Lesson 2 "Appearance.My friends and classmates "

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Система уроків з англійської мови,що містить матеріали з теми "Зовнішність" для учнів 3 класу,розроблені відповідно до підручника А.Несвіт.Уроки є апробовані .Завдання виконуються швидко та з позитивною мотивацією учасників.
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Lesson 2

Form :3

Theme: My friends and classmates 

Objectives : 

Educative : fasten grammatical and lexical material after a theme, to practice language means, to form skills of the use of lexical units, perfect the competenses of reading, of listening, of the verbal broadcasting;

Developing: to teach attentively to watch on the presented information, effectively to cooperate during pair and group work, explain a willingness to participate in a foreign commonunication, develop different types of memory- auditory, visual attention, imagination, to teach to work in a pair, logically to express opinion; to activate cognitive interest;

Educational : to bring up ability to be concentrated, listen other, form a benevolent atmosphere in form

Equipment: textbook, cards with parts of body,ghost,song, sounds, children’s photos, support

Type of lesson: lesson of application of knowledge, abilities and skills;



1.Organizational moment. Greeting . Song “Hello”

2.Phonetic limbering-up Listen and repeat.

[f-f], [ng-ng],[finger-finger]finger ; [eu-eu], [teuz-teuz]toes,toes; [ie-ie], [iez-iez]ears, ears; [w-w], [wan-wan]one, one; [s-s], [ςain-ςain]shine, shine; [au-au], [θ-θ], [mauθ -mauθ] mouth, mouth.

Sound “ks” – Repeat the words where you hear the sound “ks”  at the end of the word.

Box, top, six, meal, nut, fox, max, goat, pencil-box, cross, X.



My eyes can see,

My ears can hear,

My nose can smell,

My mouth can talk,

My head can nod,

My arms can hold,

My legs can walk, and walk, and walk.


Look at the cards and say what can you do with your parts of body.(I have a nose and I can smell.)

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/znKaq37XWJSBNIXQi2lj-xSNLBBErl9ra6k_JRGVrDK1GAOczEhrP86-wWCBMkg_A1eT6rzf9s0HYVdbLvBBu6ALPeUQUYbVc2dM2kSCZ-YwJ9bZP1qNxdxUbhwtQVSgdA https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WDpGkcCJwcENa6KaPtDxhH1cBJCjATUMoXAaSJ2ryenj45sjKis7ZlFkQRc6z6I3xKolEU-HbGu86GBWXAjZmRmFfy_IGlCHZ9Ghx5xvDxSChf15-uRTsiGtg7NSnIddmg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/wRlP4fiCdYLvzwjqS3PYStqH_9kD8kx-BujVQynyQ5CG9v0DF9xEZdalIMc54HyHK-3p3_ZzRy0awi-CKTntUhmIpj-tvjLM7sOpnweUx15E9OyaHjBO8x_OIos2x35BmQ https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/F6kQYfhLfe9ebh-ZL8o_QUrdIcCpJqZlghwWhCkyXIq0OMVKWySo9AIVLDdMC2ZysSV71Uso7lBTzmtG_IHHPXx5j7BifzpHD4Hrxx46jAYCpPFmVWCO5xzvdMdQZL9MaA

Pantomimic game “Your body”. I call the parts of body you show where can you use it .

II.Main Part

1.Activation  of lexical and grammatical material studied on previous lessons .

Checking   of homework.

On a previous lesson you have learned 10 words from  theme “Appearance”. Let us check up them. For this purpose I need two players, they will write words from a theme on a board after each other and after they’ll get marks.


Creative task.

Listen to the description of the ghost  and draw it.

“The ghost has got a big head. It has got big blue eyes. It has got short black hair and two long green legs. It  hasn’t got arms. It ’s a sad ghost.”


2. Aims. Today we will continue an acquaintance with appearance. We will continue to describe your friends and acquaintances.



Look at the picture  and describe it.(ex.1 p.62)

What can you see on?  How many children there? What are their names? Have you friends? What are their names?

Reading. I’ll be read. You silently listen and do the reading test yourselves. Let’s exchange your notebooks with the notebook of class-mate and check the rightness of the executed task. Let’s find the best pupil’s marks.

Individual reading with translation.

Speaking. (ex.2 p.63)Read the question and say the name who will answer and read the following task.

 (ex.3 p.63) . Look at the photos and say children names. Say why do you think in such way. Take the cards with the words:  tall    slim      plump and put them under the true picture. Describe these children in oral form.


https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/iuLhRYd70Jy4eVhoZZZIlbQeYMcLt0oVBFWfcfvcs2WavV1MkLqiGWHaBjXFLztHAt-R2ZNMCc2NwlOdkq0rEgl8RKi9nWWLC20ogQ34Nn7UpiQFmWv9rRF94aDA8h2Y-Q https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/ueuo2_dEXWVk25omlptA63VXuROwAKe8geTfdq_HXETaIAXu5tZs-JCh5haSMvLXLPLACHzZP_qthY8HoCpSw87-RIwIUEM9vD6zLHatc7JA8bKmFBfO4uVQTduR5CZekg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LjVJISipMjSouEqyaL61Ma42AjD5R4db_SVO8jfF4umV1r-R_-GQIT7yYHKoOr53d7S2yWL0qeGRqVLcDlJXI5QXq7WP-l8HmyAlOaSJkhCvh0QFq34iE1JWw0k6-NyH8w https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/lUuLTCk57rciByrQ1bw-ZcilrOc2X4uXbeF_pJLeYIz6vU-FJdP5hFg1V_pR7U7q1Yb3y7Lz-8spHOlrOBStHjAdFB7_DOgCXKulF_Uxfm_iDappyjV_-s6tPmAsIHnprQ

Energizer :

 Clap, clap, clap your hands,

Clap your hands together.

Step, step, step your feet,

Step your feet together.

Spin, spin, spin around,

Spin around together.

Dance, dance, dance a dance,

Dance a dance together.


Watch the video about people lines of appearance. “Muzzy”

Draw your friend and describe him. Use  the visual support. Represent your topic after.


My friend is a boy\girl.

He/She is tall/short/not very tall.

He/She has got blue/grey/green/brown eyes.

He/she has got long/short hair.

His/Her name is…

III. Ending the lesson


Game  «Parts of body»

Students become in a circle. Then return in pairs to the faces to each other, become partners. When a teacher talks the phrase of "Hand of to hand" students must touch hands to each other. The phrases of "Leg of to leg" are farther added, "Nose of to nose", "Head of to head" et cetera, using the names of different parts of body.

Home task

Project Work  “Classmate”

The results


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