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Lesson PLANNING 27 Topic « Sports Life»

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Lesson PLANNING 27 Topic « Sports Life» OBJECTIVES to encourage sts to speak English to develop skills of reading /speaking / listening to continue on reinforcing new vocabulary to practice sts in speaking about kinds of sports to provide the opportunities for the comprehensive reading
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Lesson PLANNING  27

Topic « Sports  Life»


to encourage sts to speak English

to develop skills of reading /speaking / listening

to continue on reinforcing  new vocabulary

to practice sts in speaking about kinds of sports

to provide the opportunities for the comprehensive  reading



I.  Introductory part a) Т: Good morning, pupils! Our topic today is « Sports Life  ». Today  we are going to have  a short  vocabulary test, so I wish all of you be bright and  happy and let success attend you today! To refresh  the vocabulary  I’ll propose to start our lesson with   the poem:

b) Reading  a poem( written on the blackboard) :

          I enjoy skateboarding                                 Terry’s interested in karate,

          You are fond of sailing:                           Lilly’s crazy about  diving

          We all like  windsurfing                          We all like horse riding,

        Kate is keen on  of walking.                       Swimming, fencing, climbing.

                                                                            There are lots of sports on every taste

                              Choose the one you like the best!

c)  Reproducing the poem : T  deletes some words and STDs recite the poem.

d) A song ( students try to sing the  poem on the melody of a known children’s song ).

 II.Main part

1.  A Short Vocabulary Test: a) Write these de-vowelled  words : KRT, FNCNG, SLNG, THLTCS.

b) Guess the  word and fill in the gaps:1) John says that he likes this  game... ( tennis)2) Jumping is called a field ... ( Event) 3) Groups of sportsmen  who play different sides  in a game  are called .....( Teams).  4) The art of training the body with the  help of  different exercises.....G--------S ( gymnastics). 5) They are always the first on the tops of high hills. They have gone ..... for 5 years.




2.  Check on home assignment T: while you are busy doing your test I’m going to check on your written home assignment ex.6, p.47.

 3. Vocabulary Reinforcement T: We can’t be successful in learning a topic without  a good set of vocabulary. I think we  have  worked a great deal on cramming necessary words, but still something is ahead. a) Now have a look at the examples given in ex.1 (a,b) p. 46 and make up your words.

b) Remember the usage  of  these words GO, PLAY, DO. Let’s have  a try and complete the sentences n ex.2, p. 46.

 c) Home assignment : T’s explanation . At home you’ll do the following activities from your WBs ex. 2-3,p. 29. Have a look at the exercises. They are similar the activities we’ve just done, aren’t they?

4. A  Minute for rest  a) Match the  rhyming words

                 1) TV                                             a)  hat

                  2) high                                          b)sun

                 3) that                                             c) see

                 4)tree                                               d) sky

                    5) fun                                            e) me

                 b) Completing  a song

 Let’s have fun!                                              Why don’t we climb a (tree)?

What about playing in the ( sun)?                   and count the clouds we (see)?

We  shouldn’t do that.                                      I’m scared of  climbing high

I haven’t  got (a hat).                                       It’s boring to look at the (sky).

                                  So why don’t  you watch (TV)

                                      and find  a new friend for me.

 c) Singing a song .

5.   Grammar  Reinforcement Т: We have learned  some rules of English pronouns  and their usage. Now I’m going to check how well you’ve understood the rules. Let’s do ex.6,p.47.

6. Dialogue making : WB ex.1,p. 28. a)  Completing the dialogue. b) Acting out.

III.Summing –up: Dear children, thanks a lot for your  collaboration  at  today’s lesson. Let’s remember everything we have achieved. As for your next home assignment we have  already discussed it. I know you’ll be good at it.   Looking forward to meeting you again.


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