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Контроль аудіювання з англійської мови для учнів 7-8 класів

Про матеріал

Цікаві завдання для проведення контрольної роботи , контролю аудіювання з англійської мови для учнів 7-8 класів (7-ий рік навчання), можна використовувати і для учнів інших класів

Перегляд файлу

7 form


Vocabulary:  wall paper – стіннівка

Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your letter. It was very interesting to read about your school. In Ukraine we have excellent schools too. We have many light classrooms, science labs, two gyms and even a court. We are allowed to play volleyball on the court. But I am not crazy about sports. I enjoy singing. I sing in our school choir and my best friend Sveta plays the piano in the school orchestra. On some holidays we hold concerts in our school assembly hall. They are great fun; some pupils even perform plays in it. Our principal supports all the ideas of pupils. She is a good teacher of Mathematics too. But Mathematics is not my favourite subject. I like to write compositions. Last year my composition won a prize. I described our school exhibition of wall papers.

    And what about your activity at school? Do you have to go to the canteen? Have you got lazy bones in your form?

    I’m afraid, I must hurry now.

    Best wishes,



















I . Choose the right answer.

1. In Ukraine we have

a) excellent schools

b) big schools

c) nice schools

2. We are allowed to play …. On the court

a) basketball

b) volleyball

c) tennis

3. On holidays we hold

a) exhibition

b) concerts

c) performances

4. Our principal is a good teacher of

a) Literature

b) Mathematics

c) History


5. I like to write

a) letters

b) songs

c) compositions

6. In my composition I described

a) Exhibition of wall papers

b) exhibition of pictures

c) last performance


II. Join the parts of school and pupils’ activity in them.

1. science lab                                   a. write compositions

2. court                                             b. have lunch

3. assembly hall                               c. play volleyball

4. classrooms                                   d. have lessons of PT

5. gyms                                            e. perform concerts

6. canteen                                         f. make experiments


III. Finish the sentences.

1. We have many lights classrooms, science labs, 2 gyms and even …

2. I am not crazy about …

3. On some holidays we hold …

4. Our principal is …

5. I like to write …

6. Last year my composition …



 IV. What kind of pupil is Helen?





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