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Mother Planet is showing us the red warning light -“be careful“ - she is saying. To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house." The Dalai Lama

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Метою навчання іноземних мов є не система мови, а іншомовна мовленнєва діяльність, причому не сама по собі, а як засіб міжкультурної взаємодії. Метод проектів дозволяє творчо застосувати мовний матеріал, перетворити уроки мови в дискусію, дослідження. Дана розробка уроку-проєкту до раніше опублікованої презентації https://naurok.com.ua/urok-proekt-mother-planet-is-showing-us-the-red-warning-light---be-careful---she-is-saying-to-take-care-of-the-planet-is-to-take-care-of-our-own-house-the-dalai-lama-83664.html
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"Mother Planet is showing us the red warning light -“be careful“ - she is saying.

To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house."

The Dalai Lama





Unit по теме

“It’s your planet!”

включает 15 уроков



Тема проекта

"Mother Planet is showing us the red warning light -“be careful“ - she is saying.

To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house."

The Dalai Lama



Цели урока



А) Формировать у учащихся навыки анализа и сравнения умения делать выводы

Б) Проконтролировать умения и навыки учащихся вести беседу, высказывать своё мнение по теме.



А) развивать умения учащихся осуществлять многочисленные высказывания.

Б) развивать индивидуальные творческие способности учащихся

В) развивать интерактивные коммуникативные способности.



А) прививать учащимся любовь и уважительные отношение к окружающему миру.


Применяемые технологии:

А) развитие познавательных интересов

Б) личностно-ориентированное обучение

В) коммуникативно-ориентированное обучение



Ноутбук, телевизор, компьютерная презентация, доска.



One touch of nature

Makes the

Whole world kin

W. Shаkеspeare.


Т. Listen to the poem and say what it is about (стихотворение)



I don’t suppose you happen to know

Why the sky is blue?

It’s because the snow

Takes out the white.

That leaves it clean

For the trees and grass to take out the green.

Then pears and bananas start to mellow

And bit by bit they take out the yellow.

The sunsets, of course, take out the red

And pour it into the ocean bed

Or behind the mountains in the west.

You take all that out and the rest

Couldn’t be anything else but blue.

Look for yourself. You can see it’s true.


from «Why the Sky Is Blue»

byJonn Ciardi



Т. Today we‘ll speak about the problems of our environment, the problems of our home-planet.

GL. What is the Environment? Brainstorm ideas that come to your mind when you think about the environment. Make a word map. (on the blackboard)


Traffic         Plants

Food          Air

Climate     Environment   Water

Waste disposal         People

Country side        Land

    Animals  Birds


Ученики прикрепляют вокруг слова environment слова, которые они пишут на разноцветных карточках, произнося их. (Pupils write the words on the colored cards and put them around the word “environment”).

GL Makes conclusions:

Environment contains many different parts, just like the pieces of a big puzzle.

Human beings, animals, buildings, the earth, the air, the seas, our climate, etc and all these parts interconnected.

Т. Work with word file. (Работа всего класса)(The work of the whole class)

(закрепление лексики по теме)

Новый рисунок (10)

Keys: A(3) B(1) C(2) D(4) E(5) F(6) G(10) H(8) I(7) J(9)


Complete the sentences with some of the words and word combinations above.

  1. ... cover about 6% of the Earth's surface.
  2. The white rhino is close to become ...
  3. New laws are being introduced to protect...
  4. The hole in ... is thought to be responsible for an increase in cases of skin cancer1.
  5. Many consumers don't want to eat... foods.
  6. There are dangerously high levels in our rivers.
  7. The rapid pace of... in Malaysia makes the world community to worry
  8. Scientists are predicting a substantial rise of... over the next 20 years.
  9. The threat to life higher up...
  10. An international conference on ... took place in Paris last Monday.

G1. Read Irina’s letter to her American pen pal about the ecology in Ukraine and do the task below.


Dear Ellen,

the problem of ecology is very urgent in Ukraine. During the last 50 years a great deal of forests in the Carpathians have been cut down either for firewood or for timber products. Deforest ration has led to changes in local climate. That's why we have so much trouble with in this region.

Air pollution can also cause water pollution called "acid rain". Then this acid rain water runs into rivers, fakes. They become so dirty that fish cannot survive. Some factories produce liquid wastes that run into rivers. These wastes contain poisons.

One more example of making the environment unhealthy by human activities is the application of pesticides which enable farmers to control weeds. At first bumper crops seemed guaranteed. But then things went wrong. Weeds and insects proved resistant to the pesticides that were poisoning the insect natural predators, the wildlife and even man himself.

Environmental degradation of our planet is a great threat to our future.

Speaking about our country / couldn't but mention1 about Chernobyl nuclear break-down.

Radiation has become one of the most urgent problems because it may cause changes in human genes.

These are only some of the serious ecological problems in Ukraine. Nothing on the earth is more important to our survival than the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink. That's why we need to take measures to change the environmental situation.

Sincerely Yours,


Work in small Groups.

Каждая группа выбирает цветную карточку с заданием

The first group sums up   The second group    The third group

the ecological problems   mentions their reasons  finds the ways out

    Problems.    Reasons.     Ways out.


Deforestation  Foods, climatic changes  The greenery must be

    Most of the trees are cut  protected and increased

down in destroyed,   Green zones must be

resulting in great damage  created

to the environment.

Air pollution  Pollution from factories,   The number of cars must

cars poisons the air,   be reduced. The factories

acid rain    and plants must be

removed from cities

Water pollution  Waste materials are being Stop dump chemical

dumped on land and water wastes into rivers

     Pollution control systems

     must be introduced

Application of   They are used for killing  Develop new methods

pesticides   insects and animals that   of growing crops without

attack crops    using pesticides

Radioactive   Nuclear fuel contains   Use wind, solar,

pollution    dangers from radiation  wave instead of

          nuclear energy

G2. What can a man do to save the environment? (on the blackboard)

1264980072_goktz4byazpbrje Ученики выходят и клеят цветные листочки вокруг земли, произнося слова, которые они написали на них:

  1.               Plant greenery
  2.               Protect trees
  3.               Take care of animals
  4.               Collect rubbish
  5.               Create green zones
  6.               Reduce noise
  7.               Reduce energy
  8.               Reduce water
  9.               Reuse glass bottles
  10.          Recycle newspapers
  11.          Recycle plastic
  12.          Not to throw litter anywhere
  13.          Not to pick flowers in the forests
  14.          Recycle cans, look after homeless animals

G3. Men’s survival depends upon the way he treats his environment

1. If you want to save your planet, please, put an orange ray to the sun.

2. If you take part in the protection of the planet put a yellow ray to the sun

(on the blackboard)













G4. We are children and we can't do much about pollution or energy waste, there are a lot of ways in, which we can help to save the Earth. One way is to remember the three Rs:




Energy         Newspapers     Glass bottles              Water








Cardboard               Plastic containers        Cans/tins  Paper










GL. Рефлексия Lets sing this song together

What We Really Want To See













T. Summing-up

I hope that we solved some serious problems and you – our builders of future life – will become thoughtful about the relations between people and nature. I hope that you understand that the problem of pollution hasn’t any borders and we have to protect nature in all the countries, in the whole world. Our lesson is coming to its end and I want to thank everybody who took part in our work. Good Luck!


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