Майстер -клас "Classroom management"

Про матеріал

У матеріалі запропоновано форми роботи для успішного управління класом під час урочної діяльності. Подаються приклади сигналів як привернути учнівську увагу, різні типи питань , щоб перевірити розуміння учнів, рефлексія та фідбек.

Перегляд файлу

Classroom management

  1. Name aerobics: call your name and two words beginning from the first letter.
  2.  Brainstorming: let’s count ourselves. Odd numbers take a paper. Read the question. Even  number (who sits next to you please answer)

What was the purpose of these activities?

How can you apply them in the class?

Theme: Classroom management.



Let’s agree on a signal to start and finish activities. I offer this one…

If to speak about attention–getting signals. What can we control with a.-g. s.?

What  do you use ?

Can we can/cannot control.

  1. Factors we can/cannot control.

I need to organize you in 4 groups. Came up and take a thread. Join your groups.

Look at the issues and separate them into two columns.

Add any other ideas you have to each column.

What are you going to do?

How much time do you have?

Do we have attention getting signal?

  1. Fairytale. How we are going to stage a fairytale? Take your parts. We have actors and observes. The actors will play and observers you observe and think what can/cannot be controlled in this activity?

`    Can you apply this activity in your class?

     What language skills were involved?

  1. Rope: I need 8 volunteers. Make a circle and close your eyes. Do not be afraid.

You have a rope. Now you are in a circle. Make a square.

What was a purpose of this activity?

  1. Classroom situations.

Take a stick. Organize in 4 groups according to the number you have. You get a situation. Think over the reason and solutions. Choose a presenter to present. You have 3 min. Signal.

  1. My situations. I need 4 volunteers to be teachers.
  1. You stand up, run to the teacher and ask questions, moving chairs.
  2. Play with mobiles, showing photos.
  3. Says in a loud voice that you don’t like English.
  4. Cries and the group calms down.

Can you use this activity in your class? How? (What was the purpose of it) What are the drawbacks?

  1. Layouts. To anticipate any problem the layouts are very important. Organize in pairs clockwise. I will distribute the layouts. Discuss and call one adr. and one disad. You have 2 min. Signal.
  2. Reflection. Which classroom management techniques were evaluated today?
  • signals (what do we use them for? To measure time)
  • timing
  • layouts
  • what modes of interaction did we have was it clever or random devision?
  • ICQ
  • Grouping/regrouping
  1. Feedback: Bin, will. Bag.
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