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Контрольна робота для 10 класу по темі " Teenagers"

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Контрольна робота для 10 классу на 2 варіанти .Тема "Teenagers"., вживання "used to"
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Is It Easy to Be Young?


1. Fill in the missing words


politics, part-time, problems, spots, boring, money, chore, appearance, guy, drugs, grades


I am a teenager so my life isn't easy. I have many (1) _______. My parents want me to get good


(2) ______ at school. But I have so many subjects at school and some of them are extremely (3) ____. I


have to do much homework and to read many foolish books, while some teachers don't understand


that their subjects are not the most important things in my life. Some of my friends worry a lot about their


(4) _______and their teenage (5) _________which spoil our lives! I must confess that (6) _______,


alcohol and AIDS don't really bother me or my friends. The same I should say about (7) _______. What


we really care about is how to impress a cute (8) _________ or an attractive girl. Of course I like


many other teenagers, have problems with (9) _______. Some of my friends found a (10) ____ job in order to have an opportunity to earn some money. But despite all these problems, the life of a teenager to day isn't a (11) _________, itisstill fun.

2.  Write T (true) if the sentence is true. Write F if it is( false). Correct the sentence if it is false.

  1. Teenager’s life is easy.
  2. 2.Teenagers’ parents want them to get good marks.
  3. 3.Teachers think their subjects are very important.
  4. 4.Alcohol and AIDS bother a teenager and his friends.
  5. 5.Teenagers never care about how to impress an attractive girl or handsome boy.

2. Make up sentences using the ‘used to’ structure:

1) I / live in London when I was a child.

2) We / not/go to the seaside every summer?

3) He / love going to the theatre, but now he doesn’t.

4) He / not / cook, but now he likes cooking.

5) I / play the violin when I was at school.

6) She / be a teacher, but now she has changed her job.

7) He / go swimming every weekend?

8) They / have  a lot of problems but now they haven’t.

9) My sister / study English, but now she studies French.

10) I / not / do the washing up.

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