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Один з найбільш потужних застосувань штучного інтелекту на сьогоднішній день є у світі розпізнавання мови. Ця потужна технологія вже існує в колл-центрах, банках, брокерських центрах, страхових компаніях та інших компаніях у всьому світі. Хоча розпізнавання мови все ще є недосконалим, воно останнім часом суттєво покращилося, і в майбутньому багато рутинних і навіть нерегулярних. телефонні дзвінки та телефонні запити можуть оброблятися повністю без втручання людини.

Роботи технології також пройшли довгий шлях, але це ще далеко. Роботи в майбутньому навряд чи прийматимуть людську форму, очікують у кількох спеціалізованих програмах. Навпаки, рятувальні роботи, ймовірно, виконують велику кількість робіт, які просто занадто небезпечні для людей, щоб це зробити.

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Maglev trains Magnetic Levitation Transport or maglev , which has a lot of computers is a form of transportation that moves vehicles via electro-magnetic force. Maglev trains can reach speeds comparable to jet aircraft, without polluting the atmosphere.

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Future Medical Technology Smart Pills The SmartPill is an ingestible capsule that measures pressure, pH and temperature from within the entire GI tract and wirelessly transmits that information to a data receiver worn by the patient. Nanotechnology is a broad term that covers many areas of science, research and technology. In its most basic form, it can be described as working with things that are small. Things so tiny that they can't be seen with standard microscopes. The same stuff that has always been there, but we just couldn't see it. The building blocks of nature, atoms and molecules. Nano-technology involves understanding matter at the "nano" scale. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. In comparison, a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers in diameter.

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The Brain Future breakthroughs in neuroscience could have a great effect on society. What will the world be like when technology can tell us without a doubt that the accused is guilty of a crime, a spouse has cheated, or an employee would likely steal? How about uploading your memories for posterity or downloading the skills you need for that new job? Record your dreams for later viewing or control your computer (or any device), just by thinking about it. Many of these futuristic technologies are already in development. Some of the most controversial issues to face society in the future will come from cognitive breakthroughs. In my mind it comes down to this, the more we understand about the human brain, the more we know about ourselves, and that can be a bit unnerving. Brain Backup Some experts predict that by the year 2050, computers will have the capacity to store all of the information contained in the human brain. For those that can afford immortality, their brains could be scanned and downloaded to machines, perhaps to be uploaded to a new brain. Brain-Machine Interface Brain machine interfaces (BMIs), allow for activity in the brain to be sent to, or received from, a computer. Some BMIs use sensors mounted in a removable cap or MRI technology to read signals from the brain. Others connect directly to the surface of the brain, through tiny wires and an array of micro-electrodes. BMIs can also be entirely implanted in the brain. Lie Detection

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. Because of their unique properties, nanotubes and buckyballs open a path to many futuristic applications. Because of their size, they pose a risk to human health. How is nanotechnology being used today? Nanotechnology is being used to make surfaces self-cleaning and stay clean for a long time. Nanotech can be found in cosmetics, sunscreens, clothing and many other consumer products today. Ready or not, here it comes. In the next 20 years, nano-technology will touch the life of nearly every person on the planet. The potential benefits are mind boggling and brain enhancing. But like many of the great advancements in earth's history, it is not without risk. Here are some of the risks posed to society by nanotechnology. Nanobots Nanobots do not exist yet, but when they do, futurists predict possible uses for nanorobots will include molecular manufacturing (nanofactories) and medical nanobots that steer autonomously through your blood stream making repairs and guarding against infection. Buckyballs and Nanotubes

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What is Biotechnology? Researchers and medical doctors of today hope to make the legendary concept of regeneration into reality by developing therapies to restore lost, damaged, or aging cells and tissues in the human body. The Human Genome Project refers to the international effort to discover all the human genes and make them accessible for further biological study. Many consider this project to be the most significant scientific undertaking of our time. The ultimate goal is to improve human health.

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Future Robots One of the most powerful uses of artificial intelligence thus far is in the world of speech recognition. This powerful technology is already in place in call centers, banks, brokerage centers, insurance companies and other businesses throughout the world. While speech recognition is still imperfect, it has improved greatly in recent years, and in the future many routine, and even non-routine,. phone calls and telephone inquiries may be handled completely without human intervention. Robot technology has also come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. Robots in the future are unlikely to take human form, expect in a few specialized applications. Instead, rescue robots are likely to do a great deal of work that is simply too dangerous for humans to accomplish.

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British engineers are planning to put a mobile phone in space The team at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) in Guildford want to see if the sophisticated capabilities in today's phones will function in the most challenging environment known. The phone will run on Google's Android operating system but the exact model has not yet been disclosed. It will be used to control a 30cm-long satellite and take pictures of the Earth in the mission later this year. Although mobile phones have been flown on high altitude balloons before, this would likely be the first time such a device has gone into orbit several hundred kilometres above the planet. The scientists want to see if the phone works up there, and if it does, we want to see if the phone can control a satellite.

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