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I. Read the rhyme and try to guess what it’s about.

My son listens to it

Up till night

So nice, beautiful,

Interesting, cool and light


II. Pay attention!

Listen to – слухати

Example: I’m not listening to you.

Hear - чути

Example: I can’t hear you. It’s too noisy.

III. Complete the sentences with the wright synonym listen to or hear in the necessary tense form.

  • I like to _______ to music.
  • He can’t ______ you. It’s too noisy.
  • Last night when I was watching TV I _____ a noise from the kitchen.
  • I don’t remember the teacher’s words. I __ not ______ attentively.


IV. Read the text and match the words in bold type with their Ukrainian equivalents.

Music is everywhere in our lives. We hear it on the radio, on TV, on the transport, in the streets, in the shops and cafes, everywhere. People buy tapes, go to different concerts, visit concert halls and opera theaters. For someone music is just a hobby. He or she learns to play a musical instrument at a musical school, sings in choir or tries to compose music. For somebody else it’s a profession. There are professional singers who sing alone or in a group, musicians who play different instruments in orchestras, composers who write music, and conductors who direct choirs and orchestras. The names of the best of them are famous all over the world. People in all countries listen to music by such composers as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chaikovsky. The orchestra of a famous conductor and violin player Vladimir Spivakov has become popular in many countries of the world.


Композитор,  хор,  диригент,  оркестр,  музикант,  писати  музику,  запис


V. Discus the questions.

1) Do you like to listen to music?

2) Where and when can we hear music?

3) Do you have a favourite band or a singer?

4) Do you play any musical instrument?

5) What musical genres do you know?





Folk music

Punk music

Rock and roll

Classical music


Rock music





Punk-rock music

6) What are your favourite kinds of music? Why?

7) What kind of music makes you feel relaxed/ happy/ sad/ cheerful?

8) What kinds of music help you get work done?

9) Have you ever been a member of a band or a chorus?

10) What kind of music is popular in Ukraine? Who are some of well-known Ukrainian musicians?

11) Have you ever gone to a concert of a famous foreign singer or band? What was it like?


VII. Do you know what these musical labels mean? Compare ideas with other people in your class: R&B, gospel, rock & roll, reggae, rap, disco.

A) Now read a short history of rock music. Check your ideas. Can you explain each label?

Rock music in one form or another is now the most popular type of music all over the world. But where did it come from?

Black Music

Rock began in the USA in the early 1950s. At that time, ‘rhythm and blues’ music was very popular with black Americans. ‘R & B” was a mixture of black religious music (‘gospel’) and jazz. It had strong rhythms that you could dance to and simply, fast lyrics.

Rock & Roll

Noticing the success of R&B music, white musicians started to copy the same style. But the mid 1950s, this new white R&B music, called ‘rock & roll’, had become very popular. Singers like Elvis Presley and Bill Haley attracted millions of teenage fans. Their music was fast and loud. Many older people thought that ‘rock & roll’ was very dangerous.

But the early 1960s, even rock’n’roll had become old-fashioned. Many of the songs had begun to sound the same. It was at that time that a new group from England became popular: The Beatles.

The Beatles

The Beatles first started by singing Americans style songs, but they soon developed their own style, with more complicated melodies. They also introduced different instruments, such as the Indian sitar: groups like The Beatles had a very important influence on the style of popular music. By the early 1970s, rock’n’roll had developed into a new form of music. Electronics had replaced the amplified guitar and drums of rock’n’roll. ‘Rock’ had arrived.

Rock Today

Rock music has continued to change and develop from different parts of the world. Today, there are hundreds of types of rock music, and almost every country has its own form of rock. There is “heavy metal’ which is extremely loud with hard rhythms, ‘reggae’ from Jamaica, that combines rock with jazz and Latin rhythms, ‘rap’ that developed on the streets of New York, ‘disco’ a type of soft rock music for dancing, ‘Afro-rock’ that combines rock with African rhythms, ‘Mex-rock’ with combines rock with traditional Mexican melodies… and many, many more.


B) What does it mean? Can you match the words in Box 1 with the words in Box 2?

The early 1950s / lyrics / such as / popular / replace / the mid 1950s / old-fashioned, / combine / mixture / develop


Different things together / grow / 1954, 1955, 1956…/ join together / take the place of something / the words of the sing / for example / out of date / many people like it / 1951, 1952, 1953…

C) Work in pairs. Make notes about the following things. Then tell your partner what the text says.

Student A: The early 1950s, the mid 1950s, the early 1960s.

Student B: The Beatles, the early 1970, Rock music today.


Past Perfect

Do you remember what we use the Past Perfect for? Study these sentences:

1. By the mid 1950s, rock’n’roll had become very popular.

2. By the beginning of the 1960s, rock’n’roll had become old-fashioned.

3. Many of the songs had begun to sound the same.


VIII. Read more about The Beatles and complete the text with the Past Perfect. Use the list of verbs: play, become, change, introduce, experiment, record, sell, make, win.

A very short story of The Beatles

The Beatles were probably the most important pop and rock group of all time. They were together for only 8 years, but their influence has lasted much longer.

