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Контрольна робота складається із завдань для проведення семестрового контролю навчальних досягнень учнів 9 класу. У ній містяться по дві контрольних роботи у двох варіантах на перший та другий семестри.

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      Term 1                    Writing   Comprehension


Variant 1


1. Complete the sentences with the correct variant of the word given below.


1)   Ted’s   flight from Amsterdam (1) _______ more than 11 hours.  He (2)

_____   be tired after such a long flight.

2)  The book is optional.  My professor said we could read it (3) __________

we   needed  extra  credit.  But  we  don’t  ( 4 ) ________  read  it  if  we  don’t  want  to.

3) The television isn’t working.  It (5) ___________ during the move.


1. a)    take                  b)  took                        c)  taken

2. a)    must                 b) need                         c) can’t

3. a)    until                  b) if                              c) as soon as

4. a)    can                    b) have  to                   c) must

5. a)    damaged           b) is  damaged             c)  was  damaged


2. Tick the correct sentence in every pair.


1) ____ The weather will be nice on Sunday.

    ____ The weather be nice on Sunday.


2) ____ We  shall  have  dinner  at  a  nice  restaurant  on  Saturday.

    ____ We shall have had dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday.


3) ____ I have finished   the report by Tuesday.

    ____ I have   finish   the report by Tuesday.


4) _____ I have see my sister only in April.

    _____ I shall see my sister only in April.


5) ____ Listen!  There is someone at the door.  I shall open.

    ____ Listen! There is someone at the door.  I opening.


3.Write  down  a  letter  to  the  editor, using  the  plan  below:


                Para 1 (reason for writing and opinion)

Main body

                Para 2 – 4 (viewpoints and reason)


               Para  5  (  restate  your  opinion / state  action  you  expect  to  be taken )

Youth faithfully,

  Signature______________ (your full   name)






Variant 2


1.Complete  the  sentences  with  the  correct  variant  of  the word  given below.


1)  I  ( 1 ) _________  this  math  problem  at  least  twenty  times,  but  my  answer  is  wrong  according  to  the  answer  key.  The answer in the book (2) ________ be wrong!

2) Susan (3 ) ________  hear  the  speaker  because  the  crowd  ( 4 ) ________  so  loudly.

3)  Look! I  ( 5 ) ________ a  new  mobile  phone  for  my  birthday!


1.  a) redo                              b)  redone                      c)  have  redone

2.  a) must                             b)  need                         c)  can’t

3.  a) shouldn’t                      b) couldn’t                    c)  may  not

4.  a)  cheer                            b)  was  cheering          c)  had  cheering

5.  a) present                          b)  is  presented            c)  have  been  presented


2. Tick the correct sentence in every pair.


1)_____ I  promise  I  call  you  as  soon  as  I  have  any  news.

   _____ I  promise  I shall  call  you  as  soon  as  I  have  any  news.


2) ____ Wait!  I shall drives you to the station.

    ____ Wait!  I shall drive you to the station.


3) ____Those   bags look heavy.  I shall carry one of them for you.

    ____Those bags look heavy.  I carrying one of them for you.


4) ____She will have returned by the end of July.

    ____She will has returned by the end of July.


5)_____If  you  look  at  this  map  you  see  where  the  islands  are.

   _____If  you  look  at  this  map  you will  see  where  the  islands  are.


3. Write down a story, using the plan below:


                 Para 1 (   write who / when / where / what happened)

   Main body

                  Para  2 – 3  (  write  the  events  in  the  order  they  happened )


                  Para 4    (end the story, express people’s feelings and add     









Writing Comprehension

Variant 1


1.Complete  the  sentences   either   with  the  gerund  form  or  infinitive  form  of  the  verb  in  brackets.


1)  They go on ________________ (read) the book.

2)  He agreed ______________ (buy) a new car.

3)  The  man  asked  me  how________________( get )  to  the  airport.

4)  I look forward to __________________ (see) you at the weekend.

5)  Are you thinking of_______________ (visit) London?

6)  I  learned________________ ( ride ) the  bike  at  the  age  of  5.


2.  Choose and circle the letter of the correct answer.


1)  Jack _______go to hospital yesterday.

