Конспект уроку з англійської мови "My parents"

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Система уроків з англійської мови,що містить матеріали з теми "Зовнішність" для учнів 3 класу,розроблені відповідно до підручника А.Несвіт.Уроки є апробовані .Завдання виконуються швидко та з позитивною мотивацією учасників.
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Lesson 3

Form :3

Theme: My parents

Objectives : 


Educative :  educational: to present new lexical material after themes "My family" and "Appearance", practice language means after themes, to form skills of the use of lexical units, to perfect the competenses of reading,listening  and verbal broadcasting;

Developing: to teach attentively to watch after presented informaation, effectively to cooperate during pair and group work, explain a willingness to participate in a foreign commonunication, develop the different types of memory - auditory, visual, attention, imagination, to teach logically to express opinion, develop cognitive interest;

Educational : to bring up ability to be concentrated, listen other, form a benevolent atmosphere in a class.

Equipment: textbook, drill, photos “interpretations”, cards “traits”, language support, microphone, final task

Type of lesson: combined lesson



Organizational moment. Greeting .

T:Good morning, good morning!

How are you? How are you?

P-s: Good morning ,dear teacher!

I am fine, thank you.


Phonetic limbering-up

[a:][b] Barbara is a beautiful blonde with bright blue eyes.


Find the answers to the riddles.

1)What has six legs, two arms and two heads? (A  man on a horse)

2) What has teeth but can’t eat? (Comb)

3)What has a face, two hands and goes round? (Clock)


https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/KYscrBKu9WbBlZT6NpgZA80wf9W9ptxKKFOMIwK-pBBSkiUJj52EgkaVzqAo8BZaHdx69E6Pkqo1FAVWh9Lvf1nyo5JC0W0FGgWRV0OVk7PjT9r-Y6SOnP9-58WP6J8Ieg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/p4TT_h5IzHRqbOa6i9bGHtcVahRskcFEO_I9YAsXfc2BKwoO_LaXcHaby0wsb9rCZWxuL9GukQYa0lSC-9tBQe432YqoivF79GpnsX_6TVekZwQNwsgnYagd0HFyCNTqMw https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/FNE04y1MmPSrONPjGZqVicZEaZ8LNH_2ZZtzfp8An9EQWxctGwtUJ66Xux5YQrEbrN8YBXUzPBNv6IRI9ICyJYuywrSZQ9ozKTpeGXMZW5d1318x-PBcOkZWltMVAH49dQ

II.Main Part.


Represent your project about classmate.

Game “Guess who is my classmate?”Divide the class in four or five groups. Pupils choose a classmate they like and describe him or her using different information about him/her. One  group introduces .  Others  students listen and call pupil’s name.

Say what can you do with the following parts of your face. Look at the task and find true answers. Insert the appropriate verb in language support.


Aims. Today we are continuing familiarity with linguistic structures on the topic of appearance, in particular talk about the character traits and appearance of your parents.

Presentation . Learn the new words.(ex.1 p.64). Complete the sentences using the new words in oral forms. Then wrote down them into copybooks.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Snp81vnJdYDy_mcfqFdqbiRir6ai__aC4sZ5JssgecIp0YypSK4_aK99_bTQ7xzs-YzBjd2AdORXXV0zRxoWLIjZkb5j--JiYxd2UZTH6ss66i7_y_KPfHfV2hys99uqDw https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/HKBdL9Yf2DWZaTSFUOBXLnjYapRWdVJr2REL395eyKMdEWKIV10RX8liEbp8AAUw0Fs8fgL8LHLT_k1Oy3U7mpgsezuHRMM5OiSuikG6eISWiBDWbmBBA16UVG838g37XQ https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/o-hqQu8lYXtTI-el3FOBgBVkZiVaVFyhH1yBXxjnAbVJeHTXlVdaQQk6xAr7KXBKk40mpHY5bMPXzIskGEAsHg0troKVfSKkxLxZUZcjMCeM9p-X66aEKzxcULQxUwyizw https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/xyyHq1ZCpknaSuir7zefpB1Bh1QfLCENxGS-dC4X-pxhspwaRT0dfjFDCtlNltYt1YMhF_4iipUL8CKch4iDlthxbFbWdqShJqPrK0d0ySeSztgQzCihHZURDEdKEMtG6Q

Practice.(ex.2p.64) Describe the photos. What people do you see?

Listen to the text. Read it individually in a chain; translate the difficult sentences into the mother tongue.

Answer the questions:

Who is tall and handsome?

Who is nice and kind?

Who is funny and happy?

Game “Microphone.”Do ex.3p.65. Agree or disagree with the sentences. (One pupil asks others and listen to their answers and arguments).


 Touch  your  shoulders!

Touch  your  nose!

Touch  your  ears!

Touch  your  toes!

Hands  up!

Hands  down!

Hands  on  your  hips!

And  sit  down!


Speaking.   Pair work. Make up the two columns and act the dialogue with your opposite partner. Change your partner and act the following parts of dialogue. After learning dialogue 2-3 pairs of children present dialogue in full.

Describe your mother or father. Use the support from ex.5 p.65


III. Ending the lesson


Rewrite, sharing words and putting dots at the end of sentences and changing small letters to big there, where necessary. I’vegotsisterhernameisvickysheiseightshe’sgotlongblackhairandblueeyessheisverynice.

Home task

Draw your parents and prepare a story about them.

The results


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