The Beatles came from Liverpool, England. They started playing together in 1962, although Paul McCartney and John Lennon 1) _____ together in another group. They started by playing rock’n’roll songs, but they quickly developed their own style. By 1963, they 2) _____ Britain’s top rock group. A year later they toured the USA, wher they attracted millions of fans.

By the time The Beatles brock up in 1970, they 3) _____ the nature of rock and pop music. They 4) _____ new sounds and rhythms, and they 5) _____ with different types of musical instruments. They 6) _____ hundreds of songs and they 7) _____ millions and millions of records. They 8) _____ many films and 9) _____ many awards for their music. Today, Beatles songs are still very famous all over the world.


IX. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word. Mind that there may be more than one variant.

Jazz 1) _____ in the Southern States of North America at the beginning of the 19th century. The Black people of these states, who were originally slaves from Africa, had their own 2) _____. Pop music developed from rock’n’roll in America, Britain and Europe in the 1960s and is now 3) _____ in every country. This name is used for most commercial 4) _____, that is the one that we can buy on records and hear on pop radio. It is usually 5) _____ by groups who often use electronic 6) _____ and make video 7) _____ to go with their records.


X. Listen to record and match the performers with the genres of music the play

1) The Beetles

A) jazz

2) Bob Marley

B) rock ‘n’ roll

3) Elvis Presley

C) reggae

4) Elton John

D) classical music

5) Luis Armstrong

E) pop music

6) Mozart

F) rap

7) Eminem

G) rock


XI. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

Pop music, reggae, classical music, folk music, jazz, keyboard, drums, country music, punk music, guitar, saxophone

1. _____ is often played by a big orchestra in a concert hall.

2. _____ comes originally from black American musicians.

3. _____ is often played by young people with guitar in a group.

4. _____ is often played by young people with brightly coloured hair.

5. _____ usually played on the guitar, banjo and violin.

6. The _____ is a string instrument while the _____ belongs to wind instruments and the _____ to percussion instruments.

7. _____ usually offers simple tunes which are popular for a long time.

8. The piano is a _____ instrument.

9. _____ is often played freely, not following written music.

10. _____ comes from a specific region and usually popular for a long time.

11. _____ is popular for dancing and discos.

12. _____ has a strong regular rhythm. It is originally from Jamaica.

XII. A) Do you play musical instrument? What musical instrument do you play?

B) Listen. Which instrument can you hear?

С) Can you name some string instruments, wind instruments, keyboard and percussion instruments?


Remember! Play the piano.

Коли говорять про гру на музичному інструменті, зазвичай вживають означений артикль the:

He played the saxophone in a jazz band.

Pete played the drums in a pop group.

She accompanied me on the piano.

XIII. Translate into English.

1. Мій брат грає на скрипці.

2. Моє хобі є гра на фортепіанні.

3. Я не вмію грати на ніякому музичному інструменті.

4. Він грає на гітарі у рок гурті.


XIV. Read the definition and guess the terms.

1) A recording of a performance, piece of music, speech etc.

2) A musical instrument that has four strings and is played with a bow.

3) A person who writes music.

4) Classical music written for a small group of instruments.

5) A long piece of music written for an orchestra.

6) The traditional song handed down though many generations of common people from a century or region.

7) Someone who is good at singing, playing a musical instrument, or writing musical compositions.

8) Having to do with a certain kind of music, such as symphonies.

9) A musical group.

10) A special disk that is used to copy and save music, words or other sounds for listening to later.


XV. Fill in the words from the box.

Record / show / television / director / be allowed / concerts / advertisers / pop stars / successful / pop / music / perform

The Power of MTV

MTV is a satellite and cable _____ network which plays pop videos and _____ 24 hours a day. Because of MTV, videos dominate the pop market, and this is a new challenge for _____. These days almost all successful pop stars are expected to _____ in front of the camera by their managers who make them do it in order to sell _____ to a world market. Some people in the _____ business argue that video mustn’t _____ to become too important. They worry that pop video may help people who can dance but have no _____ ability, to become _____ just because they hire the right _____ for their videos. This criticism doesn’t worry kids very much; they watch MTV all the same, no matter what quality the _____ are. MTV has plenty of _____ and over 80 million subscribers all over the world. Kids want MTV.


XVI. Write answers to Lewis’ questions to make a complicated dialogue.

Lewis: Hi! How are you today?

You: _____________________________________________________

Lewis: Do you want to hear my new CD? Listen. How do you find it?

You: _____________________________________________________

Lewis: Well, I think it’s awful! It was a free gift with a magazine. What type of music do you like?

You: ______________________________________________________

Lewis: Can you give me some examples?

You: ______________________________________________________

Lewis: That’s interesting. I like playing the guitar. Do you play a musical instrument?

You: ______________________________________________________

Lewis: What is your favourite instrument?

You: ______________________________________________________

Lewis: Why?

You: ______________________________________________________

Lewis: Sometimes, I listen to music when I’m doing my homework. When do you listen to music?

You: ______________________________________________________

Lewis: Well, I must go now. It’s nice to talk to you. Bye!

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