    A)  must                B) should                 C)   had  to      D)  has  to

2)  If you want to win the match, you_______ try hard.

    A)   might              B)  ought                 C)  should        D)   shall

3)   I understand   it very well.  You_______ explain further.

    A) should              B)   would  not         C)  can  not      D)  need not

4)  Hello, ______ I speak to Tom, please?

     A) shall                 B)  will                    C)   can            D)  would


3.  Your  teacher  has  asked  you  to  write  a  composition  describing  the  person  who  has  influenced  your  life  the  most.  Use the following plan.


Introduction  (  Para 1:  set  the  scene ( person’s  name;  time  and  place  where  you  have met.)


Main body ( Para 2:  physical  appearance.  Para 3:  describing   person’s character and interests.)


Conclusion.  (Para 4:  your   feelings about this   person.)













Variant 2


1.  Complete  he  sentences  either  the  gerund  form  or   the  infinitive  form  of  the  verb  in  the  brackets. 


1) We decided ______________ (buy) a new car.

2)  They have got some work__________ (do).

3)  Peter gave up____________ (smoke).

4) Do you know what________ (do) if there is a fire in the shop?

5) I enjoy ____________ (write) picture postcards.

6) I dream about __________ (build) a big house.


2.   Choose and   circle    the letter of the correct answer.


1)  ______ you please be   quite?  I am trying to read.

       A)  should                 B) must                   C)   need                       D)  can

2)   He is terribly fat.  He_____ eat too much.

       A)  must not              B)  can  not              C)  should                    D)  would

3)  I  didn’t ______  to  get  up  early,  so  I  didn’t.

       A)  must                     B) should                C)  need                        D)  ought

4)  I _______ to   sleep recently.

       A)  can not                 B) could  not          C)  haven’t been  able    D)  must  not


3. Using  the  plan  below,  write  a review  for a  TV  programme  you  have  recently  seen.



                 Para 1   (title of the programme, presenter / director / main 

                              characters, type  of  programme,  place  it  is  set,  what  the         

                               programme is  about )


Main body

                Para 2 (main points of   the plot.)

                Para 3   (comments about   the   presenting, plot etc.)


                Para 4   ( recommendation.) 














          Term 2                     Writing   Comprehension


Variant 1


1. Read   the sentences and circle the correct item.


     Rivers  provide  ( some,  something )   of  our  most  beautiful   and  most  endangered   natural  habitats.  Unfortunately,  rivers  face  pollution  from  many  sources:   farming,  industry  and  (  even,   oven )  tourism.  It  is  important    to  protect  rivers  from pollution  ( in, on ) order  to  save  them  for  ourselves  and  future  generations.   You  can  pick  up  garbage  from  river   banks  to  promote  a  cleaner  ( healthier,  healthiest )  environment.


2. Transform the sentences into the Passive Voice.


1) Alex learned the poem. _______ The poem was learned by Alex.


2) The  students  hand  in  the  reports  at  the  end  of  the  lesson.______________


3)  Mari’s truck crashed into the blue car.______________________________


4)  Julia will feed our cat.___________________________________________


5)  Steven has left the book._________________________________________


6)  They play handball at this sports ground.____________________________


3.  Write  a  letter  to  your  penfriend  about your  style  of  life:   what  you  do  to  be  healthy,  using  the  plan  below:



                  Para 1 (how healthy your lifestyle is)

Main body

                  Para  2   (  what  food  you  have  to  be  in  good  health )

                  Pare 3   (how much exercising you do)

                  Para  4   (  what  other  activities  help  you  to  be  fit )


                  Para  5    (  what  advice   you  can  give  your  friend  about  how  to  be 













Variant   2


1. Read the text and circle the correct item.


     Clean  fresh  air  is  greatly  important  ( for,  of )  our  life.  Trees save our air.  But  lots  of  trees  are  cut  ( every,  everyone ) day.  If  we  all  recycled  (  our,  your )  newspapers,  we  could  save  500, 000  trees  every  week!  There are ways you can do to help our Earth.  Planting  a  tree  is  an effective  way  to  fight  the  greenhouse  effect.  And its (easier, easiest) than you think.


