And where do we usually buy things?
P3: We usually buy things at different shops.
T: OK. What do you think we are going to speak about at our today’s lesson?
P4: I think we are going to speak about shops.
T: You are quite right. The topic of our today’s meeting is “The World of Shopping”.

For every right answer I’ll give you mini-dollars.
T: I am sure that all of you go shopping. Now I want to learn more about you’re going shopping. So, answer my questions, please:
-    What kind of shops do you know?

1.    Vocabulary practice
1)    Revision
T: Look at the screen, read aloud.

Video “Shopping vocabulary”


Game “Clap”

  1. The fishmonger’s is the place where you can buy fish and seafood.
  2. The newsagent’s is the place where you can buy milk, cottage cheese and butter.
  3. The hairdresser’s is the place where we buy vegetables and fruit.
  4. I can buy a loaf of bread and rolls at the bakery.
  5. We can buy medicine at the chemist’s.
  6. In Great Britain people use dollars and cents doing shopping.
  7. In Ukraine people use pounds and pence doing shopping.
  8. That person who buys things is a customer.
  9. Those people who sell things are shop-assistants.

Keys: 1 +; 2 --; 3 —; 4 +; 5 +; 6 --; 7 —; 8 —; 9 +;

Video “Learn food Vocabulary”


P1. It’s a long tropical fruit with a yellow skin. Monkeys and child­ren like it. (Banana)

P2. It’s a long orange vegetable that grows under the ground. Rab­bits and hares like to eat it. (Carrot)

P3. It’s a frozen sweet food made of milk, cream, and sugar, with fruit, nuts or chocolate. It’s my favourite food. (Ice cream)

P4. It’s a thin flat round cake made from flour, milk, and eggs, that has been cooked in a flat pan and is eaten hot. (Pancake)

P5. It’s a round white vegetable with a brown, red, or pale yellow skin, that grows under the ground. We like to eat it roast, fried, boiled or mashed. (Potato)

Т. Let’s play a puzzle-game “What am I?” Listen attentively and guess these puzzles. Your task is to write the words in your exercise-books.

I can be red or green or yellow. I grow in the tree in the garden. I am tasty in autumn and in winter. What am I? (Apple)

I am very small. I am red. I grow in the orchard. I am ripe in sum­mer. Children like varenyky with me. What am I? (Cherry)

We are very tasty, when we are green. We grow in the kitchen gar­den. We are tasty, when we are salty too. People like to eat us with tomatoes in salads. (Cucumbers)

I am tasty, if you boil or fry me. And a little salt and butter, please. You like me with meat, fish, and salad. You eat me every day. What am I? (Potato)


Video “I like food”

Т. Now, will you try to make your own riddle? Let’s start. Take some sheets of paper and draw some fruit or vegetable.  Your task is to describe this fruit or vegetable and we’ll try to guess it.


P1. I am yellow and long. I am a fruit. Monkeys eat me. What am I? (Banana)

P2. I am green and when you cut me open I am red. You eat me in the summer time. I am a fruit. I am a big berry. What am I? (Watermelon)

P3. I am green or red. I am spicy and hot. I am a vegetable. What am I? (Pepper)

P4. I am round and red. Some people think I am a vegetable but I am really a fruit. People like to use me in a salad. What am I? (Tomato)

P5. I am white. I am cold. People eat me in summer when it is hot. Children like me very much. What am I? (Ice-cream)

Video “ Food Spelling Chant for Kids”


Choose the Ukrainian food:

macaroni, borsch, omelette, holubtsi

borsch, cabbage soup (kapusniak), holubtsi

deruny, beefsteak, omelette, cabbage soup (kapusniak)

pudding, omelette, macaroni, beefsteak

pizza, holubtsi, omelette, macaroni, pudding

  1. Is it true?
  1. Hot dog is a fast food.
  2. Pizza is a favourite German dish.
  3. Borsch is a favourite Ukrainian dish
  1. Borsch is made of:
  1. potatoes, fruit, beans, meat
  2. meat, carrots, cream, beans
  3. beet, meat, tomato sauce, potatoes, cabbage
  4. beet, macaroni, cabbage, lettuce, cheese

Now please draw your favourite fruit or vegetable

Video “English for Children. Food and eating”

And now you task is divide in three  groups and make  projects “Breakfast”, “Lunch” and “Dinner”

The first group -  “Breakfast”,

The second group - “Lunch”

The third group - “Dinner”

Video Song “Apples and bananas”

I think all of you like to watch cartoons. And now let’s watch my son’s favourite cartoon. After watching answer the questions.


Video “Peppa Pig. Shopping.”

  1. What things are there in Peppa’s list? (Tomatoes, spaghetti, onions, fruit)
  2.  What is Peppa’s and George’s favourite food? (spaghetti)
  3. Who did put the chocolate cake in the trolley? (Father Pig)

Video “ At a shop”

Ok! Now make up the dialogue. Which group will be the first?

Act out the dialogue

 At the Confectionary”
- Good morning! 

- Good morning! What can I do for you?
- I want a box of sweets. 
- Anything else?
- Yes. Three lollypops and a pound of toffies.
- Would you like any chocolate?
- Not today. How much is that all?
- Three pounds fifty pence.
- Here’s the money.
- That’s your change. 
- Thank you very much. Good bye!
- Good bye! Have a nice day!


Dialogue № 1             

Mr. Black: I’d like some apples, please.

Shop-assistant: What apples would you like: green, red or yellow?

Mr. Black: Green, please.

Shop-assistant: How many apples would you like?

Mr. Black: Can I have 5 apples?

Shop-assistant: Of course.

Questions: 1) What did Mr. Black want to buy? (apples)

                    2) How many apples did Mr. Black want to buy? (five)

                    3) What apples did Mr. Black prefer?  (green)

Dialogue № 2             

          Customer: Good morning!

           Shop-assistant: Good morning!

           Customer: I want a loaf of bread, please.

           Shop-assistant: Here you are.

           Customer: Thank you.

           Shop-assistant: Do you want anything else?

           Customer: Yes. I’d like a bottle of milk, a packet of sugar, three pounds of apples and two       cans of Cola. How much is all that?

           Shop-assistant: Five pounds fifty, please.

           Customer: Here’s six pounds.

           Shop-assistant: That’s 50 pence change. Thank you very much and come again.

Questions:  1) What did the customer asked first? (a loaf of bread)

                     2) How much was the change? (50 pence)

                     3) How many bottles of milk did the customer ask? (1 bottle)

Dialogue № 3   

  Ann: I’d like a pair of shoes, please.

  Shop-assistant: What fashion would you like?

  Ann: Low shoes for every day wear.

  Shop-assistant: What colour would you like?

  Ann: Blue.

Shop-assistant: What size do you wear?

  Ann: Five. Can I try them on?

  Shop-assistant: Of course.


Questions: 1) What did Ann want to buy at the shoe shop? ( shoes)

                     2) What was Ann’s size? (five)

                     3) What colour of shoes did Ann choose? (blue)

Dialogue 4

- Mary: I’d like to buy an everyday dress.

- Shop-assistant: We’ve got fashionable ones. Try on this one.

- Mary: It’s a bit tight.
- Shop-assistant: Oh, no. It’s modern.
- Mary: I’m afraid it’s too expensive for me.
- Shop-assistant: This model is all the fashion now.
- Mary: Well, I’ll think it over. 


 Role-play “Doing the shopping for food”.

  1. Make up and act out dialogues.
    Group A: “At the butcher’s”
    Group B: “At the dairy”
    Group C: “At the greengrocer’s”
    Group D: “At the bakery”

    What shops have you visited?
    What food have you bought there?
    Have you bought all the food on the shopping list?

Teacher: If you want to buy something you need some money. Answer the questions.

1. What money do people use in Ukraine?

P1: In Ukraine people use hryvnias and kopiykas.

2. What money do people in the UK use?

P2: In the UK people use pounds and pence.

3. What money do people in the USA use?

P3: In the USA people use dollars and cents.

T: Dear children, our meeting is over. Thank you very much for your work. Good-bye!


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