2.  Transform the sentences into the Passive Voice.


1)  Frank  built  a  new  house.__________ A  new  house  was  built  by Frank.


2)  The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.____________________


3)  Sue puts her rucksack on the floor._________________________________


4)  The girl has lost the game.________________________________________


5)  Grandmother told good stories.____________________________________


6)  We have watered the flowers.______________________________________


3. Write  a  letter  to  your  penfriend  about   your  usual  working  day,  using  the  plan  below:



                Para 1 (how busy your usual day is)

Main   body

                Para 2   (morning activities)

                Para 3   (afternoon activities)

                Para 4    (evening activities)


                Para 5     (how you feel about your daily routine)
















Writing   Comprehension

Variant 1


1. Complete the sentences    with the letter of the correct answer.


1)  We_______   TV when it started to rain.

    A)  watch           B)  watching           C) were  watching          D)    watched


2)  I  wanted  to  visit  you  yesterday,  but  you_______ not  at  home.

     A)  is                  B)  are                      C)  was                         D)  were


3) Look!  It______, so we can not go to the beach.

     A) to rain          B) rains                     C)  is raining               D)  rain


4) While  he  was  in  the  shower,  his  dogs________  his  steaks.

     A)  eat                B)  eats                      C)  ate                          D)   eaten


5)  The sun _____in the East.

     A)  to  rise           B)  rise                      C) rises                         D)  risen


6)  Since 2003 they_____ their son twice .

      A)  visiting          B)  visits                    C)  visited                    D) have  visited


2.  Fill in:  when, as soon as, until, before, after, while.


  1. Peter was really happy_______ he head the news.
  2. He  called  me  half  an  hour_____ the  beginning  of the  game.
  3. ______   you don’t  come  on  time,  we  shall   leave.  
  4. Could  you  answer  the  phone  if  it  rings ______ I am in  the  shower?
  5. Can you wait _______     I finish this report?
  6. _______  Jake  finished  school,  he  found  a  job  of a  courier.


3. Imagine  you  visited  a  place  in  your  country  which  you  really liked. Describe it.



                 Para  1:  ( where  the  place  is  and  why  you  went  there. )

Main body

                  Para 2:  (further details about the place, weather conditions)

                  Para  3 :  (  what you  saw  and  what  you  did  there )


                  Para  4 :   (  how  you  feel  about  the  place  and  whether  you 

                                     recommend it or  not.





Variant 2


1. Complete the sentences with the letter of the correct answer.


1) I  ______ for  my  girlfriend  for  two  hours  already.

      A) wait           B)  have  been  waiting      C)  had  waiting    D)  shall  wait


2) The weather____ nice at the weekend.

      A)  be               B)   will  be                       C) is                      D)  were


3) I _____ to the cinema yesterday.

       A) go                B) went                            C) gone                 D) have gone


4)  My friend _____ to music every day.

       A)  listens          B)   listen                          C)  is  listening      D)  had  listened


5)  They ____ their car.  It looks new again.

       A)  clean              B)  cleaned                   C)  have  cleaned    D)  had  cleaned


6)   He _____ his money.  So he can not buy this hamburger.

        A)  lose                B)  loses                        C)  is  losing           D)  has  lost


2.  Fill  in:  when,  if ,  as  soon  as,  until,  before, after,  while.


  1. You can look at some photos_____ you are waiting for Gail.
  2. ______ you   don’t  water  the  plants,  they  will  die.
  3. Please remember to turn off the lights_____ you leave the house.
  4. I would like to speak to you ______ finish this letter.
  5.  Sally  had  to  wait ______ her  mother  came  home  before  she  went  out.
  6.   I  guess  I  shall  not  see  you  later because   I  shall  be  out _____you  return.


3.  Write  a  for – against  essay  entitled    The  Advantages  and  Disadvantages  of  Computers  in  the  Workplace”.  Use the plan below.



                   Para 1 (general comment about computers)

Main body

                   Para 2 (advantages and reason)

                   Para 3   (disadvantages and reason)


                   Para 4   (summary and your own opinion